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The Birth of New Beginnings (chapter 10 of "My Backwards Fairytale".)

Short story By: neji chan

What on earth is happening to Ryo-san!?

Submitted:Jan 11, 2009    Reads: 96    Comments: 10    Likes: 1   

When I awoke, I felt…different, to say the least. I could hear things from miles away and I could specify every smell in the room. Atoms smell weird, don't they? My head began to spin as I took in these bizarre changes. And those were normal compared to the fact that I had a strong and seemingly unquenchable thirst for blood. Just imagine the red liquid pouring from a person, the look on their face; the sound of their last heart beat-thump, thump-it's so invigorating!

I glanced around the room and noticed that that too was different, and it wasn't just a new paint job. The once perfectly white walls were covered in red splotches and there lay five unconscious police men on the ground. What on earth happened last night!? My thoughts were interrupted by an all-too familiar chuckle. "Did you enjoy yourself Hitsuji?" He queried with a smirk on his face. "What's going on-what the hell happened last night-And why did you call me "Hitsuji"?" I was beginning to get worried. But, of course, he simply laughed and answered my question ever so calmly. "You're the newest addition to my army, Hitsuji of the zodiac." "Does that mean I'm going to turn into a sheep?" He scoffed at my stupidity. "Yuhi Ryo, birth date November 18th, 1991, that makes you Hitsuji." Army-Zodiac animals-what on earth is going on?

Kaori's point of view:

With the burden of that Coeur voracite demon vanquished I felt like a totally new person. Well, I felt like my old self again, anyway. And Akimitsu and I were spending a lot more time together, he showed me to the best restaurants, took me to festivals, and today, he was going to take me to his most favourite place in the whole town. I followed him anxiously as he nimbly moved through branches and leaves. I then felt a pair of warm hands cover my eyes. "No peeking, I want it to be a surprise." We silently ventured further and further until he finally uncovered my eyes, revealing a magical world of emerald grass, sapphire and ruby flowers, crystal water, and golden skies. I couldn't speak, all I could do was stand there completely dumbfounded with my mouth agape. "Oh, Akimitsu, this place is amazing!" I managed to say, but Akimitsu didn't respond, he simply stared at me with adoring eyes. Once he saw the confusion on my face he quickly turned his head. "Forgive me Kaori-sama, it's just that, well, you look so beautiful in the sunlight." I felt my face get beet red and quickly covered my face. And, to my surprise, when I peeked from the gaps between my fingers, Akimitsu was just as crimson.


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