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A Stranger's Love

Short story By: storiestotell

It's about a girl who looses her memory, but gains a lasting love.

Submitted:Jun 3, 2010    Reads: 871    Comments: 8    Likes: 9   

It was dark out. She was all alone walking through the woods. Her head hurt badly. She felt something dripping from her head, she dabbed at it with her hand, it was blood. Her ankle throbbed as she felt her way through the darkness. She couldn't remember where she was going. Her heart raced as she tried to remember her name. She looked up at the dark gray sky, it was cold out. Her body shook as she tried to move on.

"Help-ppppp!" She heard something. She finally realized it was her on voice crying out in the darkness.She felt something move inside of her. She pressed her hand to her stomach. She looked down at her swollen belly. She was pregnant. "When? How? Where?" All questions that needed to be answered, but she didn't have the resources.

The baby moved again. She had to sat down and take slow breathes. She felt weak, scared, she thought she may pass out. Her ankle popped as she stood. "Ahhhhh!" She yelped. She dragged her leg as she held on to vines, branches anything. She could feel the flesh being ripped from her hands. She finally started crawling. The blood was now running into her eyes blinding her. She stared to cry. Snow began to fall, she shivered as the snow grew harder. Her breath was like heavy thick fog in front of her. She stopped to catch her breath. She felt as if she was going to faint. She knew if she did she would die and so would the baby inside of her. She had to dig deep inside of her to find the strength to keep going. She didn't have any motherly instinct,but she knew she didn't want the baby to die. She wiped the blood from her eyes with her shirt sleeve that had already turned from blue to red.

She started moving slowly. She felt a small cramp around the middle of her stomach. She gritted her teeth and tried to move faster. "Help!" She tried to yell, but it came out like a small weak whisper. She shielded her eyes with her hand as she looked through the dark snowy night. She breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn't sure, but she thought she saw a dim flickering light. She prayed she was right as another pain ripped through her.

She was almost to the point of unconsciousness when she reached the cabin door. Her hands trembled as she grabbed onto the door knob to pull herself up. This time the pain was stronger, it was more like a twinge. She tried to pound on the door, but she fell to the porch. She counted to three and took a deep breath and pulled herself up again. This time she pounded as hard as she could before another pain caused her to fall. She heard foot steps, and someone mumbling. The door opened and she muffled out,"help me." Then darkness over took her.

"What the heck!" Montgomery exclaimed, looking at the lifeless body lying on his porch. He was so shocked he just stood there glaring down at the bloody lady. "Oh my God!" He yelled louder than he ment too.

He bent over and lifted her carefully into his arms. He couldn't help but notice how pretty she was even with the blood and battered face. He laid her down on the sofa bed praying that she was not dead. He ran across the room to get a bowl of water, rags and bandages. He spilt the first bowl of water as he went to set it on the end table. "Darn it!" He hurried back to get more. His hands trembled as he ran more water into the bowl. "Calm down Montgomery," he told himself. "You can do this." He made it back to the sofa bed and placed the bowl on the table. He wiped the blood from her face. He packed the wound with gauze, and then wrapped more around and around her head to hold the bandage in place. Montgomery took her shoes off, thats when he noticed how bad her ankle was hurt. He hurried around the house, looking every where to find supplies to make a home made splint.

Montgomery stood back and admired his work, he was pleased. He looked at her wet bloody clothes. He couldn't prolong it any longer he had to get her out of them wet clothes. He took his knife from his pocket and cut a small slit in her shirt, he ripped it off of her, exposing her red lacey bra. He ripped the bra off next, her nipples immediately harden. He wanted to touch them and caress them. He ran to the front door and stuck his head out. The cold blast felt good as he gulped in the frigid air.

He hadn't came this close in contact with a beautiful woman in quiet awhile. Stop this, she could be dying. Get in there and be in control Mongomery! He thought to himself. He went back over to the bed, that's when everything went black. The power was out. He felt around until he found a flash light and got it on. He grabbed one of his shirts and then held the light on her, that's when he noticed her swollen belly. He jumped back, dropping the flash light which caused the batteries to pop out. He stood in the darkness dumb-strucked.

Mongomery didn't know how long he had stood in the darkness before he came back to reality. The room had grown very cold. He could hear the breathing of the woman lying on his couch. Thank God she's not dead he thought to himself. His fingers felt numb as he fumbled around for the flash light and batteries. He managed to get the batteries in, didn't work. He switched the batteries around, didn't work. By the third time he had became agitated. He was on the verge of throwing one of his fits as he tried again, light flooded across the room.

He couldn't remember what he had been doing until he saw his shirt lying on the bed by the half naked woman. Mongomery tried not to think about her being pregnant as he carefully slipped the shirt over her head.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she cluched her stomach.

Mongomery's heart leaped as he hurriedly laid her back down. He grabbed her hand and held onto it until her pain had pasted. He quickly removed her wet jeans. He ran to the closet and grabbed more blankets. He placed one blanket over her and wrapped the other around his shoulders as be went to restart the fire. He added two logs and poked the coals with the poker, and the fire blazed up. The warmth soothed his weary soul . Suddenly he got a whiff of something. It smelt like his deceased wife's prefume. He sniffed the blanket around him, it smelt of wind song, he threw it to the floor not wanting to think of his beloved wife's death. The pain so sharp and strong it was like sharp knifes stabbing his heart. He had forgotten all about that blanket, it was the one thing he had kept of hers . He closed his eyes, the memory of his wife snuggled in her favorite blanket flooded his mine. The pain of loosing her was still there, and that's excactly why he had packed up and moved out here to himself. He refused to fall in love again.But on his sofa laid a beautiful woman, he couldn't seem to forget that.

"Mmmmmm," she groaned as another pain hit.

"Mongomery felt helpless. He wondered if she was in labor? Maybe I need to take a peek and see if the baby is coming out he thought to himself. He lifted the covers and slipped her under wear down, he stopped and pull them back up. "Do you want to trumatize the girl even futher?" he said as he placed the covers back over her. "If she was to wake up and see you down where the sun don't shine, well she would-----?" He couldn't even imagine what she would do, or he just didn't want to think about what would have happened. He sat down on the bed beside her. His mine started wandering again. He wondered if she was married? He noticed her left hand half way out from under the cover. He tried to look at her ring finger, but was unable to. Mongomery lifted her hand to place back under the blanket. "Have to keep you warm," he said to her. He hurried and glanced at her finger,no ring, a smile came to his lips at the realization.

He walked over to the window and looked out at the falling snow, it was a complete white out. He took a deep long drawn breath and released it as he sat back down on the bed. He propped his head up with the extra pillows and closed his eyes to rest them.

The room was cold, dark. She didn't know where she was. Her head still hurt badly. She rasied up, the room spinned. She felt like heavy lead. She tried to get up, pain radiated up her leg. She screamed so loud as another kind of pain struck her in her stomach.

Mongomery yelled, "What?" Then he remembered the woman who was now awake and very scared. "Good morning," he said. "Calm down," Mongomery said as he took her by the shoulders and laid her back gently.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Mongomery Ashely," he said as he stretched his hand out to shake hers. She didn't return the hand shake , nor did she introduce herself. "And you are?"

She looked at him with a puzzled look. Panic over took her , Mongomery could see it in her eyes. "Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?" She cried over and over.

Mongomery took her into his arms. "It's okay, stay calm for the babies sake."

She broke loose. She looked at him with that same puzzled look she had a minute ago. "What baby?" She asked,looking around the room.

Mongomery stood up and looked at her. He scratched the top of his head, then pointed to her midsection. "Your baby," he said softly.

"Oh God! She screamed! I'm having a baby?"

"Calm down!" He yelled at her. "You need to relax before you cause yourself to go into full blown labor." Then he felt something wet.

Her eyes got big and her breathing became rapid. She clutched his hand."My water broke," she said through clenched teeth.



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