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Becoming Vera

Short story By: onlyinred

Vera is a shy bookworm with major crush on the cute librarian's assistant. She's never had the guts to talk to him..until now.
(For Meradee's 'A Picture is worth A Thousand Words' Contest)

Submitted:Mar 5, 2012    Reads: 171    Comments: 32    Likes: 9   


She'd always wanted to be sexy. To be that girl who could get that guy with a flirtatious glance. Vera glanced down quickly when the cute blonde library worker looking through the shelves saw her staring. She pushed her glasses up and stared down at the world of romance offered from the book in front of her. It meant nothing. She was still stuck in a world where she could never act the part of one of her sexy and outgoing heroines. Glancing up, she noticed that the guy was gone. Of course he was. Who would be interested in a bookworm with untamed curls and no makeup to hide her defects?


Vera stared at herself in the mirror and looked down at the makeup she had stolen from her mother's bathroom. She frowned, having absolutely no idea what to do with it. She barely ever wore her contacts but had them in, to see the full effects of makeup on the canvas of her face. " Okay.." She muttered under her breath, picking up the lipstick. Vera jumped when the door knob rattled.

" Verrrra!! I'm here! It's Lindsay, what are you doing in there?" It was her 25 year old sister, Lindsay, come home for a short visit from New York. Vera, pushing the makeup out of sight, opened the door carefully. She was seventeen and didn't know how to properly apply makeup, much less attract a boy she actually liked. It was too embarrassing to confess to Lindsay, the perfect older sister who got everything she ever wanted.

" What are you doing in here? Mom says you've been in here for like, an hour." She pushed her way in and looked around. Her bright blue eyes stopped on the pile of makeup shoved in the corner of the sink counter. " What is that?" she teased, looking at Vera.

" Makeup. Mom left it in here." She began to pick the pieces up.

" Really? Because mom never leaves her stuff anywhere. Where do you think I learned to be so organized?" She took the pieces away and dumped them on the counter.

" Yeah, yeah," Vera rolled her eyes, " The whole world already knows you're perfect."

Lindsay frowned, and leaned on the counter. " What were you trying to do? I could help you."

" It's nothing..." Vera glanced up at the mirror and felt her heart swell with a need. A weird need to go beyond what she saw, to show others who she really was. To express her potential and find the care she deserved. "...It's just, I was messing with the makeup." She looked at Lindsay. " I just don't know..exactly how to...use them."

Lindsay cracked a devious grin. " Why are you doing this? Is it a guy? Or society because if someone's giving you crap, I will--" " It's a guy." She admitted to shut her up. " Oooh!" Lindsay raised her eyebrows and ran out of the bathroom. She came back seconds later with her huge Gucci bag.

" What's in there?" Vera stared at the hugeness of the black leather bag. " The tools to your transformation." She grinned as she dug in there. Seconds later, she pulled out a leopard spotted makeup bag.

"I'm taking over." She stated, pulling out powdered foundation and a big fluffy brush.

" Please, don't go overboard. I want to recognize myself in the mirror." Vera twitched at the ticklish feeling of the brush's strokes over her face.

" Baby sis, I got this. Oh, and I'll help you pick an outfit when you go see this mystery guy."

" He-We're not...I don't know if-Okay." Vera frowned, wondering if she was really willing to get dolled up to just go to the library. Lindsay would laugh if she knew that she liked the librarian's assistant. She had never gotten the guts to ask for help or to even talk to him. All she had ever done was look. She had done that her whole life. Rolling her shoulders as Lindsay applied other cosmetics to her face, Vera decided she was done with it. She wanted to do more. She could if she wanted to and she wanted to, so badly. She was tired of being on the sidelines, watching, and reading romance, it was time to get in the game, to be the heroine of her own life.

" Done." Lindsay announced several minutes later. She left the bathroom. Vera stared at herself in the mirror, recognizing herself behind the bit of blush, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara and a bright dash of red lipstick to giver her a pop. She smiled to herself, very satisfied with the results.

"Here." Lindsay shoved some of Vera's clothes in her arms. " Put them on." She ordered, before closing the bathroom door. Vera obeyed, knowing her sister knew a lot about fashion and looking good. It was an old creamy colored sweater with blue skinny jeans and her favorite black boots. Vera looked at herself in the mirror, patted her curls down and smiled nervously to herself

. ….

Vera ran up to the library doors and pulled at the handle. She glanced down at her cellphone and frowned in disappointment. It was five minutes after the library's official closing time. She took a seat on the curb and felt the crisp autumn air against her exposed skin. She shivered and tightened her hand on the book she was going to use as an excuse to talk to him. It was too late. He wouldn't of liked her anyways.

" Do you need a ride home?" came a male voice. A voice she had heard so many times, chatting or helping others throughout the library. It was him. Vera turned and stood up. He wore a zipped up, black leather coat and a crooked grin. His green eyes shone against the fading orange and reds of the trees.

She swallowed. " Um. Yeah."


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