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It was a fine Sunday morning. The boy had his breakfast and went out of his home in accordance to the plan made with RICHA last Saturday night.
ATUL is a student and the head boy of St.Marys Senior Secondary School, Gurgaon. A good football player and for looks he is 10 on 10. Not interested in girls but again there is a story how he fell in love with her …well of course the girl is RICHA.I will tell you this some other time.
ATUL and RICHA met some 5 months back and are still continuing as friends even intimate as well.
But it was not so easy to express their love because the people in the society kept an eye on them and this being the only reason why they always sought privacy.
Now the question comes why are they so eager to meet each other, so the reason being, that they met, actually fell in love with each other in February, in that chilling month their love kept them warm . Then came March, the month of examinations and it was hard for either of the minds to concentrate on studies because of the fluctuating thoughts for the other. Next came the month of April, new session--with new hopes …hopes for loving and getting loved by another.
Oh no!!!
Next is what they never wanted…here comes May and June the month for vacations…vacations for love because for the next two months the couple was not going to feel each other nor even see. All the channels will be blocked but the only string which will connect their heart will be their LOVE.
ATUL went to his grand ma to Pune and further no contacts were made for the next 1/6 part of year or60days or 1440 hours or86400 minutes or5184000 seconds or some millions of micros or whatever you feel is the least or the most for them. Those two hearts kept beating with every tick of the clock and even faster to carry the tick along them so as to cross those two summit like months.
After those yearlong two months ATUL came back …on Saturday as school was to reopen on Monday and called her the very night from the new cell phone gifted by his grandma and hatched a plan to meet next morning…anywhere…anyhow.
ATUL went to the theatre at 11:30am for a morning show. Last night they had planned of sitting in a Separate box to enjoy them and spend some leisure hours with each other.
As ATUL went to the ticket counter and asked the man sitting behind the bars for the tickets of box -
"Sorry sir, there is no box available today" was the prompt reply of the man.
||BOX-what is a box? Ok box is a separate room in the theater where only 2 to 4 people can sit at a time.||
Oh no!!!! Here by his entire plan was ruined. Hopeless, he thought of never being lucky. All my plans are always worthless and no more than a nightmare.
He called RICHA from his Corby and asked her what to do next.
But RICHA is RICHA her plans cannot be turned down so easily unless and until she herself want.
She asked him to try for any other talkies. Without giving a single thought he proceeded for the BIG CINEMA`s because he was having no other option than to follow her ORDERS.
On the way suddenly his phone started beeping and no later the sweet voice of RICHA echoed in his ear, she stopped him and told that she no longer wished to go to the talkies.
Now this is the condition with girls, we have to do what they want, we are no less than slaves to them…but when the man inside us wakes up then………God knows, actually we all know what happens.
"let's go somewhere else"
"But where?" asked ATUL
"Anywhere …where no one comes"
"Now you suggest me something" asked ATUL
"May be to some lake "replied RICHA
"It's glaring outside "recommended ATUL
"Ok to some old place"
"The fort will open by 3"
"So where?" RICHA angrily
"Ok we are meeting in the same place we met 5 months back"
"That restaurant"
"Of course the place where we went on our first date"
"So reaching JANNAT within 10 minutes. Come soon" said ATUL
"Ok". She replied.
Waiting outside, he saw her coming…
she walked as graceful as ever, her skin was the colour of honey, to him she was like a breath of fresh air…just the same as i10,oh no!!! what am I thinking about.
Her nose her lips her eyes all were next to perfection. Soon they were in the restaurant …in their old cornered seat with there hands mingled in and eyes not giving even a single thought to blink.
But the only thing which kept on disturbing in the restaurant were "MR.WAITERS". They kept on coming and asking
``` any orders ma am```:
```Any orders sir```
…but ATUL always hushed them away by saying -come later. Soon after they realized that the privacy they needed would not be provided here. They had their lunch and ice cream and left in two hours and concluded of going out some other time. Coming out he went his way and she went hers. ATUL was a philosopher at heart and had always believed in the thought that `all happens for good`…but today his opinions were overcastted by the events taking place in such a morbid way. He went to a shop to choose a new eye gear for him and as he purchased it, His cell rung up.
RICHA calling …
…he picked up the phone and once again he had the pleasure to hear her seductive voice .
"Hello ATUL where are you right now"
"I am in sgs mall"
"Can you come to the Banjara and select a new dress for me?"
For you this is written as a question but for ATUL it was no less than a command.
"Yeah I am coming"
There was no option left to him accept saying yes.
ATUL went soon … and selected a new dress for her and showed her his new glares.
Suddenly someone snatched those glasses from his hand…she was none other than RADHA.
||Who is RADHA?
RADHA is RICHA`s classmate and both of them stayed together. Beauty lies in the eye of beholder and even she was also beautiful…but comparison right now may be contradicted.||
"How come you are here?"
"Why? is it only your affair to be with RICHA?"
"Oh no no no! But at this point of time"
"Actually she wanted to do some shopping and I was there in the market that is why I came"
"Ok, now its time for me to go, actually I have to get my reservation cancelled." ATUL said.
"Ok bye"
ATUL waved both RADHA and RICHA and proceeded towards the reservation counter in the mall.
But the dreadful day was not over yet.
As ATUL reached the counter there flashed an old board with newly painted letters'
And which laughed on my fortune. He fought the feeling of slamming that counter.
For so many days he had planned that but as ever he was left whining over self. Now what could he do.
He took a stroll and found that the place was vacant and usually people never came there and that too on Sunday when the counter is supposed to be closed which serves the only purpose in this block of the mall and that too in the noon.
Even in that hot season something cool was going on in ATUL`s mind…
He took out his phone and called her
"Hi, what's up?"
"Will you please come to second block of sgs mall?"
"Please do come"
"There is something which I have to show you."
"Ok I will be there by 11 minutes".
ATUL got confirmed that she will be coming there well in time. He somehow or the other managed a few who were there to leave the place.
After some time he peeped through the window and found her coming. Being on the first floor he took the advantage of the time lag and hid himself somewhere.
"ATUL…ATUL. Where are you?"
Suddenly someone from the back had his grip tightened on her…
She squealed…
He closed her mouth with his hands.
She thought as if she was in some problem
But very soon without troubling her more he left her.
"ATUL…this is you, do you know how much I was frightened ,you idiot."
||''IDIOT'''what if someone call you idiot?
You will right way get up and bash him off or you will open your dictionary of abuses which is being renovated every moment you meet your classmates. But it was no less than a grace for him because it was something other than order`s which he got… ||
Without giving him a second to respond, something broke the silence.
||SILENCE not of that place but broke the silence of their incompatible love… silence of their hard patience…their silence of LOV E.||
They kissed passionately for few minutes as if they were starved for a long time. It did continue for a while and they enjoyed feeling each other.
ATUL left her and told
"Hey we are here in the center, what if someone comes?"
In my opinion ATUL must show some 'machoism' this time.
"Nothing great, they will feel that two LOVE birds are meeting after so many days and trying to make LOVE" said RICHA
Oh no!!! How can a girl can gather so much of courage?
"Let us shift to some corner"
And the very next moment they went next to big reservation chart which was placed in a wall. At the back side of the wall there was the passage through which people usually come. But time and again people kept on coming, not in good number but one's and two's within every 5-6 minutes. For the reason ATUL have to check within these 'gaps 'that whether some one is coming or not.
||'GAPS' means what?
Here related to this context the gaps are ,when were kept themselves apart from the other, as soon as they felt they are going out of their breath.||
"Ok now tell me why have you called me here? Is there something special" asked RICHA
"Yes, something very special "said ATUL.
"It's meeeee"
And again he clinched her and very soon they were feeling each other's breath.
But ATUL was not as courageous as RICHA. Although he was enjoying but he thought of something in mind…
"Wait, I am coming"
ATUL went to check whether someone was coming or not…
It was all his luck, not even a bird.
He went back running to her and again there were two lives but one breath and going on.
"Ok ATUL I have to go"
"Why? It is just twenty minutes"
"No. I have to go. RADHA is waiting for me down there".
"Ok, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed a lot today 'I LOVE YOU'."
The last three words flowed from his heart.
||''I LOVE YOU'' what is this I love you?
It is just same as there are couplets in the name of God enchanted by those holy men; same is with the people in love. If those holy men they don`t recitate those pious lines they feel that their God will stop showering his blessing on us…now if boys they don`t emit these words then their God (girls) will stop showering their blessings (contacts) with them.
The word is pious but not that too because it can get you your desire but most of the time while making attempts they can create some havoc for you.||
"Bye ATUL do not forget to call me tonight ".commanded RICHA
"Sure, bye".
Now as she went he came to know how much he loved her, how much he craved for her. How much he missed the feeling of hers, the taste of her 'juicy lips'.
||'JUICY' why juicy lips?
Juicy because of the colour of her lips…pink like strawberry, because of it`s
Softness…gentle like fur, because of its taste…which came out of whatever she had applied on her lips.||
Oh no, actually rather factually I forgot to mention one thing that ATUL had once more checked that whether someone was coming and found a man dressed in khaki coming upstairs. ATUL rushed and stood some 15 meters way from RICHA and both of them explicitly behaved as if they never knew each other.
He worked under the District Magistrate of that city and was sent there for reservation by some senior officer.
"Good after noon sir, I think today is Sunday and this window is not going to open" ATUL said.
Instead of responding well, MR.KHAKI gave him a bad look.
"Then why are you standing here" he said.
"Actually I am waiting for some of my friends…if you have any emergency for reservation you can go to the railway station counter" ATUL said.
Listening this, he suddenly rushed for railway station, as the tapping sound made by the police man while getting down stairs went weaker…ATUL embraced her even closer.
RICHA went back to RADHA where she was anxiously waiting for her to come.
|| Why anxiously?
Anxiously because there are two habits in every girl, firstly they want to know everything, what her friend`s boyfriend had done with her, what they talked, where they met and so on.
And secondly they become very happy when they find out that their boyfriend is far better than that of her friend`s…otherwise he is screwed. ||
But ATUL was still there in that counter …still thinking that what had happened within the stretch of last half-an-hour was reality or is he dreaming. But it was not a fallacy, it was what actually happened with him but now he wanted RICHA to come again and to feel her breath, her fabulous body against him.
Boys are boys…once given a chance to climb a stair they want to conquer the building…today where there was no chance of doing all this, now he want her to come again…wow.
Again CORBY and again a call but this time the voice didn`t seemed so appealing…
of fff--ooooo…will tea ever taste you sweet if you had a lump of sugar before.
No, absolutely no and the very same is here, her voice no more soothed his ears.
"Hey, RICHA where are you?"ATUL asked.
"Just going back, why?"
"Please can you come here once again?"
"No I won't"
If you can get something better by a please then a please is better.
"No ATUL I am feeling bad vibes in my heart".
"But I am not feeling any such thing I just want to feel you".
"no it`s too much for today"
"Please for the very last time"
Again a please and again he got something better.
"Ok I am coming."
"I'll be waiting for you".
She took no more than 20 minute minutes to reach there but ATUL felt as if she took a century to come there.
Now that she was there he was ready to listen some good stuff which she was about to say.
"ATUL you such a duffer…can`t you live a minute without me even a single minute?
RICHA this RICHA that …"
RICHA was blubbering like any active volcano…but ATUL as cool as always had something to cover the openings and to control her blubbering anger…he embraced her tight and felt her for the second time…
Suddenly she left him and found blood coming out of her lips.
"ATUL you bit me up…you idiot…wait"
She took a great bite and ATUL too was in blood and for that instance both their lips were oozing blood and they enjoyed sucking it off other's lips.
I am very sorry or I regret that the which I gave "the WEEKEND" can be easily replaced by "BLOODY SUNDAY" because there was blood all over.
And suddenly thud…thud…thud.
"ATUL, someone is coming"
"Wait, I will check"
Suddenly two police men peeped inside that reservation section. Both of them bold, strong, utterly ugly and with the same common theme spoiling the INDIAN POLICE ,chewing tobacco, a big belly and top most" their tendency to heat up their pockets by money".
"What are you doing here" asked one of them
But ATUL and RICHA did the same as earlier, showed as if they were seeing each other for the very first time.
"Waiting for the window to open" ATUL replied
"And, madam what are you doing here "asked the second one.
"Actually I have come here for a reservation"RICHA said.
Suddenly one of them caught hold of ATUL'S hand and asked him to sit in a chair next to them.
"So what is your name "asked RAGHAV.
RAGHAV is the name of the first policeman as was evident from the name plate hanging on his chest.
"Mohit kumar "said ATUL befooling them
"Where do you belong to?"Asked RAGHAV
"Why should I tell you everything about me?"
"You have to because you have been found here with a girl and that too at such a lonely place "said CHANDAN.
If that counter was lonely them what was the fault of ATUL and RICHA.
CHANDAN is the name of the second police man. The size of his belly was no less than four basket ball's combined together.
As told to you earlier that RICHA is not a silent girl…the only person with whom she is gentle is ATUL and that to not all the time…that is the only reason he can only plead her for the things he want her to do.
"We have not come here on our own, someone has complained about both of you, you were found with her doing something which is socially not accepted" said RAGHAV
"Keep shut, how dare you say this about me, do you have a proof "said RICHA angrily.
And the volcano which ATUL tried to cool was again sprouting. He was speechless and just kept on gaping because after so many days he saw her expressing her anger.
"Madam you can go, I just want to talk to this boy "said CHANDAN
After listening those so called polite words from RICHA those khaki men found that it is not that easy to hand a girl like this…
Everyone the world know about the powers of the girls.
"Why should I go, what will you do with this boy "asked RICHA this time in a better tone.
"Do you know who this boy is"asked CHANDAN cleverly.
"No, not at all "this time RICHA very polite.
"Then why are you caring about him "said RAGHAV to get RICHA in her trap.
"It is because, when it will be asked that who is the girl with whom he was found then whose name will come up…yours…or mine" they were trying to become clever but she was always a step ahead of them.
"We will leave him; please ma am you can go now "said RAGHAV completely embarrassed.
"No ask him right here right now and please leave us now" she said.
"Where are you from?"Asked CHANDAN.
"Banaras"ATUL said
"What are you doing here?"
"I …I…I have come to meet my friend"
"Who is your friend?"
RICHA interrupted "is he some culprit that you are asking him like this".
"Please madam let us do our duty"RAGHAV said
"Your duty I have seen how you people do your duty. Is chewing tobacco throughout is your duty or inquiring any one without a cause is your duty" RICHA spitted out whatever was in her mind.
Till the time RICHA was indulged in a furious debate with RAGHAV, CHANDAN came closer to ATUL and told him
"You need not worry, just give 500 and go from here, rest of the things I will manage".
"Madam please go, please go I say "ATUL said.
Now that he knew why they were there and tried to get her out of trouble.
"You keep shut and listen here you mister who so ever you are I am being suspected here is just because of you and don`t talk to me."
ow what a good actress she is I felt.
But where ever acting comes from ATUL was second to none.
"Excuse me…who so ever you are miss…what so ever is you r name it's not only you who is being suspected, it`s me too and that too with you. This is the only time you got for your reservation…reserved girls "said ATUL confidently
"Why only I…was there no other time in your life to get reservation except today and that too at this period of time and better mind your words "again RICHA
By this time both the policemen were confused as to whether they were really strangers and if they were then those policemen were in loss…loss in the sense they will not be able to extract money …their sole aim for which they had come to the mall.
"I am sorry…God knows who is unfortunate but now you may go I will solve the case" ATUL requested to RICHA.
Sorry and please girls are so used to these words that they don`t have any impact of these on them…anyhow.
"Mind your own business, don`t try to become over smart" said RICHA
"Please go madam…I will manage "ATUL pleaded
"Please madam you go…we will manage "said the two police men in unison.
They said it this way because after spending this much of time with RICHA, it was clear to both of them that till the time she is here, their pockets will keep on starving.
RICHA went promptly but there was a mistake or a hint for the policemen to know that they were couple actually a love couple.
There was a chair in that hall in which RICHA had kept her purse and ATUL his sunglasses, now think for a moment why two strangers-who are cursing each other-will keep their items in the same place.
In spite of having so many different chairs in that hall. But ATUL was sure that they will not be able to touch the heights of intelligence and if they did so then what C.I.D.is for.
As soon as RICHA went… both of them turned to ATUL. See we have nothing to do with you just take a yellow paper…
||Yellow paper what is this?
OK everyone is having their code language from love to lovers… from crimes to criminals…from help to policemen.
They had various different codes for different money notes.
Green leaf: 100 rupees note.
Yellow leaf: 5 00 rupees note.
Red leaf: 1000 rupees note.
This was the range of these policemen and they never went beyond these.||
…and we will let you go or if you don`t agree anything may happen, media may come or even you may have to come with us to police station to give your statement and by the way your sunglasses they look very nice…wow see how clever they are slowly they indicated that they want ATUL`s sunglasses.
"Ok I will give you money but please let me go and I don`t want any record of mine."
"Ok just tell us the name of the girl"
"I told you a thousand times before that I don`t know who she is…but why are you not agreeing with me"
"Ok what is your mobile number?"
"9589752270" ATUL said
"Our 500"
"I am sorry to say that I have no money now and the most I can give you is 200 and no more than that".
ATUL suddenly changed his tone of talking as came to know that these are no other than those corrupted lot which is spoiling the name of POLICE.
"500"said CHANDAN gruelingly.
"Actually I don`t have money"
"hat no money" their face turned pale in desperation .
"I mean that I do not have money in cash it is in cards"
"Then give us your cards"
"do you know what are cards"
"yes, do you think I am an idiot…I know it very well you are talking about address cards"
Waah waah waah… there is no matter to laugh ,they can say it like this…had they ever thought that how they will get money through that card…yes they may go to ATUL`s home ask him money …leave it.
"oh no!!!it is an debit card"
"then we will get money"
"I have to go the ATM and withdraw money and then I can give you but just 200"
"No we want 500, no less than this will work or shall we call media people" said RAGHAV
"Then call them please, there is a lot to tell them about you people and what are you doing with me here" ATUL declared these lines as if he was the commissioner of that city.
"Ok,300 hundred will work but no less than that."
"Then you will have to wait here till the time I come back"ATUL said.
"No, we will also come along you" said CHANDAN.
"Why? Don`t you have faith on me?"
"faith…ha…ha…ha…listen to me my child, it`s mine 10th year of service and in this long period of time I have not been able to win the trust of you people, how can I trust you? The on whom I met few minutes back." said RAGHAV
"What trust are you talking about? it`s your duty to help people, not to prickle them, as you usually do, will this act of yours will gain you trust of ours…???
I won`t talk of things of past but just now a few minutes before you humiliated a girl, who came out of her home for a reservation but the one who is supposed to guard her is trying to make the most of the moment" after saying this much ATUL felt that he had spoken much but was feeling pride over himself that at least he has taken out all his outburst…and that too truth.
But those men were no less corrupt so as to leave him after this much humiliation, they was even greater than that ATUL had thought. They were like those of blood sucking parasites that do not leave their prey easily. For them humiliation was nothing because they were knowing that if they bear this humiliation they will be profited (in this case money) afterwards.
Suddenly ATUL`s phone rang.
It was RICHA but again a new problem.
"Who is calling you?"
"It is none of your business you burglars"
"Hey talk to us properly or I will…"
"You will what?"Interrupted ATUL" you will what? let them know your corrupted powers"
"Ok give us the money"
"I told you earlier that for money I need to go to the ATM"
"Ok so leave your mobile with us and get money"
"Don`t try to be over smart…if you want money, you have to wait here I will bring it for you here"ATUL said. "I'm not going to leave my mobile with you."
"What if…if you run"
"This is where faith lies "I pinched
"So we will come along you"
"It's ok but walk a few steps ahead of me or at the back, the choice is yours"
"Ok we will walk ahead of you"
ATM was on the next phase of that building. ATUL went out in a manner that he has no relations with the cops. Very soon they reached the ATM. ATUL went inside, came out and went close to them. While crossing next to that policeman he shook hands with him and the money was transferred…sins were overlooked…duty was transferred and more so ever their faith was transferred.
"What was the name of the girl?"
"Forget about it"
"And do change your SIM they may contact you for further details."
"The number I think might be of any of your relatives. Even I don't know whose number is that. Up to where I know neither number nor the name is mine. Go enjoy my money "said ATUL very frankly this time.
As he left them everything was OK but a question kept striking his mind time and again that who informed those bastards' that we are there. And these days life is too busy so who is having that much of time to think about others.
||Why life is busy???
Yes life is busy, it is not because people are losing time in taking their care it`s because they are spending time in looking what other`s are doing and these days people make a lot of money in getting into other`s affairs.||
Suddenly something stroke his mind and he thought of asking those policemen who gave him information about them and for that he will pay them money…because they were ready to do anything for money. ATUL rushed to the same place where he gave them money but they were not there. When he moving was back to his way he found those policemen standing with someone at the corner of the street. ATUL went closer but made it appoint not to go closer to give them a chance to notice him.
"thanks my friend, it`s just because of you that we enjoying our drinks now "said RAGHAV
"No, it's your good effort you took out ample amount of money from that innocent rather fool guy "said a man but his face was not visible but one thing was clear that he was a policeman because he was wearing khaki uniform.
"How would have we got to know that an idiot is there until and unless you informed us "said CHANDAN
"No, it's just because of my senior, who sent me for a reservation to that place and fortunately I saw them and informed you people."
"But I think it was not good to disturb those love birds." Sympathized RAGHAV.
"No my friends listen to me, I am a sharp policeman, when I saw them I immediately came to know that they don`t have any affair and with all possible conditions they were strangers. But that boy seemed to be fool. That is why I informed you in this way" said the man.
The man who came for reservation to the mall, the one whom ATUL had suggested to go to railway station. He was none other than that wicked POLICEMAN.
"Oh no, everyone is involved, I was conscious for each and everything-where to go, what to eat, when to eat, where to meet, how, when, where to kiss and all possible things but made a mistake on this aspect oh no" said ATUL to himself highly depressed.
Ignoring the thought of going to those policemen again and went on his way. Suddenly he recalled that RICHA had called him when he was busy with those 'great men' who are taking the country to the darker side.
"Hello, RICHA"
"Hi, how are you sweetheart" asked RICHA
||oh no!!!RICHA is calling ATUL sweetheart. Hearing this ATUL bounced up and walked a few metres above the ground.||
"I am terribly fine "I said
"Where are those cops now?"
"They are gone, all the needed was money"
"I knew they were there for that, almost all of them ask for the same thing."Said RICHA as if she knew everything about cops, may be, because her father is also a cop.
And suddenly she went down
"I told you not to go there today, I was feeling this, but no-you don`t understand me, my feelings, now see I was feeling so bad when I left you alone I just thought that what they will do to you. If they harmed you then… do you even know what would have happened to me. YOU ARE MY LIFE DAM-MED. She said all this in one go and always he was stubbed.
||You are my life dam-med means what??? Whatever she said whether good or bad …she always cared for him, for her he was her life and she speaks to him this way because she was irritated by the decision took by him…whatever she liked him.||
"I am sorry, sweety"
"Don`t call me sweetie my name is RICHA call me RICHA and about your sorry you say it thousand times a day. Do you ever feel it." My God again a volcano.
"But I LOVE YOU" expressed ATUL
Beep…beep…beep the line went off.
He again tried to make contact but the cell was switched off.
ATUL felt sorry for forcing her and thought of listening her to whatever she says and pay attention to what she did.ATUL was very sad at what he did today. He felt as his life was not with him. Even he was unable to sleep in the night. First point being her cell was switched off and that too she had not called and the very last time when he heard her weeping and the line went off, he was terrified what will happen now, will she talk him ever or not…God knows and second point it was because today he got to see a new phase of life, where he found that everyone in this mortal world is selfish. There are very few who care for others…rest of them are busy within themselves. But friend's life goes on and from my side just… MOOV ONN.
||At 11:00 pm||
His CORBY flashed a message
"~~~~~I LOVE YOU TOO~~~~"
After reading this message, he jumped out of his bed and came to his mind those days when he met her first…which I actually promised you somewhere in the middle to tell you later…
Have you ever heard of any one rising in LOVE …
They just fall in it…
You may never admire a diamond until you see it.
Same happened with ATUL; he never admired any girl because he never felt for anyone.
There were about 7 sections for each class in ATUL`s school .ATUL was in' A` section and RICHA was in `F`. Not even he knew when she was admissioned.
That was 14th November…children`s day when he first saw her. There was a cultural program going on. All the teachers were performing in the one or the other item.
She took a seat next to him.
ATUL is ATUL… for him girls were nowhere in his stratus.
But that day he time and again looked at her. It was not because he wanted to do so, it was because his heart forced him to do so.
Was this love at first sight …
Yes, it was but he realized it after wards.
She laughed with every event taking place on the ground that day and with every smile of her`s there was a bloom everywhere.
The one who never thought is now looking for…
Now look to his courage…it took him next two months to express his love.
As he was never familiar with the terms an d conditions of LOVE he had to crossover every bound of LOVE.
Firstly-he stared at her.
Secondly-he followed her.
Thirdly-he tried to meet her.
Fourthly--he tried to talk to her.
Fifthly-he tried to be friends with her.
Sixth-he shared a lot of things/thoughts
with her.
Seventh-he started feeling for her.
Eighth-he proposed her.
These last columns are vacant for the deeds which he will be following later in his course of life.
They started meeting each other, unknown to their parents…their LOVE flourished
As the days passed by they even felt deeper in love…and their love continued
Until I haven`t told you how RICHA fell in love. So you tell me one thing what does a girl want, a boy who must be good in studies-yes he was; good in sports-yes he was; good on looks-yes he was.
The qualities within him attracted everyone…his gentleness, his kindness, the way he was generous everything was excellent and RICHA wanted nothing
and this is how they fell in love.


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