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This is about how a new addition to a family can be amazing, no matter what situation you're in.

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You know, sometimes it's a lot easier for people to judge you, to make assumptions, than to look any deeper and try to see the real you. As much as it upsets me that the people here don't know why I'm here, it works to my advantage a lot of the time. People think I'm in this cell for murder, or rape, or something along those lines. My fellow inmates think I'm scary, they think I'm erratic, and easily provoked. If only they knew that this just a suit I put on, a mask that I wear, a disguise to get me through each day and keep people off my back. I look scary, with my scar on my left cheek and my toned body, which only adds to their underlying fear and false respect for me. I hated it here; it was filled with filthy, evil people. I waited for these days, the days when she was allowed to visit. She made it okay, she's the reason I'm getting out on good behaviour soon, though, she's also the reason I'm here. That one night of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a few words misplaced and my protective instincts for her just went into overdrive. I waited with my hands interlocked on the table in front of me; the usual act of intimidation in case the other inmates waiting for their visits were looking at me. My mask slipped almost immediately as I heard the doors open and waited with bated breath for her to appear in front of me. She walked into the hallway joining onto the visiting room, a white dress flowing around her knees, the same one she had worn on our third date, her long brown locks falling around her shoulders and framing her beautiful face perfectly. She was looking down as she walked, but I saw the anxiety and fear in her body language, immediately hating myself for secretly loving these meetings, for needing them to get through the week, because coming here terrified her. She looked up once as she entered the room and as soon as she had spotted me, she rushed over and sat down, exhaling loudly in relief. She smelt exquisite. Like home, and sunshine, basically she just smelt the way she always had and I thanked the lord every time that she came in here that that smell hadn't changed one bit. I wanted to reach over and brush my hand against hers, or let my fingertips trail over her soft cheeks, I could care less for visiting rules right now, the only reason I obey the rules is so I can return to this woman.

"I missed you" I practically breathed the words; she smiled sadly and nodded in agreement, staying quiet. I can't see her eyes; they're focused on the floor and I would give anything in this moment to just reach over and gently lift her chin, stare into her amazing hazel eyes until her words come spilling out, and she explains why she is upset. Fear grips me from the inside, thinking maybe she doesn't want to be with me any more, which makes much more sense then her being with me, why would a perfect girl like her stay with a sinner like me?

"I have some good news," I offered into the silence between us, she looked up then and I saw the same hope that was warming my insides fill her eyes, she looked at me urgently, waiting for me to continue,

"I got early leave on good behaviour, I should be out of her in two months, four tops" I told her quickly, rushing through my sentences and waiting for her reaction impatiently. She held her hand to her mouth, as if holding in a sob, or a scream and she just continued to stare at me. It was just for a second, and if I wasn't focusing on her so hard then I probably wouldn't have noticed it, but the hand that wasn't on her mouth, wrapped around her stomach, like she was protecting something, or embracing it. When she noticed me looking, the tears that were building in the corners of her eyes started to fall and she let out a little sob.

"I'm pregnant" She whispered, her eyes filled with hope and anticipation. My world froze and suddenly I was looking at her in a whole different light, she was my newly wedded wife, and now the mother of my child. She looks like she's almost glowing, and I can't hide the grin that spreads across my face as she laughs in relief at my reaction. Not caring about anything else but her, I pull her close and kiss her quickly and passionately on the lips , then breaking apart just as quickly and settling back on the seat with the grin still etched onto my face. Luckily, the guards hadn't noticed and as I sneakily took her hand under the table, and squeezed it, trying to communicate to her the joy that was filling me with every breath I drew in.

"I love you," I murmured, "And I love our baby" She wiped away a tear hastily and then placed that hand on top of mine and we sat there and whispered confessions of our love and plans for this beautiful new addition to our family until the bell rang for her to leave.


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