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Wilma & Willie-Romance Short Story

Short story By: sosnh

Day 9 of my writing challenge to post content every day during December 2013. Today is a romantic sort of short story about a woman who is in search with a male she fell in love with.

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"I can't forget about him. His eyes, they were mesmerising." Wilma Frank said, grasping a hot cup of tea. Jodi Kelly, her best friend was listening intently. "What did you say his name was again?" she asked. "I think it was Willie. I don't know his last name." Wilma shed a tear, blushed and embarrased. "There are plenty more fish in the sea, Wilma!" Jodi said, rubbing Wilma's back.

That night Wilma thought about what Jodi had said. She just couldn't stop thinking about Willie. His bright blue eyes, dark brown hair and perfect smile made her feel like the only person in the world, which hadn't ever happened to her before. She should have gotten his number, but she was too scared of change.

The next day, Wilma started fresh, trying to wipe Willie off her mind. Despite being at the back of her head for almost a week, Wilma grew to accept the fact that she would neither see or hear from Willie again. She had dropped in at the bar she met him and asked the waiter that if the man she had been talking to dropped in, to give him her number. No reply yet though.

Wilma was shopping at her local supermarket. She was at the checkout, and found out she forgot some cheese, and ran back to get it. As she bent down to pick it up, she heard a familiar voice behind her. "Wilma, hey!" the voice said. Wilma jumped back up, and was standing next to Willie. "Hey Willie! I am busy right now and have to go, but if you can, I'd love for you to call me tonight." She handed him a card with her number on it, and ran back to the checkout.

That ngiht, Wilma waited by the phone for Willie to ring. It got late, and Wilma fell to sleep on her stool by the phone. The next morning, she woke up with three voicemails coming in from the phone. Her head ached from the way she slept. She clicked on the voicemail button, and the messages began.

Message #1: Hello Wilma! It's me, Willie. Sorry I didn't call earlier. I was watching football with some of my friends, and we kind of got caught up in the game. My number is 0293501825. Repeat, my phone number is 0-2-9-3-5-0-1-8-2-5. Thanks.

Message #2: Hey, Wilma, babe! How are you? Haven't heard from you all day. Call me when you get the message. (Message from Jodi)

Message #3: Wilma, honey. You forgot to call me. When you get the chance, please call me. (Message from Wilma's mother and father)

Wilma made herself a cup of tea and 2 slices of toast, and ate them. She stretched, and went for a relaxing swim in her backyard pool. The warm glow of the sun felt sensational on her skin, and she forgot all the stress and worries that had plagued her for so long.

When she was ready to call people about an hour later, she started off with Willie. He answered fairly quickly. "Hey Wilma!" he answered. So that was good, Wilma thought to herself, he has me on Speaker ID. "Hey Willie. I am sorry about not answering your call last night." Wilma started off with. "No problem. It was a bit late. So I was wondering, the other night, with you, I mean, it was amazing. I wanted to ask you out. Would you go out with me?" He asked. It sounded corny, but Wilma was both shocked and happy at the same time. "Of course, that is what I was going to ask you." They arranged a date for the night, and Willie was going to pick her up and take her out.

After that, Wilma called her family and Jodi and told them of the good news. They wished her luck and Jodi came over later in the day and dolled Wilma up ready for her date with Willie. When Willie arrived, he looked dapper, in a black suit and tie, with a limousine outside waiting for her. "My dear." He said. Wilma extended her hand, and Willie kissed it. He walked her to the limousine.

Their date was perfect. He was perfect. She was perfect. At the end of the date, Willie gave her a present. "This is a present I want you to open on Christmas day!" Christmas was only a few days away. "As long as you're coming over to mine for Christmas?" She said, laughing. "I'll be there." Willie said, kissing her on the cheek. He took her back home like a gentleman, where Jodi was waiting. "Good night, Wilma." Willie said. Wilma said the same back to him, and they departed.

On Christmas Day, as Willie, Jodi and some of their friends looked on as Wilma opened her present, they were exstatic. The present Willie gave her was an expensive looking ring. "32 carrots, that is. That is my present to you, because you are the 'gold' in my life." Wilma tried desperately for him to take it back, claiming it was too expensive. He wouldn't take it back. They kissed.

The End.

Just in case you were wondering what happened after this story ends, two years later Willie proposes to Wilma in front of her family while they are holidaying on a cruise ship paid by Willie and Wilma. She says yes, and they get married.

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