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My Dream Girl (Short Story)

Short story By: PrinceEdward

just something I wrote out of my lousy dream.

Submitted:Aug 19, 2012    Reads: 1,853    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

My Dream Girl
It was 4th of July when I wasn't all that feeling good. I laid down on my bed, trying to make myself comfortable and well. It wasn't a great morning despite of the celebrations and stuff in this American country. No, I am not an American. I am a Brit who's having a vacation in the country.
Well, after having a major jetlag and a mild sprain on my foot from being hit by someone's trolley, I never enjoyed my arrival. I was really having a hard time adjusting, not only to the people but also to the environment. Only animals would act like that, yes, but I had this very weird feeling of staying there. It felt like I was not that welcome and all.
First day after arrival, I felt sick. So sick that I couldn't bear myself getting up from my bed or I will vomit afterwards. No medicine could repel my condition. Nothing but staying at home and letting myself rest for a while.
I slept on a really good temperature and got enough time. I dreamed about something. About someone I don't know. Or probably, I have seen. I couldn't remember her face. Yes, she was or is a girl. Rather a beautiful one. She didn't look so familiar to me yet I have seen her in my dreams. I couldn't explain it.
The girl never looked like she stepped on foot in England nor did she look British. But I don't know who she really was. A mysterious girl, I could prefer.
Her hair was as golden as the sun and her skin was as white as the sand on the beach. Her smile was as sparkly as the pearls she was wearing. In her gown, approaching to me.
I was stuck on my foot. I couldn't walk nor move my feet or knees. I was stunned by her beauty. I was stunned by her all being.
After she paced towards five steps from me, I woke up. I didn't know why. No one had waken me up nor did any unnecessary noises had occured. My sleep was interrupted by the unknown.
I tried to recall her face. I just couldn't. She had a unique smile that no one could imitate. Eyes that was as sparkly blue as sapphire but I couldn't picture the whole thing. I could only remember her, part by part.
Knock, knock, knock. I just didn't know how it would break my silence. I went to open the door of that room we're staying.
"Housekeeping!" A woman had appeared infront of me pushing a trolley that had a mop and a bucket in it.
I didn't decide whether I would let her. I just replied, "Sure." and I went outside the door though I wasn't feeling well.
I wasn't inspecting the whole corners of the hallway but someone just caught my eye. A golden hair that was inside the elevator. It was the same as what my dream girl looked like. I was too mystified and I can't even remember how I tried to follow her. Next thing I knew, I was on the lobby wearing a white shirt, knee breeches and flip-flops. It was all so surreal.
I then saw the girl with the golden hair. She had the skin of white as sand. She must be it.
I continued my way to her. She made it pass the pedestrian lane with her shades on and a white umbrella. It wasn't raining but it was a sunny day.
I wasn't much sure if I'm allowed to wear such attire while I was in the outdoors, roaming the streets in the city of New York. What I only knew, I should get to this girl.
As I was almost near her, my heart started to pump harder and harder. I was too excited to see her though she was really unknown.
She stopped on a beauty salon just across the street I was in. I could smell the sweet aroma of bacon. I still didn't have my breakfast and I didn't bring money with me. I was hungry but it wasn't enough to stop me from seeking this girl.
I sat beside a bus stop sign. I looked homeless. I waited for the girl to come out of the salon. She came out, finally after I've waited for two and a half hours, I estimated.
She took the shades off and I was shocked.
I stand corrected. This girl here is my dream girl. It was unbelievable seeing her in real life. And she's American. I wouldn't expect that would happen.
She wore a white gown and a sparkly pearl necklace. Then, she paced to where I was. Slowly, I could remember every happening in my dream. It was all sort of a flashback. She was looking at my eyes, smiling.
Step by step, I stole every smile she was giving. I was stuck, mouth gaped and amazed. She was an angel. Five steps and she's already mine.
One. She smiled at me and I was all ready to faint.
Two. Her sparkly pearls made her a part of the sky that was precious.
Three. I could hardly say something to call her attention because I was too stunned to move.
Four. No, this couldn't be true. I doubted dreams and reality can be most unforgiving.
Five. Finally. I thought I'll have her at last but no. Unfortunately, she was taken by a fancy looking guy in a limo. He must be her boyfriend.
My day was ruined. My heart just broke after the car left. It left me nothing. It just killed me.
Then, I realized. It was all too real. I could not believe it. I was in the roads like something hypnotized me. It was the girl. The girl's beauty which mystified every part of me. But she's gone now and she left as a mystery again. Good to know that she's as real as me.


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