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One Letter (For EverAfterDarling's contest)

Short story By: SkyrimFreak

At SilverMeadow high, nothing is ever normal. Except one 14 year-old boy named Christian. He's not a jock, nerd, emo, popular kid, or a rebel. He's just...Normal. But Zoe isn't. She's not a nerd, but a geek. Ask her any question about star wars, star trek, lord of the rings, Harry Potter, or anything else you can think of and she will give you the answer in a heartbeat. However, she's bullied. Big time. Can one love letter change everything for the two?

Submitted:Feb 21, 2014    Reads: 43    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

A/N: I really hope you enjoy this short-story for EverAfterDarling's new contest! Before you read on, please take a look at the summary/description so you know what is going on. Thank you!

The hallway of SilverMeadow highschool was completely insane. Kids running around to different lockers looking for last minute suplies, texting madly on their phones, or even stalking their crush. All because of the prom. Christian was in on it to-not as crazily though. He ran to his history class, which was boring as always, and all his other classes before lunch. Luuuuuunch. Everybody was barbaric at lunch time. Christian went over to the seat he sat in every day and saw a small, minty green paper sitting there. Minty green was his favorite color.He picked it up and read:

Dear Christian

My name is not important, but you are. You have captured my heart and kept it locked away since 5th grade, and I would like to go to the prom with you. If you consider it, look for me near the punch bowl. I have brown eyes, and long blond hair. Christian thought it was a bit cheesy, but very cute. He just hoped it wasn't a prank...

~the prom~

Zoe stood by the punch, waiting for her knight to appear. She waited...And waited...And waited still. But there was no Christian. He's not coming. He's going to reject me by not showing up. Zoe thought wiping a single tear off of her cheek. But then-Christian appeared. He was holding her letter, HER'S! Zoe smiled and skipped over to him. "Hello Christian." she said somewhat shyly. "That's-that's my letter." Christian smirked. Then he said "Cool. I thought maybe the writer of this letter would be ugly. I'm a very lousy guesser aren't I?" Zoe was grinning from ear to ear.


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