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Secrets can change

Short story By: Nixie

Two women working together share a little secret that brings with it doubt and the possiblity of change, should anyone ever know.

Submitted:Oct 18, 2007    Reads: 1,166    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

It had become our little secret, working the same night shifts, having the same breaks and as often as possible working the same crime scene. Nobody was suspicious, nobody asked any questions when we left the room, nobody blinked when later we re-entered the room together.

This time though, she'd exited the locker room before me leaving the door to fall behind her. It reminded me of the time she'd held it open for me slapping my backside on the way out. My hands closed into tight fists with�white knuckles, my�nails embedded my palms... I was nervous. Had things changed?

We tended to treat each other differently when anyone was around, which often left us feeling frustrated with one another, as our desperate hands and quick submissions proved just minutes ago! She was better at playing the game than I was although I could always see the smile creeping onto her face, reassuring me that nothing had in fact changed after all.

I followed her swift hips down the corridor and watched her enter the lab she'd been working in. It reminded me of the time she'd looked back and winked before disappearing from view. I think she enjoyed teasing me, playing the secret out in public. She knew it got to me, I didn't want to lose myself in her instead of the job and I took it out on her. In the end our bitter conversations that were only meant for spectators became something of the norm when we were alone too. Our wordy fights were to tame the rumours but instead seemed to tame our passion!

I walked passed the lab and looked in, seeing her with her head in her work. I remembered the numerous times she'd looked up to watch me pass; blue eye's, white teeth nibbling on the end of her pen...but not today. Our affair was so secret that she often left me believing that that's all it was, a secret. Something that with time would fade.

I sat at a desk in a separate from them and watched her sit on his desk putting on a promiscuous display. I remembered the way she would know when I was looking at her and how she'd look up instantly, but im looking now and I'm waiting... She looked up at him in that same way. I wondered if things had changed again.

I watched them leave together as her and I often did, he held the door for her as she had done so many times for me. Turning left into the corridor they walked together, while I looked away not able to watch any longer... And then I felt her eyes on me and I looked up to see that he'd left but she had not. She smiled suggestively and lifted her car keys up indicating it was time to go. I nodded back with a smirk.

As I followed her speedy steps down the corridor toward the exit she looked back and winked. When she opened the passenger's door she took my hand and I moved�passed her knowing she was watching my every move... It's then I knew, this was more than a secret to her. Nothing was going to change.

All her flirting was nothing but a distraction, something to stop anyone finding out because it's only then, that things really will change.


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