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Jennie the best friend has a dream come true and I get excited for my date with mike

Ps:this is all made up lol

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When I got home from school that day, I waited for mike to call or txt me. I was excited for it! Just wen I was thinking he wasn't going to txt me, I hear my phone bing. And I'll I can hope for is that it's mike!!

Mike:hey. Sorry I would have TXTeD sooner but I got busy with work.

me:oh hey! No it's ok I was busy too. So wyd?

Mike:nothing really. Jst thinking of you and what/when are date should be. Wyd?

me:I was thinking of that too. I'm excited to sped my time with u. Maybe we cod do something this firday?

Mike: yeah! That works for me. What do you want to do? A movie? Get food?

Me: idrc. Jst as long as I'm with you. ;) you should surprise me! If you want lol

mike: maybe I will... Maybe I won't you will jst have to wait. Lol but with is be really fun and I want to spend as much time. With you as I can

me: lol well I will see what happens. And we will! You and me will be together forever!

Mike : this is why we ate perfect for each other.

me: well I wish I could stay and talk but my mom is calling me for dinner :( I'll txt you befor I go to bed. Byee

mike : ok sweetheart I will wait for your txt. Lol byee

As I put my phone done to leave, I smiled but at the same time thinking this is too good to be true.

It's Thursday night and I don't have school 2morrow so my mom let me spend the night at my bestfriends house,Jennie. I love her! She is like my sister and we do and try everything together! We've been friends since 3rd grade. Jennie is short like me,fair skinn ,slim,grey eyes, light brown hair that's long, so long it goes down to her butt. She has a c-cup bar and is so pretty! We are so close, it's hard to explain. When I got to Jennies house she came out side to great me( her mom thinks it's wrong to give each other a peck on the lips when we meet each other, so she meets me out side). "Hey babe! Get over here!! I've missed you so much!" Jennie said as she huged me and gave me a kiss. Jennie's wS sent to a private school and she stays with her dad durring the week to get to school and the weekends are the only time we can ever see each other in person anymore. "I know I missed your sexy ass sleeping over all the time! " I said to Jennie, smileing with joy from seeing her. I hug her and kiss her back and grab her butt. "Oh ! Your fiesty today!" Laughing "I like it" as she winks at me. I have yet to tell her about mike. I know she will have a problem with him, she has a problem with all the guys I try to be with.when Jennie and I were in the 10th grade we had a relationship, kind of fuck buddies but we had deep feeling for each other to, we thought since she was leavening, we would only act on feelings wen she was in town, if were in the mood. I was always in the mood for her when she wore he short Minnie skirt and tank top with a push up bar, she did it just me, I know that because she told me. I also knew she was always in the mood for me to, when we are in her room she always try rub my pussy or kiss my nec, how can I say no?

When we got in her room, she asked if I was in the mood, I had to stop her and tell her the news."Jen ,mike asked me to be with him and I said yes. I wanted to wait to tell you, but I really think this can work." Jennie was grining " you know how I feel about those boys that try to date you. I am the only one good enough for you babe, and I know what you like, jst be with me." As she is saying this to me she is kissing my neck and rubbing my breast I start to get wet I can feel it. She always gets me wet. "Jen can we talk about this later? I'm really in the mood for you" I say as I put my hand up her shirt. And she jst nods at me. As she takes off my shirt and in hooks my bar "I've missed this breast, I've missed you, I've missed your tast." She whispers in my ear. I moan as she sucks on my nipples and nibbles on them. I pull if her shirt she's not wear a bra and I get straight to work sucking her nipples as hard as I can and I feel her tese up and moan. I slid my toung down her , jst as we started to pleasure each other, her dad(I call him papa Carl) walks in on us. We stop right away! "Omg!"papa Carl says as he looks away. "Sorry!! I didn't know you were here, I..I ...nvr mind" he says as he walks way fast closeing the door behind him. He nvr really knew his feelings about Jennie be intrested in girls. He knew no Matter what, he would love his daughter, but does he accept it? As he walked out of the room we put are close back on. As he shuts the door, we start to laugh with each other. "Omg! This should be a great dinner tonight!" Jennie said laughing "hey dad see anything new today?" All I can do is laugh, but feel uncomfortable at the same time. Papa Carl was like my dad, now when he seese all he can see is me naked going down in his real daughter.

When we walk out of her room she looks at her dad starring at her, and he looks away real fast! We can tell he still rembers wat he saw. Jennie and he dad had a werid relationship. They could talk to each other about sex and all that stuff, but I always felt Jennie nvr told me something, that she has the Hotts for her dad.i know gross but I still love her no matter what. As we walked past her dad she was behind me, she hugged me from behind and started to rub my tits and then whisperd in my ear. "I think my dad has a hard on. When you leave my fantise might come true." She said with a big smile. I could see out the Conor of my eye that he was looking.was this really going to happen? Jennie if you couldn't tell is kind of a slut and Jennie is adopted but they treat her as a real daughter."Jennie you better hope your mom doesn't find out about this! She will send you to live in the snow in Alaska!" I said in a whisper ,laughing. As I walk to get something to drink in her kitchen and I can hear here talking to her dad. "Daddy, you dong have to act werid about what you saw. If you want u can make you feel better." I can't hear her anymore bcuz she's whispering in his ear. I can see her now sitting on his lap rubing his chest and putting her down further and further. U don't want to ruin her fun so I say I have to leave. She gives me a big kiss goodbye making sure her dad is watching then closes the door. I know I will hear about everything in full detail tomorrow.

when I got home, my mom said mine had called me. When she said that I couldn't help but feel guilty that I'm trying hVe a new relationship and I'm off going down in my bestfriend. But I block that out and call him "hi mike! My mom told me you called? Sorry I was at Jennie's house" I said when he answerd the phone. "Hey, thts ok and I was calling to ask if you wanted to go on a date 2night since there isn't any school, but your mom said you were spending the night, what happend?" I thought It was sweet oh he was intrested in simply stuff like that. "Yeah that would be good, and her and her dad need some farther daughter bonding time" I started to laugh but he didn't understand why " sorry it's jst something between us. So do u want me to come to your house do u want to pick me up?" I said kind of nervous should I have asked that? "I'll pick you up" he said I think he could sense I was smiling "I'll see you around 6:30. Is that ok?" "Yeah that's perfect" I said excited to see him again.


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