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Being with you part one.

Short story By: Samanthajensen12

Being in the school hallway with the my green eyed cutie

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This is my first story and my first time showing my writing and even trying to write so plz be nice! Lol this story will take a couple spins so I hope you like it

I've always enjoyed walking the halls while class is in session. It's always quite and no one around. While I walk from mrs.rs class and trun down the corner I run in to him,mike. I've seen him around we are always flirting with are eyes but we have never talked and now I run straight into him. He's so cute to me, green eyes, brown hair, a lot taller than me. When I run in to him he sees tht in blushing . "Oh gezz I'm really sorry about that" he say looking into my eyes. "It's ok." I smile at him looking away."I wasn't paying attention." I say. We stand there for wat seems like hours , say not a word, and then he breaks the silence. "So, I've seen you around a lot, and I really think you are beautiful and I would love to take you out" I knew he was nervous by the way he was acting, and I loved it. I thought it was the cuttest thing ever. I was blushing by now and I think he could sense I was nervous too. "I would love that." I smile at him, the biggest smile possible. He smiles to,he's no longer nervous but now happy and excited, and so was I! "Great. Give me your number and I'll txt about a day we can hang out together." together. him saying together made me have butterfly's in my stomuch, it made me hope that maybe this could work. I gave him my number, and he gave me him.all we need was smile at each other. "Well ill txt you wen I get to class. I need to get back befor mrs.r doesn't take my pass." I said kind of upset we could stay in this empty hallway,where only me and him seem to exists. "Yeah your right. I have to get a pass still. I'll walk you to your class then go her my pass, and don't worry about txting me in class I don't want you to get caught." This is the reason I think he will be the best thing that ever happend to me. Hopefully. I can see how respectful he , and that's something I really need in my life right now. As I think to my self, as this kind and wonderful person walks me to class, I really hope this relationship works and this year will be great, because I really need it. "Ok if you say so. I'm so glad you such a nice guy." I say to him as we walk down the hall I truns head to see him smileing to himself. Has anyone ever told him he's a nice guy? Is werid for me to tell him that already? "I mean that your not a jerk like most guys" I try to laugh it off."yeah I get what you mean, and belive me, I would never be a jerk to you. Your to spacial for that, I think us being together will be a great thing." As mike says that to me all I can think of is all my worrying is gone. Maybe he is the great guy my friends have te me about.

As we reach my class we look in to each other's eyes and smile." If I had a fun time with you walking through the halls with you are first date will be great! I think your amazing, and I canny wait to be with such a wonderful amazing person like you" as he is saying this, I get lost in his eyes. His beatiful green eyes, that I could stare into all day as the world changes around me. This person, in my eyes, is perfect. All I can do while he talks is blush and smile at his words of beaty. "I'm excited for are date. It will be really fun. Well I better get Into class, thank you for walking me" I smile at him as he smiles at me. We don't want to leave each other. It's like there's a cord with such a strong connection it can't be broken, but it must.(I have a test to get too.lol) right as I start to walk away, mike grabs my hand and pulls me to him, giving me the most wonderful hug I've ever had, and giving me a kiss in the cheek. I blush and look in to his eyes ,smile, and have him Kiss on the cheek back.it may sound stupid but I thought it was so wonderful."I'll talk to you after school." He said with a smile and I jst smile back with my cheeks redder than roses, and went to my class.


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