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A Passage of Life

Short story By: Saroja

Tags: Romance, A, Passage, Of, Life

A Passage of Life is a simple romantic story, where the main character being a divorced woman, with a child undergoes certain difficulties, inspite gets succesful in career. Though she meets another man and falls in love with him, she chooses different.

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Bhavana stood in front of the window and stared into her garden at her plants that how well they were blooming, which she had planted the year when she decided to stay separate from her husband. Vipul had always been a good father to their son, but not a good husband.
Bhannu, I have to go to office early today as I have a meeting, shouted Vipul from the bedroom as he got ready to his work and Bhavana was yet preparing breakfast. This had been a routine, he would have never informed her about his day-to-day life plans and she ended up preparing everything for herself. Still she was a woman, who believed in 'arguments can spoil a relationship', she always did how he wanted.
Vipul was a marketing manager in an established company and Bhavana was always interested in fashion designing. Since her childhood she was always interested in clothes and different ways of wearing them, different designs on them. But her parents were adamant to get her married and settle down, and she was married to Vipul before even she completed her graduation, though she completed her final year of graduation after her marriage, she could not really continue with building a career for herself in what she desired to become.
Bhavana was beautiful to look, when young, she always looked like an angel. She had a skin as white as it would turn red when exposed to a dim light, long and sharp nose and eyes which always talked volumes. She was 5'. 6" tall, though she always looked more taller with her slim and elegant personality.
Vipul was speechless with her beauty when he saw her for the first time, and had readily accepted her hand in marriage. Bhavana had also liked him and was happy to get married to him.
Though he never cared about what she really liked to do or what she was interested in, he made it clear that he did not wanted his wife work and he expected her to take care of his home after marriage. It hurted her that she might never be able to pursue any further interest in becoming a designer, she accepted with what was in her hands with love.
After few years they had a son, Kunal. Bhannu, please, I have a meeting. I would not be able to come to school's annual day. I shall send the car with the chauffeur, said Vipul to her. She nodded and decided that she would enjoy the annual day without him, as she cannot force him to join her and their son.
Later that day, she wanted to apply for a course in fashion designing, and the institute was near Vipul office, so she thought she can meet him for a while, if he was free when once after she finished her work. This was not the first time she went to his office, so she was familiar with people who worked with him as well with the way to his chamber.
She took permission with the security and went straight to his chamber, when she opened the door with a smile in her face, eager to talk about the course to her husband, she was shocked at the sight which betrayed her eyes. Vipul and his female secretary stood in an odd embrace, which made no doubt about the relationship they had. She could not stay there even for a second and rushed out immediately, and went home straight. Vipul rushed behind her to explain, but when he saw all his colleagues looking towards them, he did not attempt to go behind Bhavana and take a risk of any kind of scene and humiliation in front of all, so he just went inside, behaving as if nothing had happened.
Bhavana washed her face, freshen up and prepared some snacks, as it was time for her son to return back from school. As soon as Kunal came, she made him eat, and later when he went out to play, she sat thinking. Finally she came up with a decision that she no longer wanted to stay married to her husband.
It was around 10:30 pm in the night when Vipul returned home, and Bhavana waited for him.
Hi, have you not slept yet, I thought you would be sound asleep by now, said he pretending as if nothing happened that day….
Bhavana starred at him for a second, thinking how can he be so calm She wiped the single tear trying to come out of her eye, she did not want to cry in front of him and make a show of vulnerability.
Vipul, we really have to talk. Iam not sure, if you really do realize about what happened today, but I have come to a decision about it.
Vipul, panicked as what she might say and started stuttering, look Bhavana, I really din't mean to hurt you, but I don't know when all these happened and how I really gave up myself to such things. But you are my wife and I really love you.
So, are you telling me that you are going to change and will give up on that lady at your work place.
Vipul did not meet her eyes, nor he answered anything to her.
Ha, it's amazing that you want your wife as well as mistress with you. Its not a possible thing for me Vipul. I do not wish to be in your way when you really do not have enough love for me, and if you love the other woman. All I want is a divorce and financial security to my son until Iam able to give it myself. She was not bothered about herself, as she had saved money since the time she was matured enough to take her own decisions and had not spent it till day, thinking it can be useful for her in times of difficulties. She thought it over to spend it for her course and to rent a small house.
Vipul, though knew that she is going to fight, but he never expected that she would ask for a divorce. He always thought her to be simple, innocent and a dutiful wife, who knows nothing much about the outside world other than her home, kid and husband.
What are you talking Bhavana. It cannot happen. I cannot give a divorce to you. You are my wife, and we are supposed to live together. What would people think. What will you do without me, and how can you bring Kunal by yourself. It's not possible. I cannot do that. It will spoil my image in the society.
Bhavana thought, dint his image get spoiled when he went around with his mistress, though she did not say anything to him. She was too tired to talk anything.
I really don't know what Iam going to do, but one thing is sure that I cannot stay your wife any longer Vipul. You cheated on me, you betrayed our promises, love, trust and the relationship we shared. Iam going back to my parents in the morning, and I want you to talk to your lawyer and get the papers ready. It will be really helpful if you can send the papers to my parents place, telling so Bhavana went straight into her room and closed the door behind him.
It was not easy for Bhavana when she moved out of the house and stayed alone and bringing up a son, though she fought for it and tried in all the ways to keep her son happy.
Bhavana came back from her thoughts and got back to her day and finished all her chores. Iam going to drop you at school gate, but I might not be able to pick you today. You need to catch up your school's transportation or I can inform your friend mother to pick you, asked Bhavana, while they had their breakfast together.
As soon as Bhavana dropped her son at school, she rushed to her office.
Oh, God, I really don't know if I can make it in this chaotic traffic, thought Bhavana. She kept honking her car, as she grew nervous. She was suppose to produce her designs to a famous designer. When she looked at her said, a handsome man was staring at her with a smile.
You need to wait, we can't help this hectic traffic said he. She just smiled at him, nodding her head and looked front. When the traffic cleared, she drove as fast as she could and reached her office though late.
Nima, Iam so sorry, I got jammed up in the traffic again, has the designers arrived yet.
Well, they arrived few minutes before you, and they are waiting for us. You better make your things ready, and lets go.
Bhavana took her laptop, and checked with all the files of designs and presentations of her work.
Good Morning, everybody said Bhavana as she entered the conference room, she was taken back when she saw the man from the traffic that morning, sitting there along with others.
He smiled at her, with a pleasant smile that put her out of words.
Nima, her assistant introduced him as Shashanth, their designer, and said hello's and sat facing each other.
Later the meeting continued, and sashanth was overwhelmed with her designs and her ideas.
It's really a wonderful day today, and Iam really surprised to see such a hidden talent here in these designs. We will be really happy to work with you miss. Bhavana once you go through with the terms and conditions of our organization and ready to accept our offer, we can talk about the project further, said he
Bhavana was over joyed with her luck and she was really happy when she heard him. Everyone congratulated her as they all went out, and she noticed Shashanth was looking towards her and was approaching to talk to her.
Congratulations Miss.Bhavana, I think we are really lucky to have you work with us said he.
Thank you, and its really nice of you to give me this opportunity said she.
Since the time she got separated from her husband she never felt like any kind of an attraction towards any men, and she always thought she do not need a man in her life. She had thought her son would be the only man in her life. But when she looked at Shashanth she felt her heart tripped a beat, and there was a bedlam in her feelings and thoughts.
Later that day she went to her parent's house to share the good news with them.
Her mother Kousalya was shattered when she had heard about her daughter getting a divorce. Both mother and daughter had cried in each other arms for days and even months. It was very painful for Bhavana to see her parents suffer so much pain for her and she did not want to jeopardize their health in old age because her failure in marriage, though it was not her mistake. Hence she long back took a decision to stay separately in a different house, as she did not wanted to be a responsibility to her parents anymore, with that she also had a responsibility of her son.
Though, her parents feel better now looking their daughter prosper in her career and they were truly happy for her, still they were unhappy with what cruel luck played in her marital life. They never showed those feelings to her and always embraced her and her son with all the love, as much as they could give and supported her.
The next day, she started early to work and started to analyze her new projects. She was really excited with this new project.
While she was busy with work, she got a call on her cell phone,
"Hello, am I talking to Kunal's mother, said the voice from the other side"
Yes, this is Kunal mother talking, can I know who is this, asked Bhavana
Mrs.Bhavana, This is Kunal's school principal talking, you need to rush to the hospital, Kunal has been taken to hospital as he was injured by falling down while playing in the lunch break, though there is no reason to panic, and here is the details of the hospital.
Bhavana, rested the phone receiver as she noted the hospital address. She called Nima, told her that she need to go immediately and asked her to take care of her absence, and left.
While, she was near the door, Shashanth came in and was shocked to see her running in such a hurry…
Bhavana, he shouted and went behind her. What happened miss Bhavana, why are you running like this?
Oh.! Hi! Mr.Shashanth. Iam sorry I would not be able to attend today's meeting. I had a call from my son's school that he's been taken to the hospital as he got injured while playing.
Oh, that's really bad, do you need any help, I guess you look very shaky, I shall drive you to the hospital.
Oh, it's ok, thank you, but I shall manage, besides you have work to do.
Not a problem, I was only heading to home and thought that I can just come and have a talk with you regarding our new project, come-on I will take you to the hospital, its not safe for you to drive in this state of mind, and do not worry, nothing will happen.
Bhavana did not know what else to do and did not really had any other choice as she was too worried for her son, and agreed to go with him as both headed to his car.
After a while they reached to the hospital, she rushed to the receptionist counter.
Excuse me..!!! there was a school boy taken here for an accident in school, can you please tell me where is he.
The receptionist checked the details and said, 'yes, he is in operation theatre 2'
Bhavana got really panicked now when she heard that he is been taken to operation theatre, and could not find her balance.
Shashanth came behind her, and he hold her hands by comforting her, and lead her to the operation theatre.
When they reached, the doctor came out, and immediately Shashanth took charge and asked the doctor about the situation.
Doctor, we have come for the boy, and he is my colleague son here, can we please know how is he?
Doctor said, nothing much to worry, he got some minor injuries on his head due to the fall from the swing and his left hand is fractured, though that will be healed in a few months. The boy is unconscious because of the fear and panic by the fall. We have given few stitches and he is on sedatives. So try not to disturb him, I shall come and see him once he is shifted to ward.
Bhavana took a heavy breath and sighed a relief, when she heard that he is out of danger.
Both of them rushed inside to look at Kunal and she could not really hold back her tears and just stayed at his bedside. Since his birth, Kunal had always been careful and always had been very supportive and an understanding kid. She had never seen him in any small injury. After her divorce, Kunal had been her entire world. So this was something more painful to her to see him in a hospital bed unconscious.
Kunal was not awake, and after a while she realized that Shashanth is still waiting with her.
It was almost more than two hours they came to hospital.
Oh Shashanth! Iam really sorry, that I did not notice you stayed, please, its ok, I can manage here, you go home and take rest.
That's ok Bhavana, I will stay here with you, and you look more exhausted.
Bhavana was overwhelmed with his helpful nature, and felt it a bit embarrassing to stay with him there, so she requested him to go.
Shashanth agreed to go, but he requested her to give a call in case of any emergency.
Later that night, Kunal was shifted to a patient ward and Bhavana stayed with him awake all the time staring at him.
Meanwhile, Shashanth too had a sleepless night, he could not remove the thoughts of Bhavana out of his mind. His mind kept thinking about how good he felt holding her hands in his and how warm he had felt her than. He tried a lot not to think about her and thought that he should not think in such way about her, as she is a responsible single mother. But he could not get over of her attractive face which kept on coming into his mind.
Somewhere, in the midnight, Bhavana drifted into sleep at Kunal side.
The morning sunshine and pleasant fresh air came through the window waking her. She got up and looked at Kunal who was fast asleep still. She got up and freshed up, and later she looked into her cell phone she had five missed calls. One from Nima, one from her mother and three from Shashanth. She started to rethink about the previous day as how Shashanth took charge of everything and helped her.
Amma, amma, called Kunal from his bed, and she rushed to him.
Kunal, Iam here only, don't worry, how are you feeling my dear.
Oh..!! Iam ok, but I feel pain in my hand, Iam sorry mom, I was only trying to be careful and I don't know how I tripped.
That's ok my dear, you need not feel sorry, it happens and don't worry it will be fine soon.
While they were talking someone knocked at the door.
Bhavana opened the door, and saw Shashanth standing there in his usual dress with a blue jeans and casual T-shirt, which looked good on him making him look more handsome. Bhavana was surprised to see him there so early and let him in.
Hi, Iam sorry if Iam disturbing you this early, I tried calling you, but you did not respond. So I thought to check myself.
Oh…!! Yes, I saw just now and Iam really sorry, I felt so tired and I have no idea myself that when I drifted to sleep. I was about to give you a call, said she.
Kunal, this is Shashanth, our new project manager and my son Kunal said she turning to Shashanth.
Hi Kunal, so how are you feeling today
Iam ok, but still got pains all over.
That will take some time and eventually you will get fine. Be careful while playing next time, said Shashanth to Kunal.
Talking for a while Shashanth got up to leave and looked at Bhavana, and left his gaze there for a few minutes staring at her without realizing what he was doing. Bhavana started to feel very embarrassing wit his stare, and cleared her throat trying to wake him up with his day dreaming.
Shashanth realized what hi is doing, and immediately he said, Ok, I guess its time for me to leave, but Bhavana, call me if you need anything and please keep your phone alert or else every time I need to run, not that I mind, saying so he smiled at her and left the hospital.
After a while, the doctor visited and gave some instructions and left. After the doctor left, Bhavan's mother and father came to see Kunal.
Her mother, as usual a sensitive soft woman, could not hold back her tears, when she looked at Kunal, and burst out into tears. They stayed still noon and left, when Kunal drifted slowly to sleep.
Bhavana called Nima and gave some instructions regarding her work in her absence.
So Bhavana, how is your son now? Asked Nima
He is ok, though still in pain, but better compared to yesterday. You know Shashanth came with me to hospital and he stayed until later. He came today morning too to visit Kunal. He is such a caring person. It really helped me yesterday, I was so panicked that I did not know what to do. Said Bhavana
'Ya, I have seen him many times in meetings, staring at you, looks like he is totally smitten over you.
Oh, come-on Nima, nothing like that, he is just a good man, and there are only few people with a good heart these days said Bhavana to nima.
That is there, we hardly find such people, said Nima with a sudden silence.
Bhavana felt the silence from Nima, and thought she had something in her mind.
What is it Nima? Asked Bhavana
Bhavana, do not mind I am asking you this, but did you try to contact Kunal father about his accident or does he knows about the matter.
No,Nima,I have not called him since we are separated and have never spoken or seen him, moreover I heard from a mutual friend that he is out of country. I do not want to keep anything with him anymore. Said Bhavana in a sad tone.
'Ok, forget about that I asked and sorry for making you sad, I just felt maybe you have a chance to get back and have happy life again.
Sure Nima, Iam very happy now having Kunal with me and I need nothing else said Bhavana, and changed the topic to other things.
After a while, she finished her talk with Nima, and went out to grab something to eat.
By afternoon, when she was trying to read some newspaper, her cellphone rang and it was Shashanth.
She spoke to him briefly about Kunal first and later about the work.
After a week, Kunal was discharged from the hospital and was taken home. Shashanth knew about the discharge and hence he too joined them to help Bhavana.
When he entered Bhavana's home, he felt her house looked amazing and beautiful just like her. The windows had a beautiful colour drapes with a wall painting at the top. The whole house was neatly maintained. He was surprised to see, being a single mother and working woman, Bhavana had a great potential in multitasking and he respected her even more than before.
After, putting her son to rest in bed in his room, Bhavana returned back to the living room, where Shashanth was looking at a photograph.
Shashanth smiled at her when she came, and said, you look beautiful in this. It was a photo of she and Kunal taken the last summer, when they had been for a holiday.
Ya, many say that, though, I never felt anything different, said Bhavana.
Shashanth, do you like to have some tea, asked she.
Oh, no, do not trouble yourself, you should rest, you look worn out, I might be leaving, said he.
That's ok, now Iam home, I will feel better. The environment of hospital made me more tired, though I did not had anything much to do. And moreover most of the time you were there to help me. Iam really very thankful to you Shashanth, I don't know how can I repay your kindness.
Shashanth gave an attractive smile and said nothing to repay, as a friend it was my duty to help, and I have always admired you, for what you are Bhavana', you have got such a strength which I have not seen in any other woman I have met so far.
It was for the first time someone had ever said something like that to her, especially a good-looking man like Shashanth.
He left after talking for a while and with a cup of tea as Bhavana insisted.
That night, after dinner Kunal asked, 'mom, from when can I go to school, I feel so bored at home'
You need some rest Kunal, doctor said that you can start back to school from next week, after your check up this weekend, lets see what the doctor says.
Its better you read your schoolbooks and are upto date. I shall talk to your teacher and principal tomorrow and will get you all details
Kunal decided to call his friend and know things about what happening in school the next day, and went back to his room.
Bhavana, decided to clean dishes and check on her work for a while. By midnight she went to sleep.
'Oh my God!, will I ever be able to finish this work, so much is there to finish and so little time to do, thought Bhavana the next day when she reached her chamber in office.
Hi Bhavana, you look worried, what is the matter, asked nima as she breezed in with her usual charm.
How can this woman look so light and with ease all the time, thought Bhavana.
Oh, it's nothing, Iam just having a great time, looking at the work piled up here for a few days of my absence. Iam just wondering will I ever be able to complete them in time.
Don't worry about that I shall help you with that, said nima.
Bhavana, looked at her colleague, for a while wondering where did she meet such a wonderful friend, who always had a helping hand towards her. She went back thinking, how difficult she would have found when she joined to work in this company in the beginning, coping with home and work, being a single mother, nima had always been there to help her whenever she needed.
Hello…. Madam, down to earth, what are you staring at?
Oh, Iam sorry, I was only thinking how much thankful I am to God for giving me a friend like you.
Now, no need to getting soft on me, I shall help with this work, even without that, because I had no much work on my table, honey, said nima smiling at her.
But maybe you can do me a favor, winked nima at her.
And what is that, asked she
There is a party this weekend from our team and I want you to come. It's a long time, you took some time out yourself said nima.
Oh, nima, but I need to think, as Kunal just discharged from hospital, and I need to be there with him.
You can leave him with your mother for a while, and moreover he enjoys being with his grandparents in weekend, don't you always send him there in the weekend's to have some time with them. Do the same this time for your sake Bhavana. You need to think about yourself sometime.
Oh, what are you my mother now?
Ok, I shall think about it, but not that I am saying yes yet ok.
Nima gave a wicked smile, and just nodded.
Nima can really be very persistent sometimes and she always had a way to make Bhavana do things, but she always cared for her.
Shashanth called a few times, in that week casually to enquire about Kunal health and talked briefly about work and nothing more than that.
He started wondering about how to get more friendly with her and he wanted to get more close, he always thought about her, but was afraid at the same time, that she might take it in a wrong way, as there are men in this world who look at single mothers in different and dirty angles. He never thought of Bhavana in those ways and always respected her for what she is and how brave she had been, to bring a child by herself and stay alone in this country of India where people are still as rigid about the idea of women living on her own, though how much ever people be literate.
Days passed, and weekend came, Bhavana wondered does she want to go to the party. Well she would go at least for nima sake, she had been such dear friend and had asked as a favor to her.
Kunal, there is a party in my office and only elders are invited. So Iam thinking is it ok, for you to stay a while with grandma. I will come and pick you back as soon as I finish or if you want to, you can stay back for Sunday.
Hey, hurray!, will you allow me to play in the pond there with daa, than I will go.
Kunal knew well as how to play his mom.
Ok, but not for long, and you should wash yourself neatly as soon as you come back, else it can cause you infection, and careful with daa, these days he is getting old, do not fuss him too much and make him tired ok.
Kunal was overjoyed to stay with his grandparents as always. Before when he was young, her parents always took care of him when she has to work, and many times, her mother stayed with her too, to help initially, but as Kunal grew up, he got busy with schools and she with work, still she made it a point to go to them every weekend.
She took Kunal by afternoon, left him there and came back home, as she had some work to complete. It was evening and Nima had told that she would meet her near the office by 6:30pm, and from there both can go together.
Oh, no nima is going to kill me, its already 6:10 pm, I need to get ready soon.
She rushed, and dressed herself into a beautiful black and red prints saree, which looked gorgeous on her fair skin. She let her hair fall high in a ponytail revealing most of her beautiful neckline.
By 6:40 pm she was there near her office, met nima and both of them zoomed to the party. When they entered, Bhavana suddenly felt of an atmosphere change, and she realized that how much she wanted a change and needed to interact with people around her.
Time went by, she started to socialize and did not notice Shashanth enter the party.
Hi Bhavana, said he from her back.
She turned back, to see who it was, and was surprised to see Shashanth there.
Oh hi Shashanth. Sorry I did not guess you would be coming, I mean I thought it's only the staff.
Bhavana thought,' stupid, why am I stuttering like this!
Shashanth gave a smile, you look beautiful as usual.
Thank you, said Bhavana with a polite smile.
Shashanth, could not lift his eyes from her, and even Bhavana felt attracted towards him, they spent a long time together talking.
It was late, and Bhavana decided to leave, she said her goodbye to all, and nima's husband was supposed to pick her, so she left alone. Shashanth offered himself to walk her to the car. When they reached there, to her disappointment, one of her wheels was deflate.
She gasped, oh no, what shall I do, how did this happen.
Don't worry, I will drop you, anyhow even I was about to leave, offered Shashanth.
No, no that's ok, I shall catch a cab, I don't want to bother you.
No Bhavana, it's not safe for a gorgeous woman to go alone at this time of the night. You are not going alone and Iam going to drop you and no more arguments said Shashanth.
Bhavana, felt what he said was logical and agreed with him.
Shashanth called his chauffer and asked him to fix Bhavana's car and told him to get it to her house, and he will take his car and drop her.
They spoke casually on the way till her home and she did not realize when they reached. Suddenly she felt lonely looking towards her home and felt like she liked being in Shashanth's company. She almost turned to say bye to him, and met his staring eyes, and he kissed her. Bhavana wanted to protest, but she just gave in.
She pulled herself back after a few seconds, thinking what is she doing, and just said bye and left, closing the car door behind her without looking at him.
Getting inside, she just closed the main door and stood behind the door, thinking about what just happened.
She looked from window, Shashanth waited until she was safe inside, and turned back to return his way.
Oh god, what did I just do, why din't I protest, no its wrong, thought she.
She had plans to work that night, as Kunal was with grandparents, but she could not work.
All she kept thinking was about what happened between she and Shashanth.
She could not sleep properly too.
Next day morning, she had just risen from bed, and was making her coffee, the doorbell rang.
'Oh, I think it must be Shashanth driver to deliver my car', thought she and rushed to open the door.
When she opened the door, she was shocked to see, Shashanth standing there, looking like he had just got up from bed and came straight here.
Bhavana, casually said Hi, pretending as if nothing happened. And asked him to come in.
Bhavana, here is your keys, I brought your car.
Oh, thank you, but why did you strain yourself, you could have sent through your driver, said she keeping her back to him, avoiding to meet his eyes.
Why, you don't want to see me or talk to me, I am not welcome to your house asked he with pained look.
I did not mean in that way, I only said there was no need.
Bhavana, we have to talk.
Iam really sorry for what happened yesterday, I did not mean to hurt you or your feelings. I do not know how did that happen. But I thought it all night.
I have got feelings for you, and if you have no objection I want to marry you.
Bhavana was shocked to hear this, and felt her anger tipping her.
Its impossible Shashanth, its just an attraction what you feel and have you ever thought, that I was married once and divorced and I have a child.
Bhavana, I loved Kunal and I like to be his father I love kids and I always wanted a family of my own.
You still can have it, you are young, handsome, wealthy. You have all the good qualities in you, and you can get any one. Look for someone else, get married and have children with her and be happy.
If what you said is true, that I can get anyone, why not you asked he
Oh Shashanth you do not understand, it cannot happen, this is not America, this is India, it is not easy to marry again and live happily in this society and I don't want Kunal to feel any different.
Nothing is easy Bhavana, you stayed alone and that wasn't easy, was it
Bhavana thought about all the hurdles she faced when she made a separate house.
Iam only asking you to think it over, and we can work around it, take time to reveal as how it would work. Iam not rushing you into anything, I will wait for you my entire lifetime, but that will be a waste to spend a beautiful life without you in it. So think it over, said he
I shall leave now, you need your coffee, and I shall call you later. Let me know if there is any problem with the car. Bye said he and left.
Bhavana felt a dizzy feeling in her head and went into her kitchen to have her coffee. Suddenly she remembered she should call Kunal
She took her phone and called her mom
Hello!! Came a sweet voice from the other side.
Hi mom, how are things there, and what have you cooked for breakfast.
Oh hi Bhavana, We were just talking about you, how was your party yesterday, did you enjoy dear. I felt so happy, that you finally took some time for you dear said her mother.
Bhavana felt like pouring about everything to her mother, but her instinct said no, she should take a decision for herself.
She spoke to her mother for a while and than asked for Kunal
After a few seconds, Hi mom, how was the party asked Kunal.
It was good, how are you, are you enjoying there, you want me to come and pick you now.
Its great here mom, daa and me went to the pool and we played there for a long time and don't worry, I did not make him tired and daa says he will drop me back himself in the evening.
She spoke to her father for a while than and ended the call.
Bhavana's mind started to rewind about what all Shashanth said and started to wondering how it will be to have a husband again, a father for Kunal, a man to take responsibilities in the house and she can concentrate on the other woman responsibilities.
Well, all those things really looked nice, and Iam sure, Shashanth will be a good father too, but will Kunal accept him. Thought Bhavana.
That evening Bhavana spent time with her parents, when they came to drop Kunal back, as he was suppose to go to school next day.
Next day, the week started the same way, as always. Bhavana dropped Kunal to the school and went to her office.
Nima rushed in telling that they have a meeting immediately with a new client. By noon Shashanth called, and Bhavana tried to be calm and friendly.
Shashanth did not talk about any of the discussion they had the previous day and he just talk about work, and said he would call back later.
By Evening she reached home, she saw there were five missed calls in her answering machine, and she did not know the number of that caller. She just ignored thinking they might be some sales calls.
That night Shashanth came home surprisingly, while Bhavana was about to start cooking and Kunal was busy with his homework.
Hi Kunal, so how was your first day back at school, asked Shashanth while entering in. Bhavana was shocked to see him as he did not inform her about him coming.
Oh Hi! Shashanth uncle, school was good today, all my friends welcomed me today and it was nice, I enjoyed.
That's, good, you must catch on all the missing notes and portions.
Yes, I spoke to my teacher, and she told that she will help me and manish my friend will help me with the notes.
Good said Shashanth.
All that time, Bhavana kept staring at him. When Shashanth looked at her, she did not know how to react.
Hi Bhavana, I was on the way home and was thinking if is it ok for all of us go out to dinner tonight.
Kunal was overjoyed to go out and jumped immediately and he said, ' yes, mama, lets go, it's a long time'
Kunal, no, I am preparing food already.
If you have not yet started, than maybe you can stop and lets go, said Shashanth.
Kunal started forcing her, and finally she was forced to go with Kunal pleading looks.
Ok, only this night, but Kunal only if you promise to be in your best and finish your math homework after coming back.
Sure mom, I promise, said he already closing all his books.
Ok, I will be back in ten minutes, getting ready said she looking at Shashanth.
Bhavana, never took this much time to get ready, but she started wearing all her nice clothes and removed all back thinking its not good on her.
Why, am I even thinking to impress Shashanth, its not that I have feelings for him, Do I? Thought she.
After a whole of half an hour she came out, and was surprised to see, that Kunal was already ready and Shashanth was helping him with his math homework.
She just looked at both of them, that how easily both the men are chatting and her son being so comfortable with Shashanth.
Kunal, noticed her, and shouted at her, mom look, I also finished my math homework. Shashanth uncle is really a genius, you know the exercise sums you helped me to solve yesterday, I could not understand it at all, but uncle explained it very nicely, and it is so easy.
Bhavana felt a little pang of jealousy, but she was happy to see her son so excited. She felt her feelings towards Shashanth are increasing and she could not really help it.
They were about to leave and her phone rang. Bhavana wanted to ignore as they were already late, but the phone rang again, and she decided to check on it.
Hello…. Bhavana here, said she.
For a while there was no voice from the other end, though she felt there was someone, as she heard the sounds of heavy breath.
She said again Hello, who is this…..?
Again there was no voice….
Who is it mom, asked Kunal, come soon we are late.
Bhavana, felt cold suddenly, recognizing the person might be Kunal's father, but she ignored that it is not possible. He never tried to contact her in years and he doesn't even know where she is.
She just ended the call and joined Shashanth and Kunal.
What happened Bhavana, you look a bit pale, who was that?
Oh, nobody, it was some wrong number, said she.
Are you sure, because you don't look fine.
Nothing like that, Iam fine, lets go.
They went to a fine restaurant, and had a nice dinner, and while back they went to the Kunal's favourite mall.
All the while she forgot about the call, and the caller and also she felt very comfortable and protected in Shashanth's company.
They reached home by Kunal sleeping time, and he was already drowsing in her lap. She opened the doors and put him in bed and walked back to Shashanth.
He waited for her outside until she came.
She thought of inviting him in, but realized it was too late at night.
When she came out, he said, It had been wonderful night for me today Bhavana, and thank you for coming out for dinner.
It was nice for me too though more than me, Kunal enjoyed a lot. I should be thankful to you. I think I should take Kunal more out, he rarely goes as I hardly find time, but I know I should change some things around.
You will Bhavana, and don't worry, you are the best parent.
He just looked into her eyes, and Bhavana was worried a bit that he might kiss her again and if he does, she would not be able to hold her feelings this time.
Shashanth noticed her trembling, and he just said goodnight to her and left telling that he would see her in office the next day.
Bhavana, went inside, feeling too heavy. She had never felt this need, for a man to hold her. She wanted him to kiss her and she wanted him to hold her in her arms. She wanted him to erase all her worries and she wanted him to protect her from everything and from her loneliness. Not that she was lonely, she hardly had any time but the truth stayed the hard truth in her heart. She respected him for being as gentleman as he had said and she realized that she is falling in love with him too.
Oh, no, that shall not happen, ever. Am just being crazy, it could be just an infatuation. I should not spend so much time with him and try to avoid him, thought she and went to bed, though she could not sleep.
Next day, at work she tried hard to keep him at bay, but she could not do that how much ever she tried, and she could not help it, that she was falling in love with him and she wanted him in her life.
But, what about Kunal, her mind questioned her?
What, what about Kunal, of course, he will accept, but what if he did not like, I cannot force him. I need to talk to Kunal about this, before I take any decision. Its not only about what I need, its also about how Kunal feels, though she finally decided did she should have a talk with Kunal.
While cooking in the evening, her mind was racing as what to talk to Kunal and how to say…., by then the phone rang.
Till than, she had completely forgotten about the anonymous call the previous night, immediately she felt a jolt of fear.
There was a pause for a minute from the other end and she waited thinking who it might be, than,
Hi Bhavana, how are you, said the voice from the other end.
Bhavana, felt shocked to hear, and confirmed all her doubts, the previous night she felt.
Yes, Bhavana, I' am surprised and happy that you remember my voice still. I think you are wondering how did I get your number, right.
I saw you in TV the other day, and enquired about you in your company, and sorry I tricked them to give your number telling I wanted to talk to you about work.
Bhavana, had forgotten about the publicity of the latest show her designs are shown and the interview following it.
Oh, yes, that interview….
Looks like you are doing really good without me, you never really wanted me
Isn' t it.
Bhavana felt her anger rising, and asked in an angry tone, what do you want Vipul?
Don't get angry Bhavana, I had been abroad all these years and was back only last month. I really missed you Bhavana. I want to talk to you. Can we please meet tomorrow.
Tomorrow, Iam not free, and tell me what you want to talk Vipul, asked she.
Please Bhavana, I really have to talk, if you want, I shall come near your office or where ever you say, but I have to meet you.
Bhavana, took a long breath, and said OK, I will meet you near the café near my parents home tomorrow evening, and I cannot stay for long time.
Sure, I will not take much of your time, we will meet. And Bhavana, how is Kunal.
He is fine.
Ok, see you tomorrow, said he and there was a sound of click ending the call.
Bhavana kept the phone still in her hands shocked, and slowly kept the receiver.
She had never thought of him before and she did not wanted to think of the man who did not wanted her and went in the arms of other woman, and who really did not care for a family when he had a nice family.
Kunal came out of his room,
Mom, who was it in phone, did daa call, I wanted to talk to him.
No, it was not daa, some old friend, you can call daa later, before going to bed.
Ok, Iam hungry, shall we eat.
She decided, that this is not the time to talk about Shashanth to Kunal, as she thought she got bigger thing to worry about now. She wondered what might be the reason Vipul called now, after all these years.
The next day, Bhavana got ready as usual and left to work, but all the day her mind kept thinking that why did Vipul had called and what did he wanted from her now.
It was almost evening, and she left to meet Vipul, feeling very uneasy herself.
When she reached the café, ten minutes late, she saw Vipul already waiting for her there in the entrance.
She remembered back, Vipul was not a person who was always in time and he never ever cared. Once, they were suppose to meet after his work and he had asked her to come to the same café, but Vipul was 45min late, by then Bhavana had lost all the thrill in meeting him and going out. She had not felt bad that he was not on time, instead she had felt bad that he did not care to call and inform her that she would be waiting, if he were held up with any important work.
Now, when she looked at him, she was surprised to see him there in time.
As she reached near him, he gave her a hand with a smile and said 'Hi, Bhavana, how are you'.
Iam fine, how are you, asked she
Well, Iam getting better after seeing you, said he.
Oh, looks like you haven't changed with your charmed talk, Vipul.
But, she observed, Vipul had changed a lot in his looks, he looked more aged, and he has put down weight, and he did not look as happy as before.
By then the waiter came
What do you like to have Bhavana, shall I order your favorites, bhajji's.
Oh, no, I don't eat them anymore, I shall have a cup of coffee, that's enough.
Ok, Vipul looked at the waiter and ordered for two coffee.
So, tell me Bhavana, how are you really, and how is work, and how is my son doing.
Bhavana was shocked to hear those words from his mouth as 'my son', but she did not say anything, atleast right immediately.
What is the matter Vipul, tell me why you asked me to meet you.
The coffee had arrived by then, and Vipul took a sip of it to make his dry throat wet and then he started, until then she kept staring at him.
He said, all these years I was in abroad, and I have missed you and Kunal, badly Bhavana. I have realized how it is to be away from my family and I really cannot live without you and my son. I want you both back in my life. So Bhavana can you please come back to me and give my son and my wife back.
She was shocked hearing him. She did not expect him to ask this and now she dint know what to say.
How is that possible Vipul, we have separated long back and you yourself accepted for Kunal's complete custody to me as you said you do not have enough time to take care of him. Why do you want us back now.
I know, I only did say that, but Bhavana, I feel really empty without you both in it. You know when I look at others, like my colleagues being so happy with their kids and wifes, I feel jealous. When someone comes to me to tell about how well their child did in school or something, I miss Kunal. I have realized what mistake I did and please come back Bhavana.
So is this all about name and fame Vipul, you miss us because you want to show in front of others that what wonderful child and wife you have. You have not really changed Vipul, Iam sorry I cannot come back into your life again and risk the happiness of Kunal and me. Telling so Bhavana got up and left.
Vipul kept staring into the road where she passed thinking what did he do wrong this time and what did he say which made her react in that way.
That night, while she sat at her dining table and kept thinking about what happened in the day, Kunal came from her behind, mom, what's up, you are home early today..!!
When he came near, he saw a drop of tear in her eye and felt uneasy and waited for her to talk something.
Kunal, I need to talk to you something, and I want you to be truthful, because whatever you choose I will be happy for you, ok said she.
OK, mom what is it, why are you so upset.
She took a deep breath deciding she have to tell him, "today I met your father and he wants us back, you and me. What do you think Kunal. Do you want to go back to him?
He thought for a while, Iam not sure mom, whatever happened between you and dad, I don't know what was it about, but I know it made you very unhappy and I cannot see you unhappy like that again. All these days he was never there for me when I wanted a father and now I know I can do without him. So its your wish you want to go back. But I can do without him, Iam happy with you and as how we are here.
Bhavana felt good in her heart how matured her son has grown, and deep inside she took a decision that she would stay this way.
Next day morning she called Shashanth and said she wants to meet him, and decided to meet by evening.
Hi, what is the matter Bhavana, you look worried, is everything alright, asked Shashanth.
Yes, Iam ok, said she.
So what is it you wanted to talk to me.
Shashanth, before I say anything I want you to promise me that you will not get upset and leave in between.
This made shashanth a bit worried thinking what she might say, and he nodded to her.
I have come to a decision about our relationship. I really love you with all my heart and I know I have to be lucky to have a husband like you and Kunal a father like you. But getting into a relationship can spoil things for me as how Kunal and I are and I don't want to give confused signals to my son in this age. So I have decided to stay friends, and can you please be friends with me forever.
Shashanth was shocked to hear this and wanted to convince her somehow, but decided against it, thinking she is not ready yet for a relationship and he smiled at her and said, Bhavana I really wished I could have you for a wife, but if this is what you want, than I am happy to be as a friend to you than being nothing. But, I will tell you this, I will wait for you till doomsday to change your mind, and even if you did not change, I will not regret for it, I will be happy to have you beside me as a friend at least, rather than loose you completely. I hope I am allowed to meet Kunal once in a while.
OH!, Shashanth you are always welcome in my home anytime you want. She felt relieved after having this talk and hoping some day Shashanth might get some good looking woman suitable to him and get married.
After a while she went back home feeling happy and content, and joined her son in helping his homework.
The End


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