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Warning! There is alot of violence in the beginning, so don't read if you have a weak stomach! This story may suck, or it may be great, but, that's up to you. ^_^

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I watched in terror as I witnessed the merciless slaughter of my parents. I didn't know why it was happening, we had never done anything wrong. I was hiding in the corner, for my mother had told me to keep myself safe. This whole time I had been trying not to make a sound, but, when my father's blood splashed onto me, I found it difficult. The mere thought of so much blood coming from someone's throat was terrifying, but I did not cry. I would not cry. I had promised tobe safe, so I would not make a sound! Then, as if testing my emotional strength, one of the men slashed my mother's stomach open and thrust his fist deep inside the wound. Sadness and dispair began wieghing me down, but I didn't scream, all I could do was watch in horror as the man pulledmy unborn sibling from inside of mother and threw him against the wall. I felt as if I would go mad! My parents were gasping for air, trying to fight off death, and all I could do was sit there and do nothing. I felt tears slither down my cheeks. My eyes had betrayed me, but, I would at least be sure to sob silently. Once the men had left reality struck, and I realized that I was and always would be alone. I was the only survivor of my family, village, and species.

Ten years had passed since that dreadful night and I now lived in a new village named "Village de bonheur", meaning "village of happiness". Unfortunately, the village is only considered "happy" for humans. Here, people either just ignore me, or curse my existance. They feel that I'm a threat, but based on my past experiences, I'd say humans are threatening, not I. I shivered as I walked down the snow-painted side walk, not really going anywhere, just pondering things. My thoughts were soon interrupted by a voice that sounded excited, worried, and curious all at the same time. "Hey! Why do you always look so gloomy? I mean, you have to smile once in a while." Annoyance acting as my fuel, I quickened my pace. To my dismay, she had no trouble keeping up! So, I finally slowed to a stop, allowing her to catch up. "O.k." I said coldly, "What the hell do you want?" I then heard what sounded like a sigh of aggravation. "I was only trying to be nice. I thought that maybe, you and I could be friends." She confessed, sounding hopeful. Then, I got really annoyed. "Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. The last thing I need is a human companion!" I stated, my words saturated in venom. At that moment, a look of deep sadness fell across her face and her turquoise eyes filled to the brim with tears. Then, she ran off. I knew that her intentions had been kind-hearted, and I knew that I had been wrong for acting so cruelly towards her, but I also knew that life wasn't fair. Therefore, I wasn't going to worry about her, nor would I try to apologize. Apparently, my legs had a mind of their own, because despite my decisions, I was running in the exact same direction as that girl. "This is so stupid!" Ithought to myself as I searched for her. "Why on earth do I care about that human?" I kept asking myself that and could not come up with an answer. I eventually found the girl, sitting on a park bench, looking quite depressed. "Do all humans cry this much?" I asked as she quickly wiped away the fallen tears. I have a name, its Adaline. You shouldn't just call everyone "human" you know!" She shouted. Yeah, she was definately upset, I shouldn't have bothered with her, but, for some reason, I was determined to comfort her! "Sorry." I stated quietly. "I'm sorry for being so rude, you didn't deserve that." She then stared at me incredulously. Hello, my name is Minh. It's nice to meet you, again." I said as nicely as I possibly could, my outstreched arm awaiting her hand to touch my palm. It didn't take long for her to brighten up. She grabbed my hand with out hesitation, a huge smile painted on her face. I had never cared about anyone but myself for ten years, yet, for some reason, I couldn't help but wish Adaline all the happiness in the world. Is this, perhaps, what they call freindship?


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