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So What If You Imagine Them - They're Still Real

Short story By: SavvyApple

Annabell is moving, moving along. As she passes the fields of wheat, the clear fields and valley of wheat, she pictures what she is leaving. This is really rough, sorry, I wrote this when I was really bored... :)

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April 19

We're moving. Physically, and - well, physically. We're moving across the continent, moving our bodies every moment, and moving along in the car we're using to drive to Yuma, Arizona, ways away from my home in Savannah, Georgia. "Anna, you're going to have anewhome, stop fretting, now would you?" Mom asked while packing the car with whatever we could fit. I was packed in the backseat, two cardboard boxes filling up every spot of the car except where I was sitting. I barely had leg room; I had to sit cross-legged in my seat, which, for a sixteen year old, is pretty uncomfortable.

Everyone else in the car had the same situation; the only one that was a little more comfortable than us was Dad, who was driving. Mom wouldn't mind, she would fall asleep soon enough anyway. But Emily, my younger sister, would probably complain to Dad and I half the time. You've got to give her credit though - she's already thirteen and she still complains.

The only thing that I'm able to do is write in you, my journal, and stare out the car window. The cars that we pass make me upset - we shouldn't be going this fast, it's not like we're really in a rush to get to our new place. If anything, if it were my choice, I would be living with Grandma right now at her farm. But no, my parents are making me come with them - parting with me just makes them too sad, I guess.

The ride so far has been breathtaking. Three hours, we've gone. We're not even close to reaching Athens, a rest stop for us. Then we'll travel more, pull a night in a random hotel, and stop in Atlanta for a couple days. This trip is going to cost us a lot, gas and everything. And the hotel bills will probably be interestingly epic. But here we are, making the trip all the was to Yuma, Arizona, anyway, no matter what the cost.

"It'll be better there, trust me." Dad comforted, and I rolled my eyes. What were they thinking, dragging me into a mess like this? Here I was, sixteen, having a great life where I grew up, and they were just blowing away my life like it was a speck of dust, "It's going to give you a chance for a new start, Anna!" He exclaimed, but I grunted. I didn't need a new start, what for? I was perfectly fine staying where I was. So what, I was one of those rather troubled students, switching from high school to high school. I wasn't like this before, no. Only since my freshman year. Middle school, I was an honors student, sometimes even got a Principal's Award every now and then. But then, in my freshman year, I was told by my parents that we might move in the next few years.

Well, it didn't really start like that. I'm sure I've told you before, Journal that first Grandpa died, leaving me with only a Grandma, a sister, and my parents. It was enough, just wasn't the best, now was it? Then my least favorite freshman teacher ruins my year, saying that I got a C in his class, making me not earn the honor roll for the first time in years. I threw fits in class, damaged school property, whatever I could to forget my time there. Eventually I got suspended, blah, blah, blah. I did the same thing at that school, etc. etc. And finally, in my junior year, the news came. We were moving.

But that's all recap stuff, we don't need to get into that stuff.

Anyway, right now I'm being crushed by a box that Emily is pushing away from her, leaving me with less room. The little brat, she's just making life harder for me, isn't she? "Mom," I complain, taking Emily's roll from her, "she's crushing me. Can we stop?" I ask, and Mom wakes up and shakes her head.

Well, that was a no. As far as I could tell, Dad was on a roll. He was zooming past cars like they were nothing, and yet he was staying within the speed limit on the freeway. I sighed, and I am sighing, trying to get Mom's attention to tell her that I'm bored.

Sighing always works.

"Fine! Okay! We can stop!" She yells, and I smile. We pull over on the side of the freeway, next to the largest field you can imagine.

Usually you don't mind these types of things, but this type of field you can't ignore. "This place is amazing." I'm saying, and Mom is rolling her eyes. I would sketch what I see, but frankly I suck at drawing, so… Here's a quick rundown of the place:

There's trees every several yards, all giving shade on the green grass, which looks so lush, you just want to roll around in it. There was only a fence, separating myself from the field, so I jumped over it and felt the grass. Yup, sure enough, the grass was as soft as my pillow in one of the boxed in the car. I hopped back over the fence, letting the wind of the cars let my hair fly, and woke up Emily. She'd love this.

And she did.

We ran around the field, stretching our legs, Our parents watched, laughing, doing some type of yoga stretches in the grass along with us. Eventually I had to rest, Emily and I were doing cartwheels, and a person can get tired. Unless Emily was that person, she kept going while I walked back and sat behind my parents. I sat on the fence, and smiled at Emily doing cartwheels.

I have to take this moment in now, Journal. I'll write in you later… I promise.


* * * *

I looked at Emily still cart wheeling, falling down every now and then. She was laughing so much, it made me laugh, but then I stopped. I focused on the field itself, and how beautiful it was. I pictured me having a birthday party here. A giant tent, balloons, the cars zooming by watching for a second and realizing that that would be cool, to have a birthday party there… I smiled at the picture, but then the scene in my head changed.

I saw Ethan, my crush, and I sitting under one of the biggest trees and playing something with our hands together, like Rock, Paper, Scissors or something like that. I imagined him standing and running around, me following me. Eventually we took off our shoes and ran around barefoot. Then he took out a picnic basket, we had lunch, and we ran around more.

We sat together under the same tree, his right arm over my shoulders, and his other hand holding mine. Then I looked at him and he looked at me, and we had one of those cliché moments when the guy tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear and just kind of lifts your head up so that he can kiss you…

I dreamed of that fantasy over and over, thinking how it would never happen now. I pictured the different ways it could happen, only to be ruined by Mom and Dad calling Emily, saying that it was about time to go.

Emily ran up to us, holding something that looks like a book bag. "Look what I found!" She yelled, and tossed it to me. I opened the pack and looked inside - there was a camera, an old teddy bear, and a few loose photos. I looked at the photos, admiring them. They were this entire scene, the big tree, the entire field, a sun setting, everything.

"Emily, do you even want these?" I asked, and Emily shook her head. I'd keep them. Mom wouldn't mind. I was sure. I smiled and threw them into the car, getting as comfortable as I could.

I looked at them over and over again as the car started to move again, and I kept picturing the scene. I dug deeper into the book bag, finding photo corners for scrapbooking, a glue stick, a water bottle, and a few other things. I opened up the box of photo corners and took out a few, along with the glue. I couldn't help smile as I glued the corners to a page in my journal, and put the pictures inside.

April 19, continued

I now have some pictures of the scene of the field we stopped by at. I'm glad we stopped there, that I asked to stop when I did. They scene was beautiful, and the scenes that I pictured there were equally magical. One day, maybe I'll move back to Savannah, Georgia, and visit this place again.


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