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Archer's Expertise

Short story By: Spe

This short story is about two older teens,Caleb and Rachel, who find themselves-of coarse, the usual story- falling in love but something terrible comes between then. Caleb finds himself trying to save her, but even after his attempts, will it be enough?
Enjoy and comments are always welcomed. (And so is grammar help.)

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Archer's Expertise

She drew her bow and string, aiming with utmost precision like a professional would do and let the arrow fly through the air as smooth as silk until it hit the center of the target. This girl gave a little grin at her accomplishment and then pulled her curly red hair back. I watched behind the tree with amazement like I did every Friday after school, her awe immobilizing me. It was hard to believe that this girl was the same age I was: only 16. Those bright blue eyes stared my way and I felt my body stiffen up like a log as she looked back at her goal. Did she spot me? I thought to myself nervously. In precaution, I pressed my back against the live oak I was standing behind and carefully began to strategize a plan. After minutes of preparation, I sidestepped out from behind the tree and approached the red-headed archer. She seemed not to notice me so I withdrew my own bow and arrow and 'coolly' started to practice beside here. My arrow missed- Horribly and I heard her giggle beside me. My cheeks reddened violently and my determination sky-rocketed to hit the target as well as she did. Sadly, each one missed and by the 20th try, I ran out of arrows. I lowered my head in shame and brushed through my brown hair with my coarse fingers. I was about to retire before I heard a voice beside say,


My red-headed crush handed me one of her arrows and positioned herself to shoot another at her own target. "It's in the way you aim. The top of your thumb should be aligned with your arrow's designated spot." She let go of the arrow with her gentle fingers and once again, her arrow hit the center of the target. I couldn't help but to smile at her expertise. "Great, You make it seem so easy. My name is Caleb, what's your name? I asked, grinning up at her. "Rachel," She replied simply. Beautiful name, I thought as I followed her advice and aimed with my thumb. I let the arrow cut through the air like a knife to butter and it hit! It struck directly on the center of target. I was overwhelmed and exclaimed, "It worked! It worked!" I even began to do a little victory "bootay-dance."

I realized that I sounded quite lame as I looked at her. She had her hand pressed over her mouth, eyes closed and her face quite red. It looked like she was about to burst into laughter. "Sorry," I said bashfully, "I must look pretty lame.." The beautiful red headed girl shook her head and collapsed onto the grass, her blue eyes barely open and her face redder than before. "C'mon now, I'm not that funny am I?" I said kneeling down to her. She extended one of her hands to me and I almost jumped back for it was half-way covered in blood. The thought then occurred to me that Rachel wasn't laughing but she was practically vomiting crimson blood! I began to call her name repeatedly as I wrapped my arms around her.

"Rachel Rachel? Are you okay?"

All she could do is shake her head as she looked at me with her blue eyes. Within those gorgeous swirls of blue, I saw agony and pain and through her muffled mouth, I heard her say, "I'm so sorry." I picked her up with my strong arms and shook my head.

"It's alright. I'm here for you." I said softly to her as I walked up the hill that lead to the city we lived in. There was a hospital near by that she could be taken to and my mom worked there so, everything should be fine. Rachel began to cough again and I held her close to me.

When we arrived at the hospital, my mom was at the counter checking out some patients. "Mom! Mom!" I cried helplessly. She glanced at me and her eyed widened with fear for the girl that was in my arms. We rushed her into the emergency room although I had to wait outside. The wait was terrible and I paced like a mad man up and down the halls. I grabbed one of the medical books that listened symptoms of numerous diseases and came across the disease called: Hematemesis.

I browsed through the symptoms and found the phrases: "Vomiting Blood." and "May Be Fatal." My heart sunk and I felt my eyes water violently as if I had never cried in my life. Was Rachel going to die? The girl I watched behind the oak tree for the past many months, marveling at her archery skills had Hematemesis and had a low change of living. Night passed like a year and when morning came, my mother shook me awake. "Caleb. Caleb! Wake up." I heard my mother say. My mom then took me after I woke into a patient's room to see Rachel. Oh, you should have seen her! She looked so pale and frail but even the more beautiful! It seemed that my presence woke her and my red-headed crush looked at me through barely open eyes. "Hey." she so very softly said to me. I couldn't help but to grin at her brilliance and he strength. "I'm so glad you're okay." I told her. Rachel once again looked at me and whispered, "Sorry for the scare. I have-"

"I know, I know-Hematemesis. It's okay now. My mom is going to take care of you. She has a lot of medicines that will make you feel better and I'm sure there is a vaccine here!"

I knew that I was babbling but it was okay. I didn't care if I sounded lame. All I cared about was my red-headed crush that lay before me in the hospital bed. I stayed there by her side every moment of the day until my mom had to pry me from her side. I knew that I would never forget that day that Rachel had her Hematemesis attack Although she couldn't get out of the hospital for almost three months, she still was patient enough.

My mother told me that it was almost fatal and that if I didn't take her to medical facility, she would have died. The doctor told Rachel and her parents that she couldn't do numerous activities due to her loss of blood. She taught me how to though. I helped her as much as I could through the last years of our education and on the day that hospitalized, I asked her, my red-headed crush: the archer, to marry me. She said yes with tears in her eyes and wrapped her frail arms around me. And now I live to this day with my fair lady and you could say that through this struggle we lived happily ever after.


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