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For the Lost Love

Short story By: sorenangel1826

He wanted to be a doctor. She wanted to be a writer. Two different people Fate brought together..
A love that is growing...
A love that died...

Submitted:Mar 15, 2008    Reads: 192    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

It had all started with repartees when they were young. She, an aspiring writer, and He, who wants to be a doctor someday but changed plans midway, were an example of a romance story that had turned foul somewhere on their way. She wants to be a celebrated author who had marked the entire world with her works of arts in the literary world like the authors whose books she reads. He wants to be a doctor or so he says, for he doesn't know what he really wanted to do.
They didn't know that the other exists until Fate decided for them to meet. They were not acquainted with each other fully, until One put them together. At first, they didn't talk to each other, until One sparked the relationship which we will later find out what happened. They bicker at first and then started to annoy each other, and many people found them as a cute couple, in which they denied at first. In time came when they were separated from each other, and He became shy around her, avoiding her at all cost while She desperately tries to reach him just to annoy the hell out of him as she did when they were still together. Sometimes She gets frustrated, thinking how stupid it is to be the one who's making the first move. And yet She can't stop making the first move, because she thinks that if she didn't do anything, something written in their lives won't happen accordingly to what is planned.
The two of them were in constant look out for each other without knowing it entirely. They just thought that it's just normal for they walk into each other million of times, but they didn't recognize the thing that's starting to grow in them. She had become fond of Him, while He became discreet; not wanting to be noticed at all but can be easily noticed by Her in some way they don't know. When time permitted them to be together again, they were both avoiding each other, thinking that it's preeminent not to let their emotions get the best of them. But one cannot stop Love, especially if it persists stubbornly.
Time gave them a chance to say what they are feeling for each other, a letter in a guise of a project; She wrote a letter of farewell to him, while He poured out in a jumbled way which she didn't notice at first until she got a better look at it of what he really feels for her. One may find it funny for it was She who's straightforward and blunt, sometimes coded in a way of a limerick, when she put her thoughts in writing as well in actions while He needs prodding and encouragement to finally realize what he really felt. Their friends always tease them to each other when either one of them is in the other's vicinity. Maybe that's how it all started. And when they finally got together, everyone seems to have an eye out for them, especially their friends who would tease them endlessly.
It seems like a wonder, two persons with no similar interests except for the love that binds them together ended up in a relationship. She has a few friends and she treasure them, and she treasure him above all, while He has a lot of friends, though he only go with his first friends he had met when he first came to that place. Their relationship was going on smoothly, and that bothered Her entirely for it only means a big disaster will fall. It's not just she had read too many books and had read too many situations that's somehow like that, but it's only natural. And she wasn't wrong to think like that, for their relationship ended abruptly that she forgot her composure and became that pitiful being she had left behind since then. It was such a blow to her as if he had stroke her mercilessly with those words he had said that she was shattered to pieces. But she didn't see through that coldness the pain of his sacrifice he was forced to make for her. She was blinded with grief that she didn't see it, until now, and she regrets every word she had uttered and thought of him which seems to be from her cold-hearted side. She had failed to take His feelings into account, thinking only herself and she wondered why she failed to see that. His words had guided her blind eye to the truth of what she really is and if only Fate would permit it, she wanted to correct all the things she made wrong.
She got her friend back, a fellow whom she lost after having an unspoken argument, and the other guy, a friend four years older, who wanted to court her and whom she rejected, but the cost was so huge that she doesn't know what to do. She walks on blindly; supported by shadows she can't recognize who always bring her tracks to his. They were too embarrassed to talk to each other, let alone have a lengthy discussion as they did in the past. He avoids her as he did when they were first separated from each other, but unlike in the past, he doesn't say anything or smile to her when their paths meet. Instead, he cast down his eyes and looks the other way, as if the spot she's occupying is but empty air. Because of the pride that made her neck stiff and made her strong through the years where those people around her talk about things about her and who puts on a friendly face in front of her, she hasn't got the strength to bent it. She desperately tried in vain to bend it, but with successive failures. She now only hopes that she could put it in writing, of how she's sorry of the things she had said to him, even if he'll say or think that she's overreacting, exaggerating, and complicating matters. He should, by now, know that she's a writer and writers are known to exaggerate things, twist the mind of the people reading their works with written words for written words are their only weapon against antagonists. She only hopes that he'll accept her apology of how she acted, and that someday he'll come back for her to pick her up again from the abyss into which he had let her fall down into that day when he extricated their relationship. She continued to wear the thing he had given her, in which he have the other pair in his hand. She hopes that someday, he'll realize that her love for him is no mere infatuation. She's been alone for sometime until he found her, and will be alone again but now she's going to wait for him to come back, no matter how long that will be for he's the only joy of her life.


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