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My Pirate, My Princess

Short story By: notsane

Ali always wanted to be a princess when she was little. James always wanted to be a pirate. the two became unlikely friends one day at the park. the best friends get separated when Ali moves away with her family. both go on to live their lives without each other. but fate brings them together again. will sparks fly or has everything changed? This is an entry for melissaalburney's contest how did i end up Here.

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My Pirate, My Princess

I was sitting at my desk, thinking of a story line to my next novel. My name is Ali Jensen. I'm 23 years old and a writer. I have had three best selling books, but right now I'm stumped.

I ran my fingers through my dark brown hair and close my eyes. I lay my head down on my desk and slowly fall asleep.


I'm having a conversation with my mom. My mom has always had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I was standing there with light brown hair and the same blue eyes. This was when I was five, so my hair was still lighter. I've had this dream before, since it's really a memory.

"But Mommy, I want to watch Beauty and the Beast." I say to my mom. She wants me to have a play date with a little boy the same age as me.

"Ali, it will still be here when we get back. His name is James. And you've met him before. When you two were babies, we'd take you to the beach for Christmas pictures. They were really cute pictures; he'd always kiss your cheek in them." Mom said.

"Ewwww." I stated. But after some more arguing; I went to the park.

As soon as I got there I raced to the top of the playhouse. It was all brown with a green wheel and red slide. I stood on top, pretending I was a princess. I was dancing when someone pushed me.

He had light brown hair and big green eyes. He looked the same age as me, but a little taller. He had on a black shirt and jeans. It was the boy, who pushed me.

"Move. Get off my ship." he said.

"No, you move. This is my castle." I said, stomping my foot.

"But, I'm a pirate. Pirates need ships to sail."

"And I'm a princess. Princesses need castles to look over their kingdom." I move my hand in a princess wave to my imaginary kingdom.

"We could share," he said quietly. He eyes dropped to the floor.

"I don't think my kingdom would like that. I will rule one day. I can't be spending my time with a pirate." I said.

"Forget your kingdom. Let someone else rule. You don't want to be a queen," he said. My mouth dropped open. Of course, I want to be queen.

"I don't?" I asked, sarcastically. I put my hands on my hips.

"No, you don't. You want to be a beautiful princess forever. If you let someone else rule, you can be." he said.

"But what would I do with all my time then?" I asked. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You could sail with me." he whispered, but this time he met my eyes. His eyes trapped me there for a moment.

"That would never work. You and I are from completely different worlds." I stated.

"I am a pirate and you are a princess. That doesn't mean we can't sail the seven seas together." he said. I couldn't help but smile and nod at that.

"I'm your Princess Ali." I said and pulled on the pink skirt of my dress in a curtsey.

"And I am your Pirate James, my princess." James said, smiling as he bowed.

"You're the boy my mom wanted me to come here and play with." I said and he nodded.

We played that whole day. He told that I could call him Jamie if I wanted and sometimes I did. But mostly I called him "my pirate," and he called me, "his princess."

Everything started to look like it was being fast forwarded. We became great friends, still using the same nicknames as before. We knew everything about each other. We were the closest friends anyone had ever seen, but I developed a huge crush on Jamie, my pirate.

The fast forwarding stopped on my last day in California, where we both lived. My family was moving to New York. Jamie was there to say goodbye to me. We were both nine at the time. His hair had gotten dark and so had mine. Both of our eyes at the time were big, puffy, and a bit red. We were in my old room, which was mostly empty. It had just a bed and two empty dressers in it.

Jamie said, "I'm really going to miss you, my princess." He sniffled.

"I'll miss you more, my pirate." I said. A tear leaked out of my eye. Jamie can over to me and brushed my cheek with his thumb. He stepped back after getting the tear.

"I want to give you something, actually two things." Jamie said. His face was red and he was fidgeting. He puts his hand into his back pocket and pulls out a chain. "It's a necklace and I have a matching key chain. He gives the chain to me.

It is a simple silver chain, but it has two charms on it. One is a pirate ship and the other is a tiara. He holds out a key chain with matching charms.

I throw my arms around his neck and hug him. "I love it, Jamie. Thank you so much." I step back and push my hair out of the way. He clips the necklace around my neck.

"And, my second gift for you, Ali is um well," Jamie puts his hand on my cheek and lightly presses his lips to mine. He pulls back. My eyes are wide, but I'm smiling. He smiles back at me. Then my mom opens the door and tells me that we are leaving.

I hug him once more in the driveway and he kisses my cheek. I get in the car and I cry the whole way to the airport. Then just like that I'm off to New York and I never see him again.

Then I wake up.

I start to write. I write a story about a princess being kidnapped by a pirate. She falls in love with him and they sail the seven seas together. For the dedication I put, "For my pirate".

That was all year ago. Now I'm 24, it's been 15 years and I still think of Jamie. I've had boyfriends, but no one I have ever truly loved. I am at a book signing in California for my book, The Pirate and the Princess.

People are standing around my table with their hands raise and they are calling out questions. My eye is drawn to a man in the back. He is wearing a hat and a hoodie. I don't know why but I keep looking at him. I point to a lady in red.

"Where did you get the idea for this book?"

"I got the idea from one of my dreams." I tell them. That was kind of true. I point to a man in grey.

"You dedicate this book for your pirate. Who is your pirate?"

"He's an old friend of mine," I said, smiling. I pointed to a older lady in deep purple. My eyes dart to the man in the back, he is smiling.

"In your book, you mention a lot about the ocean. Where did you learn so much about the ocean's creatures?"

"I read books and research. I love the ocean. I love hearing speeches about it as well. In fact there is a speech about sea life after me." I point to a poster and read," 'Learn all the fascinating mysteries of the deep with world famous marine-biologist, James Marcus.'" I freeze at the name. It's him. It's Jamie, my pirate. I will see him again. My hand reached a touched the necklace he gave me.

"Will you be attending this speech, Ms. Jensen?"

"Yes." I stated simply. I looked back to the man, but he was gone.

The rest of the signing passed quickly. My mind was swirling with thoughts of Jamie. What if he was married? What if he didn't recognize me? What if he didn't care? What if he didn't like me anymore?

I packed up and walked outside. The hotel was right on the sand. The ocean was blue and the waves were big. The sand was packed with people as was the sidewalk. I look through the people walking both ways on the boardwalk. I don't see him. I turn around and come face to face with a green eyed man.

He was the man at the back. He had long dark brown hair that was hidden by a backwards hat. He had bright green eyes that were staring into mine. He had on a vans shirt, black hoodie, and jeans. He was taller than me, so his lips were almost parallel to my forehead. He looked so different, but I could recognize him anywhere.

I lifted my hand to his face. I whispered, "My pirate?"

"Yes, and you are my princess and I've missed you terribly." Jamie said and lifted my chin. He lightly placed his lips to mine. But all too quickly he pulled away.

He touched my necklace and said, "You kept it. I can't believe you still have it."

"Of course, I still have it. It was from my best friend in the whole world. Do you still have yours?" I ask. Jamie pulled out a key chain. The same one I saw 15 years ago. Jamie slipped it back into his pocket and pulled me into another kiss.

His lips were soft and warm. They made my insides melt. I guess I have my mom to thank for this. She made me go to that park. It's a kiss like this that makes you believe in fate and soul mates. I pull back, but kept my face close to his.

"So you became the next best thing to a real pirate?" I asked Jamie.

"Well, I became a marine first. Now, I'm a marine biologist. I love what I do. Do you like being author?" Jamie asked.

"Yes, I love writing. It's a way to be remembered. In a hundred years, my books will still be around, even if there not read. It's not a princess, but I love it." I explained.

"You're still my princess," Jamie said, slipping his arm around my waist.

"You're still my pirate," I said. I leaned into him.

"My offer still stands." I gave him a confused look. "You are a princess and I'm a pirate. We could still sail the seven seas together."

"What about my readers?" I ask.

"You could write on the ship and do book signings when we port. So, Ali, do you want to come with me?" Jamie asked. He looked nervous and worried that I might say no. But I would never say no.

I smiled and hugged him tight. I whispered, "Yes." Jamie kissed my forehead.

I got my pirate back. I am a princess and he is a pirate. That doesn't mean we can't sail the seven seas together.


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