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Sex on New Year's Eve...

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, Age doesn\'t matter, New year\'s Eve has a certain romantic magic.


It was New Year’s Eve 2012. John had everything set for him and Mary. Her fight would get in at 7pm from Chicago. She would catch a ride home with her girlfriend Anne who also worked for American Airlines. He would pick her up at 9pm. They would enjoy the dinner show and a night of drinking and dancing at the Piedmont Hotel where they had a room booked for the night as part of the package deal.

Mary called him from Chicago right before the plane took off. She told John how much she was looking forward to going out for New Years and how much fun they would have in their room tonight. She teased John telling him how horny she was and what she was planning to do to him. Her stewardess job had kept her away since before Christmas. John told her he had a big juicy Christmas present for her too, returning her teasing.

Mary lived with her widowed mother Ruth in a small brick house on the outskirts of town. Ruth got a call from Mary about 8pm. Mary’s plane had to make a forced landing and she would not be able to get home until the following afternoon. Mary told her mom that she left John a message at his apartment and on his cell phone but he didn’t answer either. Ruth told Mary that he would have John call her the moment he arrived.

About 8:45 John drove into the driveway and parked. A few moments later he rang the doorbell. Ruth opened the door and let John in.

“Mary called and her plane had to make a forced landing and she wants you to call her.”

John called Mary right away.

“I am so sorry honey,” Mary said. “This plane is unsafe to fly and the airline is putting everyone up nearby till tomorrow. I know how disappointed you must be. I will make it up to you.”

“Yeah, it is really a shame to waste these tickets, but I am not going alone. I will see you when you get home, at least you’re safe.”

“Why don’t you take my mom to dinner and the show? She was just going to sit around the house anyway. At least you will have company and get to see the show.”

“Um, I don’t…”

“What will it hurt, I don’t mind, ask her okay?”

“Ruth, would like to have some dinner and see a show with me?  Mary does not mind.”

“Sure, why not! Give me a few minutes to dress.”

Ruth went upstairs to dress while John and Mary talked.

Ruth took a shower and dried her hair. She didn’t wear much make-up. Ruth was blessed with a naturally pretty face. She put on a black v-cut strapless cocktail dress that she wore ten years ago for New Year’s Eve, when she was 27. Looking in the mirror she smiled to herself. She still looked good in it.  She went downstairs and saw John sitting on the couch waiting.

“You look pretty nice Ruth. Are you ready to paint the town?”

“Ready if you are.” Ruth said with a smile.

The ballroom at the Piedmont was decorated to the max. It was very colorful and festive. Dinner was being served until 11pm. John and Ruth both ordered prime rib and baked potatoes. John ordered a bottle of red wine to have with their meal. The conversation was mostly about New Year’s parties from both of their pasts. John was a bit surprised when talking with Ruth. She was fun to talk with and had been quite wild in her youth. Ruth was enjoying the attention from John. She had not been out with a man for six years. She had no interest in dating ever since her husband’s death.

After dinner was cleared John ordered a couple of Bacardi Stingers for him and Ruth when he found out she never had one before. Ruth liked this variation to the old rum and coke and drank it rather quickly. John ordered another round. They watch some of the other couples dancing.

“Dancing sure has changed since the last time I went out.” Ruth commented with a sly grin.

Taking the hint John asked her to dance.

Ruth watched John’s hips as he moved around her dancing. She was surprised and a bit turned on by John’s graceful movements. John saw the way Ruth was watching him and he tried to be sexy with his dancing. He enjoyed seeing her looking at him that way. They had a waltz just before midnight and Ruth could feel John’s package when he held her close. Ruth pressed her boobs against John’s chest while grinding his crotch with her loins. Ruth had feelings of desire that she thought she might never feel again. John was thinking he should not be enjoying Ruth in this way, but he was. He knew the Bacardi Stingers had something to do with it but he didn’t care.

They stopped dancing for the midnight countdown. The noisemakers were going and everybody was kissing. John was planning on kissing Ruth on the cheek but when he looked into her eyes and saw her lips were puckered he kissed her on the lips. He waited for Ruth to break the kiss but Ruth locked lips with him and then he felt her tongue pushing his lips apart. His tongue found its way into Ruth’s mouth and he got an instant erection. It seemed like a long time but was probably only five seconds later, they parted the kiss.

“I am sorry Ruth. I guess I got carried away a little. You know, between the atmosphere and the booze.”

Ruth brushed her knuckles against John’s erection.

“As long as we are going to have to admit we got carried away, I would sure like to have some of that.” Ruth said with a dreamy eyed sigh.

John and Ruth took their party to the room he had reserved. They agreed to have no recollection that this ever happened. They were totally uninhibited. They took each other to new heights that night. Their lust was enhanced by the sheer pleasure of a secret one time forbidden night of sex.

John and Ruth stayed true to their commitment and the one night stand was never even mentioned again.  Six months later John and Mary broke up and Ruth never saw John after that.


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