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Can I Have This Dance? (Part 3)

Short story By: Shanal D

This is a modern love story. Btw this is part 3, so if you haven't read part 1 or 2 do so ;)
This is a dance love story, it shows how dance brings people together and how love stories go ;)

Submitted:Oct 2, 2012    Reads: 29    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

(Conor smiles and says "Ok I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8 p.m. See you then" He gives me smile and walks out of the studio.


What just happened? I stand there frozen, trying to figure out why "the" Conor, would want a normal girl like me to date him? Well, whatever the reason might be I don't want a boyfriend. They just distract you, and I really need this job. It's like the biggest projects I've ever done! I wouldn't have said no, I mean it was a bet and even if I did. He might have not liked the fact that I can't keep a promise; he could have gotten me fired! I know… sometimes think dramatically. The date might not be that bad as I think. I mean, it's only 1 date. It's not like I have to agree to go to the next one.

I carelessly stuff my drink bottle into my bag and set off home. On my way home a crazy idea just pops in…..What am I going to wear? He didn't tell me where is taking me, so I don't know what I should wear. Maybe I should wear tights with a hoody, just be casual. I still don't get it, why could Conor want to date me? I try not to think about it, because I'm hardly getting any sleep.

The next morning I wake up late, because of sleeping late last night. I go to brush and see hideous dark circles under my eyes. Oh great I have a date today! I chuck on some clothes and grab my water bottle. I'm practically running down the stairs of the apartment. "Taxi!" I yell eagerly to not be any more late. I hope they haven't started but I remember yesterday as soon as Conor and the crew was here we were up and going.

I get out of the taxi paying him and telling him to keep the change. I run towards the door and once I get in I walk towards the studio. I try to catch breath because I know I'll have a lot of explaining to do. I see all of them dancing; Kevin's looking at his watch and telling me I'm late. "Where have you been?" asks Kevin. "I'm sorry, I kind of lost track of time." I reply. "Well hurry up and get your group together, they will perform what they learnt yesterday and you'll watch while giving them tips." says Kevin. "Ok" I answer.

I look at Conor while gathering my group. I think he can tell I was lying and I was late because I didn't get enough sleep. I gather my group and put on the music. I sit in front of them, ready to give anyone advice or tips. I get pretty bored after I while. My group is actually pretty good. I can't help myself but peek over at Conor. He is great. I quickly turn my eyes back, just as he looks at me. I still can't believe I'm going on a date with Conor. When my group's dance finishes I go to them and tell them they were excellent. I tell them to keep practising and I walk over to Kevin who is teaching Conor. "Um Kevin? My group performed and they were great, no mistakes, nothing." I say. "Nothing?!" comes a response. "Yeah, they're great learners." I say. "No, you must be a great teacher." He replies. I smile, realising that Conor was looking at me the whole time. "Well since you're such a great teacher, why don't you teach Conor? I got to teach the rest of my group." Kevin says. "Um, ok." I reply. Kevin walks off, he stops and says "Oh and while you're at it give him advice or tips. Kevin says and walks off to his group.

Huh, me giving Conor tips, Ha! Like that was ever going to happen. I see him smiling waiting for me to say something. "ok so… why don't you perform for me and I'll watch" I ask. "Ok." Conor replies.

I turn on the music and sit on a chair. He starts dancing and I do grab a few areas where he messed up but then I couldn't be bothered to watch him dancing, I know I shouldn't be but I kept gazing into his eyes. When he finishes I still stare at him not knowing that he can see me. He waves his hand at me; I blink out of my thought and feel pretty embarrassed. I walk towards him and smile being happy that he did make mistakes. "You know you messed up in some parts?" I ask. "Were you paying attention to the dance, or were you just staring at my eyes?" he asks. "I was thinking." I reply. "Thinking about what?" he asks. "Come on, we have work to do." I reply.

I tell him where he went wrong, and he said he still wouldn't understand. I was thinking how I could show him. Then I thought I could show him by doing it with him step to step. That worked, thank god! Everyone was leaving. "Bye! See you tomorrow, Oh and don't be late. We are teaching them new steps." said Kevin. "Yeah sure!" I replied. I see Conor dancing in front of the mirror. He is doing all the steps right. I smile and walk towards him. "Could you tell me where we are going tonight?" I ask. "Well there is this secret place in town where dance battles happen. And I really wanted to go, but I can't go alone. So I kind of needed someone, so I asked you." He said. "Wow, like real, real dance battles?" I ask. "Yeah." He replied. "Wow the closest I've been to a dance battle is watching the step-up movies." I say. We both laugh. "So I'll pick you up at 8?" he asks. "Yep, I'll be waiting." I reply.

I rush out, trying to get home earlier. I run up the stairs and sling my door open. I waste no time at all, I hop into the shower. Soaking in the warm water on my body. I don't wash my hair because they go all puffy. I put on a shirt with a hoodie over it and pull on black tights. I sit waiting while just realising its 7:40 p.m. I can't believe it. I mean here I am, sitting waiting for Conor to pick me up for our date. Who knew life would take me here? I sit there, trying to occupy myself, trying to kill time. But like they say, time goes slow when you need it to go faster.

*Ding - Dong* Finally! I hear a door-bell. I open the door. And it's Conor.

[To Be Continued]


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