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Shared pain (chapter 5 of My Backwords Fairytale)

Short story By: neji chan

This is chapter five of "My Backwards Fairytale". Read it if you've read the other chapters, if not, read the 1st four chapters 1st, and then read this. Also, the picture is how I think Kaori-chan should look like in real life.

Submitted:Dec 21, 2008    Reads: 126    Comments: 8    Likes: 4   

Kaori's point of view:
"Come on Kaori-sama, let's go to my house, I bet your hungry." He said in a low, gentle voice. We began walking back to his home, my eyes fixated on the cool, white stone ground beneath us. It was now pretty late and it was getting rather cold. I began a series of coughs, probably due to the weather. It was nothing drastic, but judging by the look on Akimitsu's face, you would've thought I was burning alive. "Kaori-sama, daijoubu desuka?" (Are you alright Kaori-sama?) "Hai, genki desu." (Yes, I'm fine.) Then a warm liquid spilled from my mouth and my chest began to throb. I struggled for breath as I spat the red liquid onto the ground. What was going on? My heart was in so much pain. I lied against the cool ground, a feeling of dizziness taking over as my eyes began growing heavier and heavier. "K-Kaori-sama!" Akimitsu yelled in surprise as he wrapped his shirt around me in attempt to keep me warm and picked me up bridal style. I nuzzled into his warm, soft skin and I drifted off to sleep. While I was sleeping I began to feel extremely hot and my heart's pace must have increased tenfold! "Kaori!!" I heard an all too familiar voice hiss. "I can help you, all you just have to do a small favour for me." I didn't want to; there was no way in hell that I'd ever help something that intentionally broke my wrist. Then, as if reading my mind, he replied. "Maybe this will persuade you." And with that, my heart began to hurt even more. "You see Kaori, your life is in my hands and I won't hesitate to end it." I felt helpless and angry, but what could I do. So, reluctantly, I asked what he needed of me. "Nothing really," he chuckled. You only have to kill Akimitsu. And if your death isn't enough to persuade you, I've the power to end Ryo's life as well. Tell me Kaori-sama, what's your choice?" This was unreal! I couldn't possibly choose, was this guy a trained sadist or what!? I couldn't help but think of Ryo, whom was probably in the same pain as I am right now. It's not right for him to suffer so much, but I can't just kill Akimitsu! Not after all he's done for me. What should I do!?
Ryo's point of view:
I dreamt a strange dream while I was out. Kaori-chan was there, but she looked so frightened and she was bleeding from her right breast. A strangenightmare would probably be a better way to describe it. I awoke from my uneasy slumber and hurriedly jumped from my bed and rushed out the bedroom door, accidently stumbling and knocking down just about anything that wasn't nailed to the wall. Why was I so dizzy? I sat down on the ground and rested my head against the pale green wall in an attempt to cool off my now burning hot forehead. "Ha, ha ha ha ha!!!!" A demonic laughter echoed throughout the room. "Oh, poor Ryo! You must be in so much pain." He said, in an obviously amused tone. "You probably only have about two more days to live, judging by your illness, but, tell you what, I'm feeling generous today, so I'll allow you to live on one condition." I asked what he wanted, struggling to keep my eyes open. I nearly yelled in terror when a black haired man with pale blue eyes and cat ears appeared inches from my face. "You see, there's this troublesome girl named Kaori whom is very similar to that wench Hisae and I fear she may get in the way of my plans, so I would really appreciate it if you'd help get rid of her for me." My eyes widened as his words sunk in. "There is no damn way I will ever hurt Kaori-chan!!" I yelled, despite the fact that my heart was beating faster than I thought possible for a human. He began to chuckle and simply answered "You'd never hurt Kaori-chan? Last time I checked you had already done that. Besides, 'tis not like I gave you a choice. " And with that, he bit my neck. I felt his cold, razour sharp teeth pierce through my skin. I let out a scream in response to the excruciating pain. "Why?" I asked, my voice sounding rather tremulous. He simply answered "Because I'm bored."


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