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Short story By: shubham pandey


Submitted:Jul 24, 2010    Reads: 7,482    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

It was a nice and cool Sunday morning. I was waiting for Aadil at the mansrovar park's gate. Aadil was my best friend and still after so many years our friendship remains unbroken. He is a nice guy and I always needed his advice whether it was about studies or it was about watching a porn movie. But there was only one problem , his anger was his biggest problem. I think that is the reason why he needed me all the time. I still remember the day when we became friends. It was in 8th standard and both of us were standing outside the class as a punishment for not bringing our English textbooks. It was the beginning of our friendship. I helped Aadil in many ways and now it was his turn to help me.

He came running in to the park. Though I do not show anger usually but I did show it to him to let him know that I too can get angry. I shouted, "where the hell were you, don't you know how much important this day is for me." He explained, "sorry buddy! Chill, anger doesn't suits you, dad had some work and you know that I cannot say no to him. I came back to normal and asked him, "so tell me, what and how will I tell, I mean tell me the way or the process or the whatever!" He laughed, "hahahaha,,wooooh! Was it a joke or you are serious? There is no process dude."

I requested, "Aadil, I don't know how to chat with a girl and you want me to propose her, I am really nervous, can't we do it some other day?" he became angry and yelled, "shut up! You have been loving her since 3 years. Grow up man, have guts and say it to her or one day you will see her with someone else and the you will feel bad." Aadil was right but I was nervous as this was my first time. Aadil continued his motivational speech, "dude! Competition in this field is very high, you know the whole school is after her and tell me what after one year when we all will leave the school then how would you find her." I replied, "But I don't know her, I have talked to her barely 2 or 3 times and that too only about studies." He joked, "no one chat with a girl about porn in the first meeting." I replied, "very funny! Have you ever proposed a girl." He smiled and said, "many times, not a big deal." Truly said love is not a deal.

It was 8 on the clock now and many people were in the park. I was getting more nervous and wanted to run away. I moved to Aadil and begged, "Please, let's go, please bro, see so many people are jogging now and if she gets angry then." He got frustrated, "you are such a looser." As I was about to reply he again interrupted me in between, "hey! She is here." I was freezed but managed some words, "where , where, where is she?" He laughed, "stupid! She is not a lion who would eat you." I replied, "right now she is more than a lion to me."

Meera came with her father that day and that added to my fear. Aadil surprised, "oh! She is with her father." I yelled, "what! You said she comes alone for jogging, now what?" Aadil replied, "just wait a bit, let me see." After five minutes Aadil came back and said, "his father is talking with someone and meera is jogging, so when she comes here you must stop her and then reveal your feelings."

I was nervous as meera was coming nearer to me. Aadil sat on the ground and acted as if he is doing yoga. Finally she was close to my eyes, I closed my eyes and called her, "hey meera!". I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me. She replied back, "hey, are you calling me!". I said, "yes, aaaaaccccctuaaalllyy…..nnnnoo." my heart was beating @800 beats per sec(to be precise). Aadil cleared his throat. I understood what he meant. I saw her again as she was staring continuously at me with. I answered, "ya, it was me." She came to me and questioned, "if I am not wrong than you are Om Awasthi!" she knew my name. I answered, "ya". I kept it short. She smiled, "so are you here for jogging." I said, "ya".

Aadil was overacting and I could see that. He was doing yoga as if a dog was breathing. I was happy that Baba Ramdev was not there. Meera noticed him and remarked, "hey! Look at him, looks like a joker." Aadil stopped his excersise and looked at me. I turned my face to meera. After 30 seconds of silence, I finally managed some words, "I wanted to tell you something." She said, "me too." Aadil started the yoga again. I replied, "what? I mean what do u want to say?" she requested, "would you please help me out with my history project." Well, I thought something else but still I was happy. I agreed, "why not! I would love to help you." She smiled, "o god! Thank you so much, actually I don't know how to thank you." My heart replied but my mouth kept shut, "say I love you." She continued, "I am very bad at history and I know you are brilliant at it, I wanted someone who could help me and see today I met you." I was proud that I was good at history.

I thought that now I must break my slilence too. I proposed, "I wanted to tell you something." Now Aadil got up again and started doing push- ups. Meera and me turned our heads to him and watched his stupid excersie. Meera started laughing and said, "I think this guy is crazy." After listening this Aadil got up and started me and then sat on a bench.

I was still looking at aadil and I felt like he wanted to tell me something when meera asked, "so you wanted to tell something?" I did not showed any nervousness and said, "I LOVE YOU." She was frezzed. I thought she got upset with me and that is why I wanted to explain her that how much I loved her but she interrupted me in between, "Dad, this is Om, he is my classmate." I thought, "DAD! Why is she calling me dad?" then I saw her eyes looking at someone else. Her father was right behind me. I was near to a heart attack but thank god meera was in my heart to control it. I looked for Aadil but that bastard was nowhere to be seen. He left me in the middle of this.

Meera introduced me ," Om! He is my dad"

I was so scared that I was not hearing anything properly. I replied, "DEAd!..oh dad!..ok…ok….he is your dad…great,,,,that's graeat…! Then I asked a question that I should have not asked," hello sir! How arr you?"

He replied, "I am fine, I hope you are just her classmate." This was another shocker. I could see nervousness on meera's face. I replied, "Yes sir, I am her class mate only." Meera joined, "Dad! Om is helping me in my history project."

Her dad changed his expression a bit and said, "oh really! So nice of you son, thank you very much."

I replied in a typical Bollywood style, "this is my duty sir, she is my classmate, please no need to thank me sir." I saw meera smiling. His dad thanked me again and asked meera, "I am going to Mr. Mehta's house, tell your mother to get ready, we have to leave by 10 for the brunch and you must wear salwar kameez as commissioner uncle will be there too." Meera replied, "ok dad."

After he was gone I asked meera, "you guys know commissioner, thats awesome." She explained, "my father himself is assistant commissioner of police." This was another bomb on me. I don't want to use these words again and again but in reality I was freezed and shocked. I managed a smile, "oh really,,great,,great…very good." She said, "I have to go now." I stopped her, "but you did not answer." She turned to me and replied, "I cannot say anything now, I want sometime, you cannot force me to love you." I answered, "No, not at all, take your time but do reply." She smiled and said, "ok,and hey I loved that 'it's my duty thing'..hehehe." she went back to her home.

I searched for the bastard Aadil who left me in middle of all this. I wanted to kick him hard on his ass. The bastard was eating 'chole bhature' outside the park. I yelled on him loudly, " You fucker, wait there, I am going to kill you." He ran fast but I ran faster. I got him and then he started his explaination, "I was giving you signal, I did push -ups so that you could see me, and you fool!, you saw me but did not see your father in law coming but what did she say!" I left him and sat on a bench and said, "She wants sometime, I have told her to reply, I hope she loves me." Aadil said, "Great, At least there is a hope." He started walking back to the gate when I asked, "where are you going now?" he answered, "I left my 'chole bhature….20rs per plate dude…we will meet in the evening bye.". Bloody Aadil is always hungry.

The next day at school I met meera again during lunch time. I gave her the notes so that she could make her history project. I said, "here it is, you can copy it down and then you may read it." She became happy and said, "great, you brought it, this means a lot to me, thank you Om." I replied, "c'mon, just a help." She asked me, "Where are you going for summer holidays?" I replied, "I am not going anywhere, I love enjoying Delhi's heat." She giggled, "ah really, that's strange." I asked her the same question, "so are you done with your thinking?" she replied, "Om, you are a good boy, you helped me too but I cannot be your girl friend because you helped me, I need to spend some time and then decide, I hope you understand." I answered, "Yes, I understand, you are right."

After the summer break, we continued our schooling. We met on regular basis out of the school. But after one month I asked meera, "It is three months now, have you decided?" she smiled and said, "I will send u message today." I waited for the message. At 9 o'clock my cell phone beeped. I checked the message and read it. It was written

"Om, I know you love me and we have been friends for the past three months but still you did not notice one thing about me. They say love is blind and yes it is, and I could see you are in love. But I don't know that love is. I hope you understood what I wanted to say."

This was a very confused message. I was not able to understand that what she wanted to portray in her message. I did not sleep that night. Next day, Aadil came to my home and he read that message.

Aadil said, "Are you sure this girl is not making a fool out of you?" I was sitting on my bed.

I replied, "No, she is not a bad girl who plays with boy's emotions, she wanted sometime may be she still wants more time."

Aadil asked, "Ok, this is what your heart says, now let your brain do the thinking." I kept silent. Aadil was getting frustrated. He thought meera was playing with my emotions.

He argued, "how can you love this girl who do not understand that how much you love her, stupid she is playing with you, she likes playing with boys, I know these kind of girls, kind of bitches!" I was not able to hold myself back and I slapped Aadil. I yelled, "I permit you to show your anger all the time that doesn't mean that you would say anything, just anything." He stared at me but I did not want to look in his eyes. We stood there for almost five minutes till Aadil broke his silence, "you know what, you really love that girl because you slapped your childhood friend for her, Take Care bro." Aadil left the room after saying this.

It was the last day of our final exams. I did not talk to meera after that message. Aadil too never came to my home. I lost my childhood friend because of meera and now I wanted an answer for her silence. I wanted all the answers from her today. After the exams I saw meera discussing answers of the questions with her friends, she looked at me once and then turned her head. When all her friends went away, I went to her and called, "meera! I want to talk to you, would you please give me some time as I gave you enough." She turned to me and said, "Say." I asked, "Why are you doing this to me, why don't you answer, why don't you say a straight "NO" on my face." Meera tried to walk back but I held her back and said, "Today, you have to give me the answer, I lost my best friend because of you." She slapped me and said, "Do you want to hear a straight "NO" then heat it..i don't love you..alrite."she started walking back again but I stopped her, "you have to give the reason, why did you played with me for 3 months then, answer me." She kept silent.

Meera turned to me and replied, "then listen Mr. Om Awasthi, on 8th may 2008 I met you in the park and after three months on 6th june I received my ECG report in which It was written that there is a hole in my heart, the doctor has said that I may die any second or maybe I die when I am 80 but that is rare. My Mom was not able to digest this fact that her daughter could die any moment, and she went in coma. After all this how can I love you? , I used to have problem while talking but you never noticed. But I started liking you and when I thought that I will say 'yes' then this happened. My heart has a hole, tell me where should I keep you, tell me Om,tell me. Meera started crying and I was dumbstruck.

I said, "I always loved you meera, it does not matter if you have a hole in your heart or not, I still love you and I promise you that nothing will happen to you, say do you love me." She replied back, "still you love me after knowing all this, please Om don't love me." I repeated, "do you love me or not?" after few seconds she replied, "Yes, I love you but…." I interrupted, "no buts now, from now onwards everything will be fine, I am in your heart now, let me fill that hole." She hugged me and again cried. I knew she would not have stopped crying, that's why I did not stopped her.

I went back to my home with meera. I wanted meera to meet my father. My father knew a doctor who was a heart Specialist, I knew there would be some way out. When I reached there I saw Aadil waiting for me at the gate. He looked at me and meera. He came to me and said, "so, what did she said?" I replied, "she said 'yes'." Aadil smiled and I smiled back. I questioned, "why did you came after 6 months, any reason?" he replied, "I did not wanted to come but you know this that I cannot live without you and also I saw DIL CHAHTA HAI last night." I started laughing and so did Aadil, meera was feeling like an alien. I hugged him and said, "You are always going to be my best friend." I won back my friend, I got my love and I learnt one thing that day.

I learnt that you cannot force anyone to love you. Give time to your love. Give your relationship a time and understand that person. But never leave that person because she or he is taking a long time. Each person has her or his problems. Meera took almost a year to say those three magical words because she had a problem and she did not wanted to involve me in her problems. Sometimes we do not give the time to our love and then we feel regret all our life.

Meera and I are getting married on 8th may, the same day when I revealed my feelings to her. It might not have been possible if Aadil was not there.

At last

In the words of st. Augustine…

"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and A FORTUNATE ACCIDENT."



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