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Man in the Mirror

Short story By: raindown

A young lady is mesmerized by a mirror she finds at an estate sale...she gets more than she bargained for.

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Part 1.

The Man in the Mirror

Sarah pulled up beside the two-story house and double-checked the address she'd written down next to 'estate sale' with an underlined'lots of furniture' next to it."Yep, this is it." She said to herself. She put the car in park and grabbed her purse slinging it over her shoulder as she exited her car.

Her mother had called informing her of the huge estate sale she'd found in the paper that morning and told her she might be able to get a bargain on some furniture to finally fill up her 'barren' house with.She'd only been in the house for two weeks and her mother had been hounding her to make it look like some one lived there.

She walked up the driveway and read a sign hanging on an ivy-lined fence that said "Estate Sale in house" with an arrow pointing to the side entrance. She followed a short path to the side entrance and poked her head in the heavy door there. A few older woman milled about considering nicknack's and folded linens. She pushed the door open the rest of the way and entered, not sure why she felt hesitation pulling at her like a warning.

After looking over many beautiful oak and birds eye china cabinets and tables, she decided she probably wasn't going to be filling up her house just yet. As much as she admired them, the furniture was just too grand for her modest sized two bedroom. Then she thought of her mother and the next weeks coming 'inspection' as she was beginning to think of their visits and sighed.

She looked again at a solid walnut table with a sign that had $260 penned on it in Sharpie and pulled out the money. A young girl with a twist and flip flops smiled at her and took down the sign.

The girl looked down at the three hundred dollars Sarah handed her and said "Oh, I'll have to get you change. I'll be right back, okay?"

"Okay."Said Sarah smiling and folding her hands.

As the girl went somewhere off into the huge museum of a house to retrieve her change, Sarah looked around.Pictures of all sizes and shapes lined the walls.Looking closely she saw they were all old photo's of men, woman and children from eras long past.Their blank stares looked back at her sightlessly and a strange sensation of being watched came over her making the hair stand up on the back of her neck.She looked away from them and glanced down one of many hallways leading off from the room.

A sudden flash of sunlight from a room off the hall closest to her caught her eye and curiosity overcame her.The estate sale was through out the whole house so she didn't see any harm in taking a peek.She didn't know why but a strange peace seeped into her as she wandered the hall toward the room from whence came the golden glow…

She'd been drawn to that shimmering light. 'Like a moth to the flame' She'd tell her husband a month later, on their wedding night.

As she entered the room she saw the mirror.

Sun poured in from the large windows creating large shafts of dust-speckled light, which bounced of the mirror and danced all around the room.She could tell the mirror was an antique.Its frame was thick and gilded beautifully. She estimated it to be about four feet wide, three feet in length.It would fit perfectly in her room beside her bed.The glass itself was beveled and of high quality.

Something in the way the light played upon its surface was mesmerizing and she felt an overwhelming urge to touch it, stepping closer she stopped upon seeing her reflection in it.

She hadn't bothered to put her hair up that morning and it hung all around her shoulders in shiny dark waves. Her eyes large and darker than her hair stood out from her pale shapely face like beacons to her sole.

Suddenly her lips were very dry and her heart started to beat a little stronger. The air in the room seemed to undulate and become alive pulsing with each beat of her heart. The tiny motes in the sun shafts seemed to still.

Looking into her own eyes wide with the anticipation of something un-namable, she watched her pupils dilate. Later it would occur to her that what she should have done was get out of the stuffy old house and truck it, but time and reality seemed to have taken on a molasses quality.

All she could think of was that her lips felt parched uncomfortably now. She looked down to reach into her purse for her gloss. Finding it she looked back up into the mirror to apply it and she gave a start, sucking in her breath with a soft gasp.

Behind her in the mirror stood a man. She hadn't heard him enter the room at all. He smiled charmingly at her in the mirror and she quickly turned to face him,

but no one was there.


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