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I'm in love. That's all I can say.

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The grass tickled my ear. I was laying down, waiting for Nate to get here. My pulse sped up at the thought of his name. It was so strange since I used to dislike him at times. I don't remember actually hating him. We've been friends for a long time. Then he started texting me. I always thought he loved Kesha. But he was actually being pretty nice.... After a while. We just talked and talked. Asked each other questions. It surprised me when he was sweet, nice, and caring. He interested me. I didn't ask him questions to be polite, like I usually did. I asked him questions because I wanted to know him. Every little detail. Everything. From his birthday to if he liked waffles over French toast. And it surprised me. It hit me when he said he might like me. It shocked me when he said he loved me. But it didn't surprise me when I fell in love with him.

It made my heart stutter alive again. It started BEATING. I could love again and the scars I had healed. I've read millions of stories and I've written many mini ones or half stories. And I have laughed out loud, felt adrenaline, smiled, felt happy, relieved, and even cried to some of these stories. But Nate has written stories about both of us that has made my heart change it's beating pattern. He has written the best story I have ever read. And, I guarantee, that's a hard title to gain from me.

I turned on Pandora on my phone and a song that I have been obsessed with since Nate and I started REALLY texting comes on. I stand up and dance. I'm in my backyard, it's so beautiful and I feel so free. I feel like this dance is for him. I showed it to my moms friend and she looked at me and said "You've only done two years of hip hop class? I can see your really passionate about that dance and you loved doing it. You need to get more involved if you feel that way at such a young age." I continued almost through the song and I turned to look at the pathway that led into the garden just as I finished one of my finally leaps. He was here.

His almost black hair was messy and his green eyes that I couldn't stop staring at were staring right back. He broke into a run and so did I. The muscles work in his shoulders of that skinny frame that he has. My heart aches for that hug as we meet in the center. His arms wrap around me tightly as my arms fling around his neck. All of it stops. The aching and the worlds revolving. He spins me around softly as I laugh gratefully. He laughs to and I just feel the moment. Sink into his arms and my head goes into his shoulder. His touch sends a calm through me yet it sets my heart sputtering. His hand reaches up from my back to stroke my hair as we pull apart reluctantly. His eyes lay on mine "Hey." he sighs.

"Well hi. Hahaha." I sigh as I breath him in. He's cute. At least I think, even think his braces are cute. I take his hand and lead him to the center of the backyard and sit down. He fingers drown mine and i officially can't stop smiling. We sit down at the same exact time and we start talking. About everything. As usual. "So what would you do if i only had twenty-four hours to live?" he asks a while later. My heart squeezes and aches terribly at just the idea. I swallow and look him straight in the eye. There have been times when I though of lying about him or to him. But I didn't, I've never lied when it comes to him. I've told my mom smaller portions of the story, sure, but that's because she's the strictest mom in the world. It wasn't even really a lie and Nate did about the same exact thing. We just didn't tell them the whole story that's all. Not telling is not lying. I told her everything she asked to know I just didn't elaborate.

I look him in the eye and say in a calm voice "I would love you with every bit of me until you stubborn soul left the green coloring of your eyes and I could no longer feel the relieving pressure of your hand wrapped around mine." My protectiveness gasps to life as strong as ever. I wanted to wrap my arms around him. So I did. I didn't want him to die. I couldn't stand it if he just stubbed his toe! My arms lock lazily around what seemed to be his fragile frames at the moment. He leans in and wraps his arms around me. Then we go back to talking, just like that, a tangled mess of arms. He catches a stray hair and puts it with the rest and digs his hands in it. I smile and do the same. All conversation has stopped. What were we talking about? Was it his favorite flower? No. That was about and hour ago. I stroke his hair more and he lays down. He rests his head just above my knee. I look up in nervousness "The sky is beautiful, isn't it?"

He answers "Its nothing. Compared to you at least" I look abruptly down at him. He looks at me, completely serious. His hand slides beneath my hair, cupping my chin, drawing it down. I'm so close to him when my mom whistles and yells "To close, chicas!!!!" Oh. My. God. Nate bursts out laughing. "Let's go on a walk." I suggest, blushing deeply. I stumble up and he follows. I looked down and take his hand, earning a glare from mom. Common! I can't hold my boyfriends hand??? You have got to be kidding me!!! We go into the woods and come across the golf coarse. There are a few people golfing but he laughs as I break out into a run. The grass brushes past my feet and tickle my ankles. He follows, catching up easily and wraps his arms around me from behind me.

A warmth spreads to my heart at the feel of them. Swinging me around I squeal and fight his arms weakly. He sings softly, his voice low and husky. I find his voice lovely. Everything he is, how different he is, is lovely. Lovable. He sits down again, settling me so I'm sitting in his lap. He keeps his arms around me and I feel my heart hammer. Fly. Jump. Swing. Laugh. Everything. Anything. Me and my fluttering heart could do anything. I lean against him and he settles his head on my shoulder, leaning it against me own head. There goes my heart. It feels as free as I did when I danced. That's what it's doing!! My heart dances his dance.

He changes my heart beat pattern daily. Just the thought of him does a pretty good job. "I love you" I sigh I feel it to the bottom of my toes to the tip of my hair. He said it to, at the same exact time. I look over at him, out heads closer then they were on the yard. I turn around to face him, still sitting down. His feet are touching with his knees pointing in opposite directions. My knees are drawn up and i sitted in the middle of his arms and legs. His head leans in and my lips touch his. Warm. Sweet. My hands tangle in his soft hair. Like his do. Did the sun just go wild or is that just me? His mouth moves on mine and dances his dance. It's a couple dance. I turn more and press into him a little and after a four second dance we pull apart. My first real kiss.

When we pull away a person on the golf coarse claps. No, twelve people clap. Oh. God. Both of our faces flush and I chase him back to the woods. "I watched you dance. It looked great, but it missed something" he said, so he realized that to? I look at him "Yea, it was missing you." I say it softly. Then we dance. And we're free, together. We dance His Dance and he scoops me up on the air and my lips land on his. After that long, passionate kiss he says "I hate the French, but I love what they come up with." I laugh and kiss him again. His face in my hands. I feel his heart pounding with mine. They are dancing together to. They're dancing to the same steps. They flirt and pound. His heart quickens with the dance. They are dancing His Dance



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