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Tell Me You Love Me (And I'll Say Yes)

Short story By: Si Cotic

A short story that I wrote for a friend.......but I also used it as a descriptive/narritavie essay we had to write for English.......hope you enjoy.

Submitted:Feb 7, 2012    Reads: 64    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

The early-eveining wind blew softly around the ancient built orchard, carrying with it the sweet smell of blooming roses as it fluttered through peacefully, resting trees and swayed the grass beneath our feet, every strand swaying peacefully to its own melody. In the distance the sun slowly drifted to sleep, splashing the sky in bright colours of pinks, oranges, reds, yellows, purples and blues and soft, fluff filled clouds hung in the post-twilight sky, gently floating to and fro as the earth rotated. The chirps of nostalgic birds enveloped the evening's sound as they hurriedly yet gracefully glided above our heads and swooped down into the safety of their homes;settling in to watch as the last few rays of a Sunday slowly disappeared beyond the vast, blue-white horizons of mountains. His crystal blue eyes glimmered as a new moon appeared above a sky of navy blue littered with glittering stars; it's rays illuminating the world around us - painting everything within it's pool of light, a distant silvery colour. His sandy blonde hair swayed as the wind picked up, shaking the night back to life before sending it falling into his eyes, creating delicate shadows and erotic patterns among his delicately chiselled face. A slow whipping of a sort filled our ears as the amethysts coloured dress that clung neatly to my figure fluttered out into the wind, whisking about as the breeze blew in and out of it, pulling it in and out like a child on a swing. A soft, dark brown curtain fell between our faces, covering half a side of my pale but delicately featured face and danced gently in the wind, flowing in and out, to and fro. Without a word, he dropped gracefully to the floor, swooping down to his chinos claded knees like an eagle swooping down to catch its prey; his hair moving slightly out of his face as he looked up, resembling a statue of a Greek god, his face fully exposed to the silvery glow of the moon. In the distance the sweet yet mildly importunate chirping of midnight insects filled the evening's atmosphere, bringing with it a sense of romantic disclosure with it. Night birds sang their midnight calling's to each other, forming a simple yet abstract symphony of melodies. The sweet, unbreakable silence between the two of us never ceased as he simply remained kneeled upon the grassy covered floor, his eyes communicating unspoken messages as he bore holes into my muddy brown eyes. A sweet, loving sound cascaded my thoughts as he opened his mouth, releasing a sound I had waited for all night, a sound so dear and gentle that I cherished with every fibre capable of cherishing. His lips parted and formed a small smile as he continued to stare upwards into my eyes, his hands shuffling-searching- inside the pockets of his pants in search of a tiny object. A deliciously sweet fragrance of night blooms and moon flowers pregnanted the night's calmness. A couple of stranded leaves of multiple colours gently rolled among the soft undergrowth near their resting place and drifted further away into the night with the breeze. "Tell me you love me..." A minuscule yet shy smile encroached at the corners of my soft pink lips as I peered down at the ring in the box, his eyes sparkling with wisps of hope as he glanced back up at me, box help in hand. His carefully planned smile faltered for a slight second before it vanished in the depth of the shadows around his face. His eyes took on a different look, a look of despair and dismay...a look of complete discouragement and secret before his face hardened in to a mask of disgust and dishonesty. "If I did, I'd be lying." He stood up, shoulders slumped over as if in defeat and slowly trek his way out into the deserted night. No more sound was uttered as all stood still and watched his retreating figure pulverised into the darkened, howling night. "...and I'll say yes....". Tears dribbled down my cheeks and fell to the earth, damping the tortured grass as I stood above it trying to gathered my last strings of strengths before everything went black and my once alive figured merged with the ground.


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