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Nude Model - Art Class

Short story By: Sultry Alice

Sketching nude model for art class

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My divorce was finalized and my ex-husband was getting married. My daughter was leaving for college. She was accepted with full scholarship; the school was 3,000 miles away. I would be living alone for the first time in five years. I didn't mind. I had my job and my art to keep me busy. I enrolled in an adult art class at the community college near my house that met two evenings a week. I took the class partially to improve my techniques but mostly out of boredom. There were 22 students in our class, mostly women. About six weeks into the class we were scheduled to have a male model come to class and pose naked for us to sketch. Most of the students were serious about art and at least pretended this was something they did all the time. We sat at our desks with our sketch pads and pencils waiting for the model to arrive. Mr. Jacobs was reviewing work we had done at home when our model entered the classroom. He was young by my standards, about 22 I would guess. He was tall and had long black hair tied back into a pony tail. He wore a robe and slippers and carried a towel. Mr. Jacobs explained that he would do a series of 10 minute poses.

"Hello, my name is John. How are you all tonight?" John said addressing the class.

Some people announced they were fine, other said nothing.

John bought over a chair and put his folded towel on it. Then he took off his robe and slippers and set them on an empty table. John had a muscular body but not overly so. He was a little on the heavy side but seemed to be in good shape. John started his timer and then sat on the chair resting his arm on his knee. He stared at the corner of the room and did not make eye contact with anyone. We all started sketching. We could watch the bright LED display on the timer and knew exactly how much longer he would hold that pose. When the timer went off, John put his robe on and walked around the classroom with Mr. Jacobs looking at the sketches while he took a break. All in all John gave us six different poses to sketch. He was very professional and I could tell John was also an artist by some of the comments he made to Mr. Jacobs. After class about 15 of us hung around the classroom looking at each other's drawings. A discussion got started about becoming a nude art model. Mostly the topic was who would have the nerve to do it. A young student named Mike was boasting that he could do it.

Mike said, "We are all artists here. The naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. We are adults and can be professional about this. I will pose for anyone here to draw if they will return the favor and pose for me. I intend to get better at drawing the human form. I am serious with this offer. Is anyone interested?"

No one responded and the group drifted apart. I caught up with Mike and said, "I didn't want the class to know, but I will trade posing sessions with you so we can practice." He agreed and I gave him my phone number. When I was getting in my car I began to have second doubts. Why did I tell him I would? What was I thinking? I was only thinking that if he was mature enough to pose for me, I would like the chance to practice. I didn't give the return favor much thought. Could I pose for him naked? I had a nice trim body and was not ashamed of it. Still, I had knots in my stomach the rest of the night. The next morning after thinking about it most of the night I decided I could do it. It made me feel more alive stepping out of my comfort zone. Mike called me that evening and asked if I would be more comfortable sketching at my place or his apartment. I had been thinking that he would ask and I told him his apartment. He gave me the address and we decided on Saturday afternoon as we were both free.

I took a shower and dressed casually in jeans and a blouse. I made sure I had everything I needed in my art bag. Then I grabbed my sketch pad and drove to Mike's apartment. He lived in a nice apartment complex in a good neighborhood. Mike opened the door when I knocked and I walked in. You could tell he was a bachelor. There were paintings and drawings all over the apartment. Some of his finished works were framed and some not. I saw a number of sketches that were only partially painted.

"Look around at my work while I get you something to drink. I have soda, ice tea, and beer. Which would you prefer?"

I told him ice tea, no sugar. Mike was very talented, more so than I had realized by seeing his work in class.

"You do nice work." I commented as I looked through so of his drawings and paintings.

"Thanks," He said handing me the glass of ice tea. I sat on Mike's sofa and talked a little about each other. Mike was 25 years old and 13 years younger than I was. A few of his pieces got honors in some of the more prestigious local shows. Mike was hoping to land a job as a commercial artist.

"Are you ready to sketch?" Mike asked when I finished my drink.

I told him I was and he led me into his drawing room. There was drawing stacked all along the walls. The room was very well lighted, the drapes were closed and Mike had a nice slant drawing desk and deluxe high back office chair.

"Have a seat and tell me when you're ready." Mike said nodding toward the chair.

I got my sketching pencils out and opened my drawing pad. "Okay, ready when you are."

Mike went in the next room and got a folding chair and towel like the model in our class. Then he went back in the next room to take his clothes off. I felt nervous but convinced I could do this.

"I won't time this." Mike said as he walked into the room naked. "Take all the time you need." Mike sat on the chair and clasped his hands together behind his head. His legs were spread naturally exposing his entire front. He looked up toward the ceiling avoiding eye contact. Then he said, "Just take your time, I am comfortable."

I sketched his chest, torso and legs. I was not going to add arms, head or feet to this one. Once I had the outline I started to concentrate on the details. Mike's flaccid penis was thick and rested on his scrotum. I wanted to draw his chest details first but my eye was drawn to his genitals so I decided to start there. Mike was still like a statue. He never looked at me and didn't talk. He had a classic body, nicely proportioned and muscled. I felt myself becoming aroused, not just because he was naked but the whole idea became exciting to me. I could not believe I was doing this. I fought the urge down and concentrated on my drawing. As his body started to appear on my page and I worked on the lines and detail, my arousal subsided. After about 20 minutes passed I decided to stop as I knew Mike would be getting tired and I captured the parts of him I wanted and they looked good.

"Okay Mike, come see how I did."

Mike walked over and stood next to me to see the drawing. His penis was about two feet from my face. I looked back at my drawing.

"You're very good, my proportions are pretty accurate. Pubic hair is hard to capture, it takes practice. I like the shading here by my balls and around my right knee. You did very good overall." Mike commented.

"If you're not ready to pose today, we can do it another time. I know this might be awkward for you."

"Get me a clean towel and I will be right back." I said bravely, forcing myself to finish what I started. I took off my clothes and put them on the bed. Mike got me a fresh towel and put his on the art chair and sat there naked behind the drawing desk waiting to draw me. He was not embarrassed at all and I guess he figured I just saw it all anyway.

"I'll give you the same pose so we can compare." I said as I came in naked and took the same position on the chair. My hands clasped behind my head. Looking left and up toward the ceiling. I spread my legs perhaps just a bit wider than Mike; so he could capture the detail better. I could hear the pencil pulling across the paper as Mike sketched. I could tell when he was drawing and when he was shading. I let my mind drift in fantasy while staring at the ceiling to help the time pass easier. I was smiling to myself for actually doing this and overcoming my inhibitions. I was quite proud of myself.

I heard Mike say, "All done. Come see." I was amazed at the drawing, Mike was so much better than I was.

"You're quite an artist Mike, that sketch is quite flattering." I said with a smile.

"You have a great body. I could draw you all day." Mike said complimenting me.

"Maybe we could do this again sometime." Mike said sincerely.

"You go ahead and get dressed, I will wait here." He added.

As I turned to go to the bedroom I could see Mike's erection poking up the towel where he tried to hide it.

"I have a lot more to learn than you do Mike. I could learn a lot from you. I would be happy to do this again." I said grinning to myself as I went to get dressed.

I heard Mike say as I was leaving the room, "I could learn a lot from you too."


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