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Bio-Chemical Love (REE11069266)

Short story By: REE11069266

This is about self-discovery. Hope you enjoy =]

Submitted:Nov 13, 2011    Reads: 49    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Staring through wet lashes, everything came into focus. She heard the sound of rushing water erupting from the shower once more, the impact it made on the bathtub. She only just caught sight of the steam rising through the glass that seemed to have formed over her eyes. Then everything fell away, the shower having been turned off, droplets of water sliding round every delicate curve, steam rose and swept as she pulled back the curtain with a slow deliberance that only came with the stupor that had taken her. She started to hum tunelessly, completely out of key as she pulled a rough towel over her naked body, eyes still glassy, face hard and expressionless. Her trained hands found things without the need of her motionless eyes, she turned off the light and walked out of the bathroom onto the carpeted landing. She stood there for a minute until she could only hear her own dead heartbeat and shallow breathing, then unsteadily made her way down the stairs. It was cold, almost as cold as the red poison that ran through her veins. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked through the dusky light.. Seeing protruding hips and the shadow they cast upon the inner sides of them, she saw visible collarbones, leading to slight shoulders that made her look weak, then a slim waist with coat hanger ribs making a definite impression as they cast shadows of their own. Her eyes trailed from her waist to her legs, feet, toes, arms, fingers, belly-button, neck and jawline until they finally settled around the pale flesh of her face. Slowly her eyes took in slightly jutting cheekbones, unsmiling lips that bridged up to her nose. Her brown eyes met their artificial twins in the mirror and a lock of brown hair fell infront of her face. She turned and brushed it out of her vision, feeling the wetness of it on her hand.

Would It always be this way? She asked herself. Would she always see herself as a bundle of harsh chemicals? Heart like ice and eyes like steel. The air smelt like sulfur. She walked over to the kitchen counter and took up a cup from the draining board, setting it up the right way, she flicked the kettle on and then measured out the right amount of coffee hesitating a moment as her cold metal detectors searched for the sugar. Finding it, she measured out three teaspoonfuls. The kettle steamed and clicked, she poured out an adequate amount of boiling water into the mixture in the cup and stirred, finally, picking it up and taking it over to the couch. She sat down on the cool leather and brought the rim of the cup to her lips, warming them; at this she heard a key turn in the lock, Here he comes she thought I've missed him all week.

The light switch flicked and a dull sepia light filled the small room. He froze, staring at her, then he was suddenly engrossed. He took the room in two strides, picked her up, her arms around his strong shoulders, her lips forming a smile against his boiling skin. She answered her own question then. No, because fire melts ice, and heat radiates from metal.

'I love you' She whispered, as she gripped him tighter and the freshwater droplets only found in glacial formations spilled from her eyes.


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