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Valentine's Day is for Losers

Short story By: SecretVoice

Brooke and Rayne are desperate to find Julie a date for valentine. They decide hook her up with three guys, and she must choose one - they aren't taking no for an answer. But Julie doesn't want anyone...anyone except Caleb. But Caleb isn't interested in her, he has Amy; Julie's sister...and arch-enemy. Roman is the one for Julie, but she doesn't see it. Valentine's day is for losers anyway...but what if you want to be a one?

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"Oh, Valentine's day; a day for lovers to celebrate their relationship...and for singles to pity themselves," sang Rayne. She slapped her favourite book of poems shut, 'The Horrors of Sleep', and grimaced at the couple making out in front of their lockers.

"Oi, Romeo and Juliet, get the fuck lost," she hissed. Julie and Brooke giggled. Oh, Rayne. She and Brooke were the best friends anyone could ever ask for; funny, sweet and very unique. The couple sneered at her and sulked away.

"So, Julie, have you got a date for Loser-tine's day?" mocked Rayne. Brooke cringed.

"Hey! I've got a guy, remember?" she interrupted. Brooke and Elliott had been together since the beginning of sophomore year. They were now sixteen and juniors. Julie and Rayne were still single; Rayne was a lesbian and Julie, well, she was in love with her sister's boyfriend, Caleb. They were seniors...and the hottest couple at Lagoon High.

"No, I'm still a loner," Julie replied. Her sister, Amy, hated her with a passion; she saw her as a glitch to her reputation so ignored her as much as possible. Lost in thought, Julie hadn't noticed Brooke and Rayne were staring at her, grinning.


"We thought you might say that, so we hooked you up with three different guys," Brooke beamed, "and you must choose one or...we'll ditch you for the senior prom organisation!"

Julie gawked. Why did she even like these girls? Because they're amazing.

She nodded an agreement and shot them both glares. They giggled and punched their fists in the air.

"Yes! I told you it'd work," boasted Rayne.

Brooke shook her head and protested, "What do you mean you told me? It was my idea!"

"I don't think so,"





"I love you!"

"I love you, too!"

Julie beamed at her friends - she adored them!

Roman ran up to the girls.

"Hey, girls, am I late for class?" he breathed. Roman was an RB in the schools football team. He was sweet, musical and mega-funny. He had everything girls looked for in a guy...yet, he was invisible to Julie.

"No, we're just heading there now," assured Julie. She smiled at him, and his pulse raced.

"S-so you got a date for Valentine's?"

"Not yet, these bitches hooked me up with some random guys, though,"

"Oh, cool," he mumbled, disappointed.

School seemed to drag on forever, endlessly. The final bell rang and Julie, Rayne and Brooke left the school grounds. They made their way to the local café and sat down at their regular table.

"Hola, chicas! Lo de siempre?" boomed Mr Andres, or Phillipo, as only the three girls called him. They cheerfully nodded and engaged into conversation. They sipped their luke-warm cappucino's and munched on their cakes. Rayne always had chocolate cupcakes, she loathed shortcakes; Were they cakes or pie? She licked her black lips and wiped icing off her painted nails.

Julie often wondered how they all came to be best friends; Rayne was goth. Not emo, because she only liked to dress in black and read dark poetry. She wasn't into all the cutting and talking to the dead. Despite this, Rayne was also cheerful, not gloomy, and outgoing rather than lame. Brooke was a complete bookworm and computer geek. She was smart, shy around others but bubbly with her friends. Julie was an animal lover and a total tree-hugger. She loved to hike, and played different sports weekly. It was true, opposites attract...but it doesn't just stand for lovers!

The door swung open and Amy, Caleb, Kitty and Mitch walked in. They sat opposite from the girls and shouted a waitress over. Julie glanced at Caleb, and he caught her. He looked at her, up and down, and laughed. Embarrassed and somewhat ashamed, Julie quickly looked away and sipped her cappucino.

"Hey, babe, look; It's your pathetic sister!"

Amy stiffled a laugh and they continued to mock Julie and her friends. Fed up, the girls paid their bill and left a tip for Phillipo, and made their way out. As they did, Caleb stared at Rayne's ass. She scoffed.

"Look but don't touch, jackass!" she teased. Caleb cringed and Amy stumped his foot. The girls laughed at the so-called 'Populars' and marched out of the café.

"Ooo! It's 4pm, you have 30 minutes till Kyle, my cousin, picks you up!" reminded Brooke. Julie groaned and ran to her house, followed by Rayne and Brooke.

She threw on a pink, hooded dress and strappy sandals. After messing about with her hair, she settled for a neat plait. She twirled for her friends and they nodded satisfaction. Pleased with her look, she stepped outside to find Kyle standing before a black bmw. He grinned and took her hand.

"You look gorgeous,"he remarked. Julie gave a thankful smile and fastened herself in his car. The window muffled her bff's squeals. Julie chuckled to herself at the thought of her ridiculous friends. Kyle fastened himself in and sped away with her. There was an awkward silence for the first two minutes until Kyle broke it.

"So, do you like sushi?" he questioned.

"I like my food nice and dead," she joked. Kyle burst into laughter.

"Brooke told me you were quite the joker," he approved. Julie liked this guy, maybe she could cancel the other dates.

They cruised to a fancy italian restaurant and parked near the entrance. He stepped out of the car, ran to the other side and opened Julie's door. A gentleman, she thought.

Once the food came, Kyle ordered a bottle of wine. Julie furrowed her brows in confusion.

"How can you order alchohol?"

"I'm 21, didn't Brooke tell you?"

Julie gaped at him. She was sixteen for fuck's sake!

"Em, Kyle, you've been a perfect gentleman but I'm only sixteen," she admitted. He wrapped his hands around hers.

"I know, I like younger girls," he smirked. Julie immediately pulled her hand away and slapped him.

'You sick bastard!" she accused and stormed out. She dialed Roman's number and begged him to pick her up. He was there in less than five minutes.

"You okay?" he asked as she sat down beside him. She mumbled an answer and looked away. He took the hint and dropped her off at her house. They exchanged goodbyes and she entered her house. Her parents were still working, typical.

"You stupid whores!" she yelled into the phone when Brooke answered. Rayne was undoubtfully going to be with her. They deeply apologized, Brooke claiming she hadn't seen him in years and thought he was 18. Julie forgave them and told them to cancel the other dates.



"Just onemore!" they argued. Julie gave in and agreed to a date the next day, which was a day before Valentine's.

The next day, Julie slept until noon. Time flew and before she knew it, it was 4pm. She was dressed in a short red dress and cute, black heels. When she stepped out the door, Julie froze. There, infront of her, stood Caleb Summers.

"The fuck?"

"Hey, Julie, you ready to go?"

"H-how? But you..."

"Look ravishing, I know. So do you. Come on, I've arranged the perfect date,"

Julie shut up and decided to just enjoy this. He had finally realised how perfect they were together. It was her time!

They joked and flirted as they made their way to the beach. There was a beautifully decorated table before them and he took her hand. Slowly, they walked over and sat down. He looked into her eyes and whispered,

"I've always liked you,"

For a second, Julie thought she saw his pupils dilate but just as quickly, they returned to normal. Nevertheless, she saw them. Julie decided to dismiss it. A few minutes in, her phone rang.

"I'm so sorry, I won't be a minute!"

She walked a few feet away from the table and answered.

"Julie? Where are you? Your date's waiting at your house! Oh-em-gee, did you know Kitty is bi? Yeah, we're spending Valentine's day together! And she told everyone about Amy hooking up with her math teacher to get an A+! Oh and did you hear about Caleb and Amy? She caught him cheating and dumped him,"

Julie stood there, stupified. She scoffed, ashamed of herself. She fell right into his trap. He was using her so he wouldn't be alone on Valentine's day. She hung up, returned to the table and slapped Caleb, hard.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you use me!"

"What? OH!"

She grabbed her glass of water and poured it over his head. As the water trickled down his face, she heard a car honk. She spun around to find, next to the car, Roman with a bouqet of roses. He walked over to her and cupped her face.

"Julie, I've loved you for as long as I can remember," he began, "and I've only now had the courage to ask you..."

He pulled out a small chocolate heart which read 'Be mine'. He stroked her face as he said,

"Will you be my Julie-ette?" he grinned. Julie's knees wobbled and a tear broke out.

"Only if you'll be my Roman-o," she whispered lovingly. He slowly pressed his lips against hers.

"You know, Rayne always says 'Valentine's day is for losers'...it's so true...and I've never been more proud of being one," Julie softly spoke.

They passionatly kissed as the sun set.



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