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this is a love story involving two guys and one girl. it is a beautiful love story with lots of emotions....have a good read.
Diljeet loves anshikha but anshika loves Raj, anshika does not knows if raj loves her or not but knows that diljeet loves her but she cannot love diljeet.

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"Lucky is the man who is
the first love of a woman,
but luckier is the woman who is
the last love of a man."

I was a rude, tough, enraged kind of guy in my college. It was my second year in the college. I had around 50 fights with almost everyone including the seniors as well as classmates during the last one year. I did not believed in love and felt that love is nothing but an act of drama. I hate girls and the way they were. I don't know the reason but I was a male chauvinistic. I was far from love and being loved but life has something else on offer for me. Yes, I fell in love.

It was the 1st day of august an all the seniors of the college were ready to welcome the fresher or to say they were ready to rag them. But I hated ragging, I warned each and every boy and girl in the college beforehand that if anyone is caught ragging the fresher then he or she will not left unpunished. My friend Anshul announced the same in the canteen, "Diljeet has warned that if anyone is found ragging the newcomers, then he or she won't be left unpunished." But Raghav who hated me like anything and wanted to take my position as the don of college did the mistake.

Raghav was ragging not a boy but a girl when I saw him. I ran to him and slapped him hard on his face. I kicked him hard on his back and kept on hitting him. My Friend were doing the same with his friends. I decided to punch him on his face. I was about to punch him when I heard a voice, "please, please don't hit him." It was the same girl who was getting ragged by Raghav. I saw her and just kept my eyes on her.those true eyes too pure and too honest in augh to disguise the sweet soul shining through them. It is said that there is a way from the eyes to your heart that does not go through intellect and this is what happened with me. My eyes were fixed on her. Her blue eyes, the nose ring, the red lips, and the black hair. I was lost in her when Raghav pushed me back and escaped. I did not Cared to chase him as I wanted to just see her for the next 3 years to come. I did not felt like this before in my life, but this girl in yellow salwar kameez was someone very special and different. I can't differentiate her from the other girls but why was she looking so special as if she had come for me.

She was scared of me as she thought that I am the don of this college, of course she was right. The drop tears came in her eyes and then she ran away to her classroom. Anshul shouted, "Diljeet! What happened?" I came back to normal and replied, "ahh, nothing!" Anshul questioned, "why were you looking at her in that manner." I showed anger so as to let him know that I was not lost in her beauty. I yelled on him, "Do you want a slap from me? Go away and do your work." After Anshul went away I followed that girl. She entered B.A.(HISTORY HONS) classroom. I was happy as I too was a student of the same course.

The next day, I saw her in pink skirt and god, she was looking so beautiful. She looked at me and I looked at her. Our eyes met but there was fear in her eyes for me. I ordered Anshul, "Go and get some information about her." Anshul was surprised as I was asking for a girl's information. He asked. "Bro! Are you fine today?" I warned him, "Just do what I say or.." Anshul followed her and came back after 5 minutes. He informed me, "I saw her going to B.A class, the professor told me that she had transferred herself from GS WOMEN'S COLLEGE to our college."I asked him, "Where is she now?" He answered, "Of course in the class, now don't say that we have to attend classes..huh." I replied, "Yeah, you are right, let's go to the class." Anshul got shocked after listening this as we were about to break our year long record of not attending even one college since the time we started college. He stopped me, "what? But why do we need to attend the class? We don't come to attend classes." I did not cared to listen him and walked straight to the class.

I was standing at the door of the class when Professor Sinha saw me and got surprised. He felt lucky. He welcomed us, "Oh! My lord, I am so lucky that Mr. Diljeet Khanna and his friends are here." I smiled at him which was a rare expression on my face. He again opened his big mouth, "But son! How come you lost your way." He made me angry but I answered him, "shut your mouth and start the lecture." I never respected the professors. I sat beside her. The professor continued his lecture but who was there to listen the history about India's Independence struggle, I was there to see her. But there was someone who was getting tortured by professor's lecture and that someone was my Friend anshul who was abusing me. He was looking at me seriously but professor saw him and shouted, "Anshul, what are you doing, c'mon tell me who discovered America?" Poor Anshul got up answered, "I think it was Brad Pitt, what do you think sir!"

The next day in the cafeteria, I saw her again and every time I saw her my heart used to experience a different kind of feeling. A bright smile came on my face. Anshul said, "Bro! You are falling in love, I can see that." I tried to change my expression and replied, "Don't make me angry again or I will…" he interrupted me, "Shut up! Don't show me your fake anger, I am noticing you since last two days, whenever you see that girl then you start smiling, you look so stupid with a smile."I took him to a corner and said, "You are not going to say this to anyone else but the fact is that I really like her." He replied, "the whole college knows about yours and hers love story, if you like her then go and say to her that you like her." I abused and shouted at many girls without any fear but ironically when I was going to talk to a girl with love then I was getting nervous. But due to Anshul's motivation, I decided to try my luck. I went to her table where she was enjoying a cup of coffee with her friends. Watching me coming, all her friendswnet awayand left her alone and then she saw me. She dropped the cup out of fear.

I greeted her, "Hi, How are you?" she stood up from the chair and started walking back. I stopped her, "please stop!" the whole cafeteria was turned into library as this was the first time anyone heard a word called "please" from my mouth. I continued, "Don't get scared, I am Diljeet Khanna, I just wanted to be your friend." She replied back, "but I don't! Please leave my way." I asked the reason. "But why? I mean I would love to be your friend, actually let me come to the point, I love you and wanted you as my lover." She slapped me hard on my face and everyone in the canteen saw Diljeet getting slapped for the first time in college and that too from a girl. Anshul got angry and tried to do the same but I stopped him. I asked her again, "But why can't you love me?" She replied back, "Because I love someone else, got it?" I was dumbstruck and felt like slapping her. I controlled myself and she went away. When you control your anger then that anger converts into tears and comes out and this is what happened with me. I cried, during the last 8 years there was no one who made me cry, not even my parents but this girl mad me cry.

A week after

I was sitting in the cafeteria alone when she came. She greeted me, "Hi." I was shocked to see her again talking to me. I greeted her back, "oh H!" She looked at me and apologized, "I am really sorry for what I did that day, I should not have slapped you, I know how it feels when your proposal is turned down but I cannot love you as I love someone else." I felt great when I heard this from her. I asked, "But whom do you love?" she pointed her finger at raj who was sitting outside the cafeteria on a table going through his notes. He was the topped in the science subject and a decent boy but not so much blessed with good looks. We sat on chair and she continued, "I saw raj during the college fest when he came to sing that song "show me the meaning of love", I never thought that a guy like him can sing so well, I was not able to forget him and before I knew myself, I was in love." I asked her, "Do you love singing?" she answered, "yeah, but why?" I was cursing myself that I did not went to the singing classes when my mom was forcing me, may I could have got last chance to get her back, at least in the race to get her." I replied, "oh nothing! I just asked, i feel that I can help you but before help you have to be my friend." She became happy and explained, "This is the reason why I transferred myself to this college, it would be great if you help, I am anshika." We shook hands and became friends.

I was happy to know her name and I kept on chanting her name all day but I cried all night as I wanted to erase all my dreams of me being with her as boy friend. I wanted to kill raj but anshika loved him. He was one lucky boy indeed.

It was Monday and raj was to come to cafeteria to have some coffee as he usually used to do according to his rigidly followed routine. I and anshika was waiting for him there only. Anshika was to talk to him that day and needless to say that she was nervous. I confirmed, "Are you sure Mr. hairoil comes to cafeteria as I have never seen him in cafeteria ever." She got upset as I used the name Mr. Hair oil to raj. She warned me, "don't call him this or I will.." I apologized, "sorry girl! But he puts tons of Hair oil on his hair." Finally he came and sat on the table next to ours. He was a complete geek. I thought, "why is this girl in love with this boy, really love is blind."I asked anshika to meet him but she was nervous.

He left the cafeteria after few minutes. We followed him as he entered into the library. I said, "you wait here, I am coming in a minute." She stopped me, "don't hit him or abuse him?" I enraged, "who do you think am i? Hitler, mad or what..huh? I went into the library and sat next to him. He was reading a book. I snatched the book from him and warned him, "listen to me, there is a girl standing outside the library and she loves you, so just go to her and say that you also love her or I will break your 206 bones into 602 pieces, do you get it?" he got scared but was showing some fighting attitude. He shouted, "who the hell are you to tell me all this, just go away." I replied back, "who am I? what am I? This is not the issue but you get one thing in your head clearly that I cannot see anshika crying." He surprisingly replied, "Are you talking about anshika?" I answered, "Yes." He got surprsied, "she loves me? But I thought that you and anshika are in love." I explained, "These are just rumors, the fact is that she loves you and it is only because of you that she has taken admission in this college and that too in her second year, do you love her?" He answered, "she proposed me at the college fest last year but I did not replied as I gave importance to my studies over her but after few days I started liking her and when she came to our college then I thought that I must propose her but again you came as hurdle."

I was happy to know that he loved her. I said, "No dude, I don't like girls but when she told me that she loves you then I thought that I could help her meet you, now go and propose her." Raj looked at me and replied, "Hey Diljeet! I think you love her and you should do it rather." I shouted at him, "I told you that I don't love her, why don't you go to her and propose?" I turned back as I did not wanted to look in his eyes, I was near to start crying again which I did not wanted. Raj repeated, "But you cannot see what I can see, I can see you changing, you are a changed guy, you are here for the cause of love, this is the first time that Diljeet khanna is doing something for a girl, I can see that you are in love and I don't want to see the same old Diljeet again." I argued, "I am still the same guy and I hate girls, this is the last time I am telling you that go to her." He argued back, "This is why you can't see me eye to eye because you don't want to show me the love for anshika that you have hidden in your eyes."I turned back to him and shouted, "Yes, Yes I love her and when she told me that she loves you then I felt like killing you but the fact is that she loves you madly and she loves you more that I love her, I am not a person with whom any girl would like to be with or fall in love, so you go to her and keep her happy."

I turned back to leave but saw anshika standing just behind me. I did not know that she heard everything. She said, "I never knew that you love me so much, I don't know what to do, should I follow what my heart says or..?" I interrupted, "There are no two options in love, anshika, you love raj and raj loves you, I will always be thankful to you that you changed me and told me the real meaning of love, now there is no need to get filmy, let's not discuss it further, go to raj." Raj tried again, "but Diljeet…" I cut him in between, "Now No ifs and buts." I pushed anshika towards raj and then warned him, "Mr. hairoil propose her and keep her happy or I will ….I will…break your jaws." I was in tears but the tears were inside me. I wanted to cry but at the same time I was happy for Raj and Anshika. Raj proposed Anshika, "I love you." Anshika looked at me and I nodded my head. She replied, "Yes, I love you too." They both hugged each other and don't know why but in a matter of 5 minutes all the pain, jealousy was gone and my heart was feeling happy. All the students who were in the library were whistling and clapping. The library was turned into a Cafeteria. That's Diljeet for you.

After 5 years.

Five years are passed and I am in my car on my way to the city hospital as anshika is going to deliver her first child.

Raj informs me, "hey Diljeet, IT'S A BABY BOY."

I reply joyfully "really ! congrats bro, where is Anshika?"

He replies, "she is in this room, come with me."

We enter the room. Anshika is kissing, hugging and doing everything which a woman does when she becomes a mother. She looks at me and smiles and I return the smile back. I have never seen her so happy. She asks, "Do you know his name?" I reply, "No, what's his name?" I look at raj as he smiles. Both of them together says, "His name is Diljeet mehra." It is so sweet of them.

I tell you something, love is a complete madness, yeah it is, believe me. It is the most beautiful feeling that erupts in you even before you know and dies only when you die. I still love Anshika but I know that she loves raj and more than loving her, now I respect her and her decision to choose her love which came straight from her heart. If she would had chose me than it might had been a decision from her brain and as they say brain takes the correct decisions in life but when it comes to love then this job should be better left to heart. If I cannot understand her feelings then how can I say that 'I love her.' Every one falls in love but I was the first human who arises in love.

As for me, I am happy, yes I am not lying, I am really very happy as Anshika and Raj are happy.


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