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The feeling's mutual. (chapter 4 of My Backwards Fairytale)

Short story By: neji chan

Ryo's left Kaori heart broken and he will never forgive himself for it.

Submitted:Dec 19, 2008    Reads: 194    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Then, I just stood there, eyes wide, cheeks red, and my mouth agape. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! This boy who barely knew me was promising to protect me and insure my happiness, even if it killed him! He was so kind and considerate, just like...... just like Ryo. Then, everything that had happened at school rushed back to me. How Jayme had confessed her hatred towards me, and how her and Ryo had shared a long, deep, passionate kiss. Tears then began to spill from my eyes and flow down my cheeks. Akimitsu, immediately noticing this, quickly tried to make me feel better. "Kaori-sama, are you alright? What is the matter?" He asked in a caring tone. "I-it's just... it's just that I-I miss Ryo s-so much!!!" I confessed. "I know that he probably doesn't love me, and I know that he cheated on me with my best-- used-to-be best friend, but I can't stop feeling this way about him! I can't stop remembering how he'd hug me when I was upset, or how he'd do whatever it took to make me happy. I-I'm such a fool!!!!" Now, it was Akimitsu's turn to just stand there, astonished at my words. "No. Kaori-sama, please don't cry. Your sorrow is tearing me apart. Just seeing you so sad is worse than a thousand swords being thrust into my heart. Please, Kaori-sama, you needn't feel so down." After saying that, he pulled me close to him in a gentle hug. A hug similar to that of which a mother will give her child who has been missing for two years. I stood there for twenty more minutes, crying into Akimitsu's chest. I looked up at him, my eyes red and puffy, and apologized. I apologized for making him stay here with me, and for having to help me so many times. He simply chuckled in response and told me that he wouldn't want it any other way.
Ryo's point of view:
"Knock, knock!" I heard someone frantically beat on my door. Cautiously, I opened the door, surprised to find Kaori-chan's mom on the other side. Hana-san, Konban wa, o genki desuka?" (Good evening, how are you Miss Hana?) Terrible. Ryo-kun, have you seen my daughter anywhere, she hasn't come home yet and I'm worried sick." My heart's pace began to quicken and my arms grew limp. Kaori-chan was...missing? And it was my fault, I should have stopped her, I should have tried to talk to her, instead of just letting her run off. I'm so stupid! I gritted my teeth at this realization. Then, I grabbed a jacket and went outside. "No, Hana-san, I haven't, but I promise I'll find her, no matter how long it takes!" I stated, and then, I was off. Kusou! (Damn!) Where could she be? I thought, wondering aimlessly through town. I had already checked all of her favourite places to eat, and shop. I even went to the school building and looked for her, but found no one. I remembered her running toward a small, woodland area a few miles away from the school. Don't tell me she's still there! What if a bear attacked her or a serial killer hurt her!! I tried to clear my head of those awful images as I ran full speed into the woods. I searched in there for about three hours, but, to my dismay, I found nothing. That was when my heart shattered. It began feeling like it was being compressed and stretched at the same time. Wait, this isn't just a figure of speech, my heart was really in pain! I grasped my chest and began panting heavily as I fell to my knees. What was going on? Was this perhaps a result of bad karma? It felt as if something was ripping my heart apart from the inside! "Aaaauuugghhh!!!!!!!" I let out a blood curdling scream and then, everything went black.


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