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University Years

Short story By: Rafael King

this story is set a year after make you smile and shows the Yuki and Ukiyo in uni

Submitted:Jun 25, 2008    Reads: 134    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

It has been almost a year now since Ukiyo and I started going out, we have finished high school and are just about to start university together.Since we are both going to the same university I will still be able to spend plenty of time with him.So now I cant' wait to start university and experience all of the thrills that it has too offer me.
Chapter 1 - Our first day
I was so excited about starting my first day at uni that I could hardly sleep a wink and almost missed the bus to the train station but managed to catch it just before it departed.30 minutes later I was at the train station and there was Ukiyo waiting for me like he always did when we travelled by train.I ran to him hugged him and kissed him tenderly on the lips then said "hey handsome" his reply was "good morning gorgeous".Giggling like a little school girl I asked "have you been waiting long" "only about 10 minutes" he said, "well then are you ready to go" he said smiling at him I said "you bet I am" and with a smile on his face he said "well then lets go".Boarding the train I waved goodbye to my old boring high school life and embraced the new university life that I was going to have.An hour later we arrived at the train station and began to make our way to the university, we arrived 10 minutes later and made our way to the office to sign our names before we attended our first class.When we got there we were greeted by an old woman who looked like she should have died and been buried a long time ago, in a high pitched raspy voice she shouted "what do you two young un's want".Both taken back by the hate she had in her voice we uttered "um were here to sign in for our first day"."What classes are you taking" she rasped, trying not to look at her directly I said "um I'm taking advanced science and then Ukiyo said "and I'm taking advanced ICT.Disappearing under the table for a few minutes she reappeared with two folders, one which said advanced science and another which said advanced ICT, "sign your names here and then make your way too class" she rasped.So we signed our names and began to make our way towards class but halfway down the hall we realised that we had no idea where to go."oh no I have no idea how to get to advanced Science" I shouted, hearing me a young blond girl who looked no older than me said "I can show you if you like", "could you" I said "sure I'm heading that way anyway so it won't be a problem".Walking down the hall she turned and said "oh so sorry where are my manners, my names Rena nice to meet you both" Smiling at her I said "hi my names Yuki and this is my boyfriend Ukiyo", "hi it's nice to meet you he said.So this is your first day I take it" however it seemed like she had only aimed this statement at Ukiyo "yeah it is, we aren't that long in" he said.Smiling at him she said "well don't worry it just takes a bit of getting used too but I'll look after you, was she flirting with Ukiyo.A few minutes later we arrived at the advanced science class room "well here you are" she said "have fun and maybe I'll see you later ok", "ok" I said "maybe I will".Then turning to her Ukiyo said "I'm sorry I know I should have asked earlier but do you know how to get to advanced ICT" seeming just a little shocked by this she said "well of course I do because that's where I was headed to in the first place" and smiling at him she said "well it looks like we are going to be seeing a lot more of each other" "looks like it" he said.Glancing at me said "oh yes when your finished class just go straight down this hallway and you'll come to the canteen" "that's were we'll meet you ok"."Ok" I said very reluctantly because I didn't really feel comfortable leaving Ukiyo with her.Smiling at him she said "well come on then handsome we don't want to be late now do we".He turned to me kissed me and then said "I'll see you later ok".As the two of them made their way down the hall I thought to myself that I was going to have to keep an eye on Rena because seemed just a little too flirtatious.
My first class was great it was really interesting and I even got talking to one of the other students who was in his second year on Uni.His name was Shugo and he was very with some of the things that I didn't really understand.When class ended I asked him if he wanted to come to the canteen with me and meet Ukiyo, "I'd love to" he said.So we made our way down the hall until we came to the canteen and when I opened the door I instantly saw Ukiyo and Rena sitting and laughing together, oh no I thought she had been with him for hours and had probably flirted with him the whole time.So walking over to where the sat I grabbed Ukiyo and kissed him passionately for what seemed like half an hour just to show her that there was no way she was getting her hands on my man."Oh hi" she said a little shocked at how impulsive the kiss had been Ukiyo asked me "so did you enjoy your first class"?"Yeah it was pretty fun" I said and just at that point I remembered about Shugo "oh god" I said "I almost forgot, this is Shugo", shaking his hand Ukiyo said "hey nice to meet you I'm Yuki boyfriend Ukiyo"."It's nice to meet you" said Shugo and barely even looking at him Rena practically whispered "hi my names Rena", "it's nice to meet you" he said.Then returning her gaze to Ukiyo she said "well then we'd better find out where you guys are going to be staying"."Come on" she said "I'll take you to the office to find out" so getting up I turned to Shugo and said "are you coming too"?"No sorry I can't I have things to do" he said "well ok then" I said "I'll see you in class tomorrow, "ok see you then" he said, we took of to the office and found out that we would be staying in the on campus rooms, I would be in room 35 and Ukiyo room 36."oh my isn't this great" Rena said with a huge smile on her face "I'm in room 37 so were all going to see lots of each other"."oh yeah that's great" I said, not really meaning it though, So she showed us too our rooms and then turned to us and said "well ok I'll let you get settled in and I'll see you both tomorrow ok" then turning to Ukiyo she said "anyway handsome I'll see you class tomorrow ok" "ok then see you then" he said.A little peeved with her I decided just to bite my lip and say "goodbye".She went into her own room and kissing Ukiyo I said "maybe when you get settled in you can come in and see me ok", "ok then" he said "I'll see you in a little while".

Hmm so this was my first day at university over, I made one new friend and met a girl who seemed far too flirtatious for her own good.So I wonder what tomorrow would bring me.

Chapter 2 - the walk

Since we didn't have any classes until the afternoon Ukiyo and I decided to get up early and go for a walk."Were should we go" I asked "there's a little forest at the back of the university, why don't we take a walk through it" he said.
"I don't know" I said "we might end up getting lost", he just laughed and said "of course we won't now come on lets go".When we got to the back of the university I was a little shocked to see exactly how big the forest was, Ukiyo had told me that it was small but the forest that I saw before me was huge and looked incredibly easy to get lost in.Turning to him I said "um Ukiyo maybe we should go back we'll just get lost in there" laughing again he said "we'll be alright we'll just go in a little", so I decided to trust him and hand in hand we walked into the forest.
Once I entered the forest I was amazed, on the outside it looked gloomy and dark but on the inside it was beautiful and the wonderful Variety of plants we could see and the animals we could hear just added to its beauty and wonder.After a few minutes of walking we heard what sounded like running water so we decided to follow the sounds and a few minutes later we came to a stream and decided to sit beside it and rest for a while.Turning to face Ukiyo I kissed him and said "this is so romantic thank you for bringing me here I love you so much" "I love you too" he said with a smile on his face.We sat beside the stream for another ten minutes and then we decided to head back to the university but after we left the stream I realised that I had absolutely no idea where we were or how to get back turning to Ukiyo I asked him "you do know how to get back right?"Looking a little bewildered he turned to me and said "actually I haven't got a clue" "but I guess we'd better try and make our way back cause I think class starts soon.
So we tried to make our way back but after about twenty minutes of walking it was clear to both of us that we were lost and that we had no choice but to shout for help and hope that someone would hear us, so after about five minutes of calling for help we heard voices calling our names so ran in their direction and a few minutes later we ran into Rena and Shugo.It turned out that the teachers had sent them to look for us because we had missed class and no one had seen us all morning "what were the two of you doing out here don't you realise what time it is" shouted Shugo, "yeah" shouted Rena "the teachers are really pissed off at you guys and they want to talk to the both of you tomorrow.
When we finally got out of the forest it was pitch black I couldn't believe that we had been in there for so long, but I guess there was no point dwelling on it the only I could do now was to go back to my room and try and get as much sleep as I could before I got my lecture from my teacher.


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