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I'll Be Waiting.

Short story By: peace629

A couple goes through different stages of their life together:)

Submitted:Jul 11, 2010    Reads: 279    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   


He had asked her out several bazillion times (if that was even a number). and every single time, she declined. She held no interest in this guy, this boy, this child. She wanted something that would last forever, and she knew that no boy in high school would ever want the same.

But even if he did, come on! Did it have to be this one? The complete opposite of her? She got straight A's. His highest grade was a C. Minus.

She wanted someone successful. The biggest accomplishment he ever succeeded in was score a touchdown on his school's football team. It wasn't bad, but she once spent a whole day reading to the blind and feeding the homeless -- something he would've laughed at.

Most importantly, she wanted someone sensitive and caring. The thing he cared most about was his dog, and he enjoyed burping the alphabet.

There was absolutely no way she would ever agree to go on a date with this boy.

Yet, every time she turned him down, he was still hopeful.

"I'll be waiting," he would always say. "I'll be waiting."

His persistance finally paid off when she just couldn't take it anymore. The whole I'll be waiting crap was getting annoying.

One date. Just one.

And she was glad she did. Two years out of high school, they were still going strong.

But, Good God!, she took forever getting ready. He never understood what could possibly take her so long. Pick an outfit, a little bit of makeup (though he thought she looked beautiful without it), hair, and shoes. That's it. It only took him half an hour to get ready. Sure, he didn't need to put on makeup, but three hours? Seriously?

But she knew better. Picking out the perfect dress, the cutest hairstyle, just the right amount of makeup, and shoes to go with everything took a lot of skill, and time.

Still, no matter how many hours he had to wait, no matter how annoyed he got, he knew he loved her very, very much. And he would wait for years to go on one date if that's what it took to make her happy.

"I'll be waiting," he would always say. "I'll be waiting."

And so he would. She would make him wait just to test his patience. But he would never break, never yell. Just wait.

Seven years out of high school, age 25, he wanted to get married and start a family. But she wan't done exploring the world. They had been to almost every state in the US, they'd seen all of Italy, Costa Rica, and Australia. Not to mention, Iceland and South America. His career took him far already. Now, he was ready to marry the love of his life, have children by the time he was 30, and be a grandfather at 55.

He was ready. She was not.

And she guarenteed that eventually she would be, in time.

"I'll be waiting," he would always say. "I'll be waiting."

They traveled some more, done things they had never done before, and in time (as promised), she agreed to settle down.

By 92, they had lived a very full life. They were great-grandparents to fifteen beautiful children.

They'd been everywhere and done everything. He was still relatively strong, pretty healthy. He wished he could she the same for his wife.

She was fragile and weak, and half the time, it was a struggle to even get up off the bed.

It was time. He knew it. She knew it.

As weak as she was, she found the strength to wipe the stray tear that ran down his wrinkled face.

She felt as if she owed him so much. For all of those times that he had waited on her, this was the least she could do. She took his hands in hers.

"I'll be waiting," she said to him. "I'll be waiting."

And wait she did, until at 95, it was his time, too.

There, standing by the golden gates, stood his wife, as beautiful as the first day he laid eyes on her, waiting there just for him.


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