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Katelyn is an artist in LA but one night she is almost rapped but is rescued by an Italian dude who wants to take her back to Italy.

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Katelyn stopped for a moment trying to decide what had just happened, ether she was being fallowed or shadows look even more real at night. picking the better of the two she moved on.

click click click

went her high heels echoing againset the many bars and apartments she was walking past, the shadow moved again. i know what your thinking, what is a pretty and innocent girl like her doing in a place like this? well it's smiple really most of her clientsup blowing it every which way she wished she would have brought a band with so she could put it up. the shadow was closer. worked around here. she was an artist and was told farily often that she was the best of the best, she never believed them though knowing that there was always going to be some one better then her. tonight was the night she had delivered one of her favorite paintings of a forest at sunrise, it was on of the richer folk who had ordered it so she was wearing one of her better dresses while she met him at one of the bars he owned. but that was a half an hour ago so now she had to walk home seeing that no cabs went up this way often, she didn't mind she knew how to defend herself if it came to that.
the wind picked up making Katelyn shiver under her skin tight, dark purple, clubing dress that hugged her curves dramaticly but wasn't all that warm. she had her hair down today so that her buncy golden brown hair would complament her blue eyes but as the wind picked
Katelyn felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end sensing danger, her eyes flew to the nearest bar where a young man had just walked out looking about her age, 22 or 24 at the most. he had short dark brown hair that was gelled back and a black leather jacket over his black shirt, he looked like he was from eurape but she couldn't place her finger on where. their eyes met for a second before his brown ones fell away from hers, he then walked down the street at a birsk pass.
"strange," she whispered watching him go, she turned back around. the shadow was in front of her.
she wanted to scream but only a small sqeuck came out of her gapping mouth, in front of her stood a large man holding a large knife. he snickered darkly walking towards his helpless pry. his eyes flickered across her frail body, Katelyn knew what he wanted it said it in his eyes. seeing her chance when the man put the knife at his side she turned and ran the way the other guy had walked but apparntly the man with the knife was faster. "no!" she screamed fighting his grip, the guy that was about to turn the cornor up the streat looked back at her but thats all she saw. the man with the knife pulled her into the nearby alleyway and told her that he and her were going to have some fun and if she made any noise that he didn't liked she would die.
"got it?" he asked her pushing her up againset the bick wall holding her by her arms, Katelyn nodded feeling the first of the tears running down her face. the shadow man pushed himself againset her his eyes glinting with lust.
"what do you think your doing?" came a deep and acsented voice, she was guessing italian. the man looked away from her to the opening of the alley way, when Katelyn looked it was the brown hair guy from the bar and he looked mad.
"mind your own buisness," the shadow man mumbled turning back to his prey, Katelyn gaved a loud pleading wimp hoping the other guy could hear her.
"where i come from we do not hurt our women," he stated angerly, his voice was strained. the man with the knife turned to the other guy letting her fall to the floor.
"welcome to LA!" he yelled at the italian dude, there was a gun shot, then the man with the knife fell to the ground holding his lag crying in agony. Katelyn held her arms over her head waiting for her turn, but it never came. the man put away his gun quickly while he ran over to her, he placed his hand on her shoulder soothingly.
"hold on, every things going to be ok," he whispered picking up her frail body bridal style, she let him greatful for a gental hand.
"wh-who are y-you?" she stummered holding onto his neak while he walked quickly to a black car.
"me?" he asked smiling, "i'm a member of an italian mafia and i'm wondering if you want to come back with me," he stated plainly. stunned, Katelyn did't answer when he put her in the back leather seat of his car. "i'll take that as a yes," he stated laying a blanket over her before he got in the drivers side and drove off with Katelyn.


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