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a woman waits hopelessly for her husband. What happened ?

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Pain is

The smoke of her cigarette filled the room till asphyxia but she didn't even blink. In her long mermaid like dress, Anna kept smoking. Her eyes fixed at the fire in the chimney. Her long red locks gathered around her face made her look like a Greek goddess. She sat in the arm chair, smoking one of many cigarettes. She didn't cry. But she knew he wouldn't come. It was half past one but she was still waiting and hoping. Hoping she could save her marriage. These last few weeks seemed to have been the best they had ever lived. She loved him. He loved her. And their love, marriage everything, had seemed perfect. But she realised now that it was all illusions. Beautiful but stupid. She was no more a teenager. She couldn't love the same way she used to: passionately, carelessly and hopelessly. She was older and wiser. Or at least she thought she was till the moment she realised Tom wasn't going to come. This dinner was their last chance to save their marriage but he wasn't here. Anna pushed the chair and put on her favourite song. It seemed appropriate and she had a need of letting it all out. For once, she wasn't going to be the queen of ice. The mask fell and her poker face went down the drain. In her red dress, Anna fell on the carpet near the fireplace and the tears wouldn't stop flowing. He wasn't coming but she had given her all. Alex Hepburn's voice brought despair and comfort to Anna. Her rocky voice saying : "I don't need this love this when hurts so much ... pain is losing hope ... pain is just a part of me feeling helpless inside" soothed the heartbroken woman and enraged her at the same time . Her cries filled her tears and nothing could stop the hurricane. The hurricane inside of her, the one storming on her face and the one outside. The wind blew hard. The windows looked like they would burst into a thousand pieces in anytime. The rain and the lightening went together like a pair of lovers. And there she was in the middle of her living room, poor creature, crying her eyes out because he wasn't here. He had left her forever. The body he used to touch kept shaking and finally became immobile. She felt paralysed lying on the floor. Her tears kept flowing but her cries had stopped: she had lost her voice. The sound of Banging doors came closer and closer. When the door was finally reached, a group of panicked young men entered the room.

"Madam, they cried, Madam, madam you must come. Something terrible has happened!

- Yes it's about your husband , a young blond at the door mumbled,

No one moved to come to Anna. They were all paralysed in fear to announce the news.

- Anna, Tom ... is... is. , a bearded man tried to say, he...he...is...

- Dead. I know, Anna interrupted, He is dead and gone.

The young lady gained back her mobility. She got up, her head high; she looked at the young men sternly. She had stopped crying and her eyes seemed fiercer than any wild animal. Her lips were bloody. She picked up a cigarette and smoked whiles the song "Pain is" kept playing. No one moved. Death seemed to have filled the room. Its smell was present and its song seemed to be playing. After finishing her cigarette, Anna's eyes got bigger and redder. Her body changed progressively into something inhumane. It became as soft as silk and a tail and wings flung out of her back. The young men at the door screamed shocked at this fast transformation. They didn't wait to be asked, they ran out of the room as fast as they could. Anna was no more Anna. She had become a terrifying beast. At the death of Tom nothing linked her to humanity anymore. Out of a sort of beastly madness, she flew out of the room bursting the windows in a thousand pieces. As she flew away, Anna left behind her her humanity, herself and her love.


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