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The Final New Beginning

Short story By: sherry1

Just something that came to me out of the blue. So, I am going with it. :)

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...What in the world was that infernal racket was the first conscious thought that filtered in through the post-sleep haze that clouded her mind. It sounded like all hell was breaking loose. She opened her eyes and looked around her room. Everything seemed to be normal, well as normal as normal could be under the circumstances. Total freaking chaos would be a more appropriate observation. Boxes were stacked precariouisly everywhere. Some were open, some were not. She still had so much to get done before the movers showed up. There was that noise again. Good grief, what in the world was going on. She slid her feet into her slippers and made her way around the maze of boxes and into the hallway. About that time a big grey ball of fluff darted around the corner and zipped past her in a flash. About two seconds later here comes the black flash, hot on the trail of the grey one. Honestly, those two cats were having entirely too much fun. But, at least they were happy for the moment. Happy until she had to put them in the carriers for the trip. Then they would turn into the little tigers they liked to pretend they were. Yep, it was going to be a long day. Guess the only way to do it though was to just get it done. Making her way into the kitchen she still couldn't believe she was making this drastic a change at this stage of her life. But, hopefully it would be a good decision and things would all work out just fine.

...Ah, that first sip of coffee was simply sublime. That would definitely help get the cobwebs out of her head so she could focus on the things that she needed to get done. Even though she had been working on this for the last two weeks, this day got here fast. It was still hard to believe that she actually got lucky enough to find the little cabin and that the place was actually for sale. She had always said she wouldn't move again, but this was an opportunity that she just could not pass up. When she saw the place for the first time she was instantly in love with it. It was one of those things that was just meant to be because it fell into place so easily. And honestly, why not? There surely wasn't a thing really keeping her here. She hated the city and was looking forward to some peace and quiet. But first she had to get there and standing here musing was not getting it done. About that time the two furballs came tearing around the corner and stopped in front of her. They looked up as if to say, okay, we are done now and ready to eat, so where is the food. Those two cats were a mess, but constant companions and she wouldn't trade them for anything.

...Well, that was about the end of it. Everything was in the moving van and they had just left. The cats were in their carriers and in the car. As she locked the door and turned around she could hear them yelling their displeasure. Laughing to herself she turned away from the life that she had been living and with a newfound sense of peace and well-being headed for the car and the beginning of her new life. That just sounded so strange. To just pack up and start over again on a totally new track was so out of character for her, which was exactly why she did it. This little voice inside that said for once just do something that you really want to do. Just ignore everybody that keeps telling you all the reasons why you shouldn't do it and oh yes, there were lots of those. People that were stuck in their ruts and had no desire to get out, just sitting and compaining daily about how miserable they were. Well, she was going to do something about situation. The kids were grown and out doing their own thing, so honestly, there was no reason whatsoever that she couldn't do this.

...As she drove up the long drive which led to the cabin she couldn't help but be excited. She had the windows down and the air that was coming in was so clean. Even the cats had calmed down and their little sniffers were in overdrive. She knew they would be fine once they were out of the confines of those carriers. Then they would be on an exploring expedition that would last for days. The huge towering pines were beautiful. Only a few rays of sunshine were able to make it through the thickness of the trees, but it was enough to lend a sort of magical air to the day. The closer she got the more excited she became. As she turned the corner and saw it again, she sighed. It looked so pretty sitting in the little clearing. The moving truck was already there and waiting which was wonderful, because at this moment, she just wanted them gone so she could have some alone time with her new home.

...Stepping outside on the porch with a glass of wine in her hand, everything just felt right. Sure, the inside was a total disaster with the boxes everywhere, but it would all come together. Right now she just wanted to sit for a few minutes and listen to the quietness of the night and enjoy it. As she had expected, the cats were off on a hunt and destroy mission. They seemed to be happy though and that was a good thing. She sat down and put her feet up. Boy, this was fantastic. No noise, just the crickets and the sounds of the night. She could even hear the little creek than ran off to the side of the cabin. She closed her eyes for a moment just to absorb it all. Absolutely no doubt that she had made the right decision. She had a feeling of peace and contentment that she hadn't felt in a very long time. Guess it was time to call it a day and get a fresh start in the morning.

...After a positively wonderful night's sleep she awoke with no worries. It felt so nice to get up and not hear people. The birds were singing their morning songs and that was the only thing that she had heard. Absolutely perfect was the thought that went through her mind. Now after several hours of unpacking she wanted to take a break and walk over by the little creek. She had been waiting for the perfect moment to put her feet in that water and now seemed like that time. Whoever had owned the place before had put a nice little bench and table to the side of the creek. Obviously, this had been a favorite spot of thier's too. She took off her shoes and was just standing in the cool, clear water enjoying the feeling of the cool rocks on her feet. She heard a noise off to the side that was out of place here. She jumped and jerked around and saw a pair of legs coming down the little path. She walked out of the water and back to the bench. As the legs got closer she saw that they were attached to a very handsome man that looked to be about the same age as she was. He walked closer and introduced himself as her neighbor. She had been told there was one other person living out here. Well, her first impression was not bad, not bad at all.

...After talking to him for a while she found out that he was the one who had put the bench and table there. He was a writer and this was one of his "thinking" places. The conversation between them flowed so easily and before she knew it they had been there for two hours just talking. She told him she really had to get back to unpacking. He said that she should come to his place for dinner since she was still organizing. The thought of a nice relaxing evening with him was appealing and so she said yes. He told her where his cabin was, which was actually very close to hers. They agreed to meet at the bench at 7pm. As she walked back to her place, her heart felt lighter than it had in a very long time. Alan, the name of the man she had just met intrigued her. She had looked into his eyes and saw a kindness and gentleness there. He was softspoken and seemed very happy with where he was in life. She found herself looking forward to the evening.

...As she pulled on her jeans and sweater, she looked around at what she had accomplished that day and was happy with the progress she had made. The cats had settled into their normal routine and seemed for the most part, unscathed by the move. Now she was ready for an evening with her neighbor. As she walked out the door, she looked around and once again was filled with the sense that this was where she was meant to be. She walked down the path to the bench and saw him sitting there waiting for her. She smiled as he stood and handed her a perfect yellow rose. It was from his place he said. He gave her his arm and they walked down the path to his place. It was much like her own with not many differences. They had a wonderful dinner and lots of fantastic conversation. He was very easy to talk to and they just seemed to click. After a couple of glasses of wine she told him she really should be going. He said he would walk her back to the bench.

...The walk back was peaceful and she enjoyed it so much. They stopped at the bench and he told her thank you for a wonderful evening. She said the same to him. He looked at her and then asked if she minded if he kissed her goodnight. Her heart fluttered a little and she said that no, she didn't mind at all. He took her hand and pulled her close. She looked up and as he looked into her eyes he kissed her. Very softly and gently. Just a slow lingering kiss. When he stopped they both looked at each other and just said "wow"! He told her goodnight and she asked him to meet her there for coffee in the morning. He said he wouldn't dare miss it. She turned to go back to her place but with a lightness to her step. This last new beginning was turning out to be everything and more than she had ever imagined.


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