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the walk to the peer

Short story By: swords edge

for a contest about couple pics, i did a break up from a dramma girls point of view

Submitted:Apr 30, 2011    Reads: 95    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

April didn't care that her tears had smudged her makeup or that it was still running down her face, to tell you the truth she didn't care about anything anymore. Not her looks or her hair or even her life, anything that had given her meaning had died with her relationship with Danial her boy- sorry EX boyfriend.
Kicking a rock of the side of the beach walk she was on she remembered that just down the road and to the left was the peer she and him had shared their first kiss, well it was CPR but to April it still counted. She smiled remembering his words when she had woke up spitting out nasty river water.
"girl, you have problems," no are you alright? Or do you need to go to the hospital? No he just simply told April that she had problems. What gave that away?
Was it her taking a suicidal swim in the freezing river? Or was it that she had tried to fight him off as his strong warm hands had tugged her from the unforgiving currant. . . she thought it was both but she didn't care anymore. Fresh tears falling she walked back to the same peer hoping to finish what she had started.
He wont stop me this time. . . she thought ignoring to stupid birds soaring above her head crying out to each other the news of the ungrateful girl, that's how Danial stated it.
"all you do is take advantage of people! You whine and you cry and you threaten your own LIFE!" he had screamed at her only hours before, he was right of course. April loved to get what she wanted, she was spoiled that way, and when ever she say something she could use she toke the chance even if it hurt someone. "think about someone else instead of yourself for ONCE April! Do you ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe the sun and stars don't revolve around you?! That maybe people hate you! That most times your a complete bitch!?" another tear streaked down her cheek carrying the pain and hurt of his words with it burning her cold skin, because she could deny it all she wanted but she knew he was right.
The peer was up ahead, its walk looming or the deathly gray water, she was so close she could already feel its harsh waves bring her to a peaceful sleep. Breathing in the dark air she thought of Danial telling her she was over reacting like she always did. Like she cared, or believed him.
Turning the corner to face the peer she stopped in her tracts, at the end of the peer sat Danial with another girl playing his guitar looking beautiful like always. Sinking back behind the corner she tried to ignore the image of him and that perky blonde cuddling up to him like some love sick puppy.
"you wanna play hard ball," April stated a plan alrighty rolling in her head, "lets play hard ball," and like that she had a plan that was going to ruin his life.


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