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Fanged Seduction.

Short story By: RabbitLynn

When you came in the air went out, and every shadow filled up with doubt. I don't know who you think you are, but before the night is through... I wanna do bad things with you.

Based upon the song, Bad Things. Any quotes from there, I do not own.

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Fanged Seduction

rated R for sexual content.

'When you came in, the air went out and, every shadow filled up with doubt.'

Almost like a sign from the world that I was meant to be there. Your long dark hair shimmered over tanned bare shoulders, your bust peaking out from a tight fitting orange tube top. My hands' grip on a cool glass of vodka tightened and the fog of lust spread around the room like a hushed storm.

I downed the drink in a second flat and motioned for the bar tender to pour me two more. I grabbed the two drinks after unbuttoning the top two buttons of my black shirt and heading over your way. The loud music filling my ears, giving me confidence that it wouldn't be long till I caught you under the same spell you already had me under.

Your scent was the most intoxicating thing I had ever let pass through my airways; and I had to keep myself from sweeping you up in my arms right then and there when your saffphire eyes fluttered over to look at me. I could tell you were alone, despite the few other women around you, I knew you hadn't previously known them.

"Hello." I turned my lips up into a grin that was reflected by your own bright smile.

"Well, hello."

I handed you the glass of vodka which you took with a poliet nod, I watched as you touched the sweating glass to your pale pink lips and backed half of it.

"Excuse me, for not having intoduced myself already. I'm Eric, and you're absolutley stunning."

Your cheeks flushed with a light red and you drank the rest of the drink before brushing a stray lock of hair behind your 3 times pierced right ear.

I swallowed wondering if offering you my own drink would be strange, but knowing the booze wouldn't do much to me, so why keep it?

"Would you like another?"

I placed my full drink in your hand and took the empty glass, watching you drink the other with excitement in the pit of my stomach. Hunger gnawing at my edges.

"I almost forgot." You laugh. "I'm Avery."

"Beautiful name." I whisper taking the second empty glass and placing them on a waiters tray as he passes behind me.

"How old are you?" You ask smiling at me, your tube top sliding up your stomach, showing your small belly button which swooned inwards like a small pool.

"Old enough." I grin crookedly and brush another stray hair from your rounded face. You raise a brow and run your moist tounge over your lower lip.

"I'm 22."

I already know this, but I nod and run a hand through my blonde hair, inhaling your toxic smell once more.

"You're very handsome, where are you from?" You ask, and I can tell you are at a loss for any normal conversation. And even as I don't answer, your heart beat speeds up as you stare along my chest.

"It doesn't matter." You whisper after a moment, your pharamones filling the space around us.

"You're so beautiful." I lean over and whisper into your ear, and I feel you shiver as my hand glides across your lower stomach.

You look up at me from several inches shorter than my 6'1 and I grin.

"What are you looking for?" You whisper your face turning a peachy color.

I take a breath, I'm normally not the type to get hung up on a women. I see something pretty, something tastey, I take my chance as quick as possible. But you, you were doing something to me, I could hardly control my need and wants.

"You don't have to pretend to be innocent." You whisper when I don't answer.

I take your curved waist in my hands and pull you closer, looking down into your eyes. I lean down and brush my lips against your hot ear.

"I don't know who you think you are, but before the night is through..I wanna do bad things with you."

You shuttered against me at my words and I can smell the blood in your ear, my gums ache with hungry lust.

You pull my face over to yours and stare deep into my mud colored eyes.

"Take me where ever you want."

I grin and tug on your arm a little as I guide us through the crowd of drunken people, laughter lingering behind us as the door of the club clanked shut.

My own breathing is shallow and I'm nervously impatient as you climb into the passenger seat of my black 69' Chevy Impala.

I don't know what you've done to me.

Your lustful scent is clear to me as you buckle the seat belt and cross your long glimmering legs.

You squel and throw a hand out the open window as I jerk out of the parking lot and speed down the empty 1:36AM road.

"You are epic." You smile and I watch as the wind blows your hair around. It drives your scent to me in pleasant waves of heat and I push my toe harder on the gas petal, causing us to go faster down the road.

You scream a happy and utterly excited scream and kick your heels off, throwing them in the back seat.

"Hell yes!" You yell looking over at me, your eyes wide and I zoom ahead even faster, wanting to keep that look on your face and in your eyes for as long as I possibly can.

"Let's do this more often." You laugh as we halt to a stop in front of my house.

I get out of the car, walking over to your side and opening the door. I wasn't sure if this was happening fast for you, but for me it wasn't going along quickly enough. I felt my fangs peak out from my gums and I grunted, exhaling to calm myself down.

You close the car down and look up at me with a look of winded lust.

"Come on baby." I whisper before jingling my keys in my hand and making my way up the side walk, with you following behind me. As soon as I open the door I pull you up into my arms, closing the door and walking briskly down the pitch black hallway to my bedroom.

You giggle as I walk through the door way, the moonlight shining through the window and bounching off each of the grey walls.

"Dirty thing." I whisper into your ear before tossing you gently on to the bed and un buttoning my shirt.

Your breathing is heavier, heart beat faster as I climb over top of you my body pressing up against yours.

Our lips meet in a perfect union and I can't control myself as I slide my hands down, pulling down your tube top. Your breasts becoming completely open to the air and I kiss down your neck before making my way to them.

With one hand caresses your left breast my lips close over your right and I listen to the soft moans that escape your throat.

You reach downwards unbuttoning my pants and I kick them off with an ease.

I pull your shirt off the rest of the way and slide your black skirt off.

Your thighs are warm and thick, they rest against my face perfectly and I nip at the soft thin fabric covering your secret area.

"Please..." You whisper and I've already become erect. How could I not?

You don't understand your effect on me...

I run my tongue along the insides of your panties, the hot and wet tasting like a juice against my own lips.

I pull your panties off and slide my boxers down.

You naturally spread your beautiful legs, wrapping them around my waist as I slide upwards meeting my lips with your in another passionate kiss.

My fangs peak out, but this time I let them, biting at your lower lip and listening to you gasp softly.

I thrust my hips and let myself take you.

You lean your head back as I give you what you beg for, my name ringing aloud in the air. My own moans unable to be kept silent.

"Avery..." I whisper as I take you harder, the head frame of the beg, banging against the wall behind it. You moan passionately as you conintue to tighten around me.

I lower my face to your neck and smell your blood, it makes me lust for more of you.

I sink my fangs into your vien, pulling your hot blood into my mouth and groaning in pleasure.

You gasp and grip onto my back, your nails digging into my flesh, only causing me to take you faster and more aggressivly.

I can feel both of our climaxes about to burst and as your juices erupt out and onto me, I let my own enter you and as I finish feeding, both of us exhale breathes of pleasure and release. I grunt and roll over onto my back, your blood dripping down my chin.

You breath heavily and scoot over to me lying on your side.

I wrap an arm around you, pulling the sheets over us. The once cold air, not hot and steaming.

You wipe the blood from my chin, lying your face against my shoulder.

I smile as you press your lips to my ear and whisper in the silence of the room.

"We should role play more often babe."

Hope you guys enjoyed this peice. Pretty hot, if I do say so myself.. I would love if one of you guys could make me a cover for this? :)


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