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Man in the Mirror: Part Four

Short story By: raindown

A young lady is mesmerized by a mirror she finds at an estate sale...she gets more than she bargained for...

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Part 4.

Man in the Mirror

Heat filled her lungs and burned her throat. It was hard to breath. She rose from her bed and stumbled to the nearest window, opening it. Immediately the cold night air offered relief from the tormenting heat. She fanned at herself and moved on opening another window in her kitchen as she passed through to the living room where she felt for the thermostat needle and realized it was off. She checked again in disbelief, but the heater was indeed off. A little disoriented she wondered if she had left the oven on. She didn't think so but she checked anyways, all of the burners where off as well as the oven.Sarah wanted to jump into a swimming pool. She settled for a glass of ice water. Opening the freezer she stuck her head in for a minute enjoying the borderline painful cold. Okay. It was beginning to cool off in the house. She shut the freezer door and went back to bed with her ice water.

Sitting up in bed she sipped and lay back with her eyes closed as a gentle breeze slipped in her window sliding along her skin as she started to drift off once more. The mirror popped into her mind and she jerked awake, opening her eyes to stare at it silently. Soft light from the bathroom bounced off its surface reflecting in her eye, the heat had to have come from somewhere…why would it come from the mirror, what would it mean? Did it have anything to do with this heat that had been steadily rising in her?

An urge to be close to the mirror came over her suddenly, and was so strong she didn't think to hesitate. She had to touch it, feel it against her skin; know that he was near. Her features where shadowed and dark in the mirror, her hair tussled and loose about her face. Wanting was written all over her and she hoped he saw it as clear as she did. She only slightly hesitated as she brought her full lips to press against the surface of the mirror.

She felt him before she saw him. He had entered her through the mirror. His desire rose in her throat like a moan, his breath filled her lungs and his arousal near causing her to orgasm as she felt him inside her. Then his soul separated from hers making her gasp as he took physical form out of thin air, he was pressed up close behind her. She saw his reflection in the mirror and watched as his hands caressed up her stomach and he smiled at her. Looking down at his hands upon her stomach she knew, felt, that he was indeed, very real.

She watched as one slid up wards and caressed her breast firmly possessively and let herself lean back into his chest. His jacket was gone this time and all he wore was a white tee that hugged his chest. He saw that she was weighing him and smiled once again, pulling her hair away from her neck. As much as she wanted to she couldn't take her eyes off the mirror. She watched him and looked into his eyes as he lowered his lips to her shoulder teasing the curve of it with their first kiss. His kissing traveled up, to the curve of her neck under her jaw and behind her ear and his gaze never strayed from hers in the mirror.

"Hello." He whispered against her ear.

"Hello." She whispered back, at a loss for words.

She watched helplessly as his eyes closed and he breathed in her scent. She started to turn but his arm stayed her body in place. Her breathing became shallow as she looked to his face beside hers. He shook his head, nodding towards the mirror. A little confused she complied and was startled to see not their reflections, but his and another woman's.

Sarah felt his arm tighten around her waist and knew this was his silent way of assuring her she was safe. So she watched on as he held her.

It was obvious the setting and the woman were of another century, another time. She wore the dress of a gypsy and held herself proudly as he inspected her wares in the back of a wagon. The way their words transmitted into Sarah's mind was like the echoing of a radio gritty with static and she found it surreal next to the clarity of the images flashing at her from the mirror.

He was dressed for another century as well, his hair was a little longer and his white shirt was billowing in a light breeze, he was still hansom she thought to herself smiling.

He held out a small satchel to the woman pointing to something that lay apart from the other wares, something out of Sarah's view. The woman shook her head, refusing the offering with upheld hands…"No, no sale, the mirror is not for sale. It is cursed and waits to be destroyed."

"I don't believe in curses." He replied to the woman. "Why must it be destroyed?" Sarah read desire in the man's eyes, the same desire she had seen reflected in her eyes from the mirror. He wanted it bad.

"The mirror, consumes the souls of men. It is dark for them always…sometimes they return to us, but they are damned for eternity. Damned to hunt in the darkness of the night, seeking the satisfaction of blood, the blood of man. It must be destroyed!" She ranted at him vehemently slicing one ringed hand through the air in finality.

"Why hasn't the mirror been destroyed by your people by now if they believe this to be so?" He questioned the woman doubtfully.

"It cannot be destroyed, we have tried. The strongest of our men have struck it blows that have broken their swords, their axes. Fire does not scorch its surface. The mirror is powerful. It does not want to be destroyed. It causes tragedy to those who would seek to harm it. My people are afraid of it." She admitted, spitting on the ground to emphasize her despising of it.

"I will take the mirror away for your people, if you will let me. I will make sure it never harms your people again, or any other. I promise." He said offering his hand to the woman who took it grasping it tightly.

"If you speak words that are untrue may you be cursed for five hundred years, you will be damned! But, if you do this thing you promise for my people you will receive the gratitude and the debt of my people forever, we never forget a debt. I don't know if this is wise." She said shaking her dark head and looking around to see if they had been overheard.

"It's a deal then." He said and handed the woman the satchel, this time she accepted it stuffing it quickly under her garments and gesturing him to hurry. He didn't hesitate, lifting the heavy mirror from its shadowed place in the back of her wagon. Sarah's eyes widened as she watched, it was the mirror. The very mirror she watched them from now. So it was true. Vic's stories about the mirror had been true.

As if controlled by a hidden remote, the scene in the mirror went black. Power off. For a moment Sarah thought it was over. Then the mirrors surface came back to life with a vengeance. Images flashed across the scene like a slide show on fast forward.

She saw the man asleep in his bed, the mirror mounted above it. A woman coming out of the mirror…on top of him…having sex with him…biting him…him lying in bed in the daytime as if ill…him dying…and then him waking to the night with hunger and sickness in his eyes…him taking the blood of a man who lay in a prison cell…the blood of a woman who gave her baby to a strange man for some money to buy alcohol…the blood of a man coming out of a dark alley having just raped a woman…he was a vampire.

Sarah felt icy fingers of fear streak across her stomach where his hand lay. 'No.' She thought becoming rigid in his embrace, but he held her steady in his embrace and put his face next to hers willing her to still and watch on. She relaxed and opened her mind to the possibility that he'd done the best he could, to survive. She felt his closely shaven cheek next to hers seeking acceptance and waiting for her to decide. The mirror flashed catching her attention.

His family watched him sleep away the daylight hours…she could see they loved him by the way they looked the other way from his strange new habits…catering to his needs and hiding his secrets from the rest of the world.

All of a sudden an image came to Sarah of the pictures in the house where she'd found the mirror. The sightless faces in the pictures, these were those people. The house was his. She didn't have much time to reflect on this new discovery.

The faces of his family members aged and disappeared from the scenes one by one, while he remained the same. Then she saw him in the house where she'd found the mirror…his home. He was in the attic…a girl bringing him something in a case, vials of blood, her face was hidden in the shadows of the attic…she hadn't been allowed to see him…the man hiding day after day in solitude…waiting for something more than the blood, never aging. Then she saw herself looking into the mirror, into her own reflection. She was at the estate sale. She watched as he appeared behind her and saw the surprise on her face in the mirror at the estate sale. Then the screen went blank.

She quickly deduced that he was in fact Vic's great uncle, when Vic thought him only her uncle…then he had hired her to settle the estate because he could not. Things were coming together now in her mind, but why would he have risked the mirrors release into another's hands?

"I wanted you from the moment I saw you in the mirror." He said tightening his hold on her and pressing himself up against her in an unmistakable way from behind her. "I had to have you. I called my niece from my cell after seeing you in it, and told her to sell the mirror to anyone who was interested, but I had only you in mind. You obviously were very interested, yes? If the wrong person had taken a shine to it, I would have made sure that they changed their mind very quickly. The mirror would not have fallen into the wrong hands." She knew what he meant and shivered at the thought of him deciding to show his darker side, he had hunted her.

One more image flashed across the screen before it went black for the last time.

She saw herself driving home from the sale with the mirror in the back…then the semi truck swerving into both lanes nearly missing many cars…her making that turn…then the flash of light that had caught her attention in the rearview and him appearing in the mirror distracting her from the road.

He'd saved her life, but she had already known that in her heart.

There was just too much information for Sarah to absorb all at once, the room began to tilt and Sarah felt her knees give out. A few moments later she woke to find herself safely in her own bed in the darkness of her own room the coolness of the night flowing in through her bedroom window causing a curtain to billow…had it been a dream?


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