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Danny and Shay have a little adventure in a restaurant while they wait for their food to arrive.

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"I'm ready" your voice chimes. I turn around and look at you. My eyes open wide and my jaw drops. "Wow" is the only thing that manages to escape my mouth. "You look...wow." Your blue silk dress falls tightly over your body, accentuating every single one of your luscious curves. Your deep red lipstick makes your plump lips even more irresistible. Your long blonde hair in their perfect curls, just the way I like it. "You look, amazing," I say, still at a loss for the words worthy enough to describe just how beautiful you look.

"Haha," you laugh, slightly flushed. "You don't look half bad yourself. You clean up pretty well, Diaz" you say as you look me up and down. I'm wearing black dress pants, black shoes, a black belt, a burgundy dress shirt, a black tie, and a dark charcoal suit jacket to finish the ensemble.

"Well, you did dress me," I joke. She giggles and smirks, "All for the better! If it were up to you you'd be in converse right now."

"Hey now, there's nothing wrong with being comfortable!" I slowly move towards you. My hands find their place on your hips and I pull you close to me. A rush of warmth runs through my body as my lips touch yours.

"Ready to go?" I ask quietly, my eyes meeting yours.

"Yeah, let's go." You turn towards the door and I purposely trail behind, making sure I get a full view of you. I see you walk with a little more movement in your ass, you know me too well. I laugh to myself and quickly catch up to you. I take your hand and lead you out the door to the car.

We get to the restaurant and you smile as you look around The Sun Dial. We get a table next to the window and we look out to see the city of Atlanta all lit up.

"It's beautiful," I hear you whisper.

"These lights may be bright, but not as bright as the fireworks I see after we share a kiss, nor are they as bright as your glow after we make love." I say, attempting to be romantic, but deep down knowing that you were going to laugh and say it was corny. Surprisingly, you reach over the table and we share a long, deep kiss. "How bright were those fireworks?" You ask. "Bright enough to light up the sky" I reply. I lean in for another kiss but we are interrupted by a waiter.

We order our food and wait patiently. 5 minutes pass. We talk for a while. 10 minutes. We look out the window and admire the view. 15 minutes. "How long does it take to cook a damn steak?" I ask impatiently. "What? Are they buying the cow from Farmer John and slaughtering it themselves?" You laugh at me, "Baby, calm down," you say. I mumble something incoherent and you just roll your eyes.

I'm staring out the window, but I feel your eyes on me and I look over to see that you have a wide grin plastered on your face. "What?" I ask. You raise an eyebrow at me and slide your chair out from under the table. You walk next to me and you extend a hand towards me. I slide my chair out, stand up, and take your hand. "Where are we going?" I ask, "We are not leaving. Do you know what I had to go through to get that table?" You turn to me, smiling, "Danny, shut up." I obey your orders and follow you in silence as we make our way to a door.

"The restroom?" I ask. You walk in to the ladies room and come back out with a very seductive look on your face. You entangle your fingers with mine and lead me into a place where men are forbidden. "Shay?" "Don't worry, babe. Nobody is in here." Finally I see what you have planned.

I inch towards you, closer and closer until my body presses against yours. I pin you against the sinks as I removed my jacket. I feel your heartbeat against my chest and I could sense your muscles tightening as you unbutton my shirt. Your breath hitches, and then stops altogether as I lean down as if to kiss you. I move away from your mouth and move down to kiss your neck, first lightly and then harder, until my teeth are biting your neck.

I feel you moaning against my chest as you felt my teeth, my lips, and my tongue on your neck. You arch your back to get even closer to me. I press myself harder against you and you feel me against your body, aroused.

I gently move my way down from your neck to your chest. I feel the urge you have for me to touch you, but I tease you, moving at a torturous pace. I nibble on your nipple through your dress and I hear your breath catch in your throat. Your hands travel all over my body as you push yourself harder against me.

I begin to unzip your dress and I feel your shivers as I trail my cool fingertips up your back. My hands travel up your tummy and to your breast. You shiver once more as I cup your breast and trace patterns with my tongue.

You tug on my belt impatiently, trying to free me. You pull my pants down below my waist and see your full effect on me.

I gasp as I feel your hands, warm and tight around me. You stroke me slowly, but with a firm grip and I resist the urge to turn you over and fuck you right there. Suddenly, you stop and push me back and let go. I look at you, stunned, until you drop to your knees in front of me and I groan as I feel your mouth on my hard on. Your mouth, so wet and so warm. You never fail to surprise me at how good you are at doing things. I grip your head and pump myself into your mouth, forcing you to take me in deeper. I love the feeling of your lips wrapped around me.

I slowly back away and boost you up on the sink. Your legs open as I run my hands up your thighs. I push them open little further and your muscles tighten as my breath tickles the inside of your thigh. I hook one finger on the edge of your underwear and move it to the side and lightly lick you. Your head falls back and your breath quickens. You were so hot already that you could feel the orgasm building. I pull your underwear down to your ankles. As you feel my tongue dart in to taste you, you push yourself closer to my face. You're close… I feel you climax as you wrap your legs around my head and take a firm grip on the counter.

You cum but I wanted more. I want to suck you dry. I suck on your clit, biting you gently while I flick my tongue. Your legs suddenly lock around my head and I hear you whisper my name. "Oh, Danny!" You gasp as you cum once more. The flood of the liquid that erupts from you coats my mouth and I can't hold out much longer.

I pull you off the sink and I rub myself up and down your opening. You're so wet from the orgasm. I push myself deep inside of you and I hear you moan my name. I push myself as far in as I can and ever so slowly pull out. Then, with only the tip of me inside you, I shove myself back in and make you moan once more.

I lose control as the heat begins to envelop me and I start to thrust as hard and as fast as I can. Your moans with each stroke just drive me to go faster, harder, deeper. I hear you scream with your orgasm but I don't want it to end. No, not yet. I have to fight not to let myself go. I pull out to let myself rest for a second before driving myself back inside of your soaking wet pussy. Over and over, I thrust harder and harder. I never wanted this moment to end, but it was too difficult to win the battle. I feel as if I'm on fire as I explode inside of you.

I slowly and gently pull myself out. My legs feeling like rubber, I drop to my knees on the ground as I struggled to catch my breath. I lose myself for a moment but start to collect myself as I hear you trying to regulate your breathing. I pick myself up as I follow your every movement with my eyes. I smile as I see you try to compose yourself on your wobbly legs. You slide your underwear back up to their proper place and straighten out your dress.

"Zip me up, please," you say with a smile on your face. I start to re-dress myself while I make my way to where you're standing. I zip you up and place a gentle kiss on your neck. You make your way over to the door and walk out to see if the coast is clear and you motion me to hurry on out.

Once we were out the door, I grabbed your hand and pulled you close to me. I pause for a moment and you stop walking. I stare into your beautiful green eyes. I can never get enough of just looking at you. I swear, every time I look at you, your beauty grows. "I love you," I whisper before placing a soft kiss on your lips. "I love you too, Daniel" you replied as you took a turn to kiss me.

As we walk back to the food awaiting our arrival you look around, "Why are people staring?" you ask, flustered. I pull out your chair and whisper in your ear, "Baby, right now you're glowing brighter than all of Atlanta."

The End


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