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Kiss of Death--Quin Marie

By: QuinMarie

Page 1, Luca and Zander

                Boys are poison. Icky, slimy green stuff filled with germs and cooties. Well, all boys except Zander. Zander was like a dream come true. His twilight eyes sparkled in the moonlight, as he stared so wonderfully into my own silver ones. He brushed a stray red hair from out of my face before leaning in to press his pink lips up against my own.

                I sighed a deep and heartfelt sigh, as he pulled me into a hug, squeezing tighter and tighter every second. I nuzzled my face into his neck when he began to cry. I didn’t understand why at the time, but I knew that nothing good was going to happen, nothing ever did when it came to Zander and I.

                I tried to comfort him, but all he did was whisper my name, hauntingly, over and over.

                “Luca…Luca…Luca…” he wept into my hair. It was all I could do to keep from crying myself. Beginning to feel stressed, I pulled my hair out from the messy bun. Almost as if by instinct, Zander stroked and stroked my hair until I almost fell asleep.

                What was wrong with us? We’d never acted this way before. He’d never cried in front of me, he’d never hugged, nor had he kissed me. I’d never allowed myself to be touched by him, ever. Boys were supposed to be bad until I’d met Zander.

                He sat down on the only patch of cool, green grass at the park. He whimpered as he pulled me down to sit with him. I was afraid. He kissed me again, over and over, until he was out of breath.

                “Luca…I…am…sorry…” he whispered, kissing me once more before he collapsed in my arms, cold and dead.

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