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My Magical First Real Kiss

Short story By: SynethGurl

This is a story about a girl that always been picked on about never being kissed and never said anything about it...just to her popular best friend Jason. Read to find out does she get her first kiss and find happiness?

Submitted:Mar 7, 2011    Reads: 983    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

It was during the summer that my friend, Jason, and I were just being lazy, just sitting around the house. Usually, we would usually do this all the time and all day, but today was different. Jason had been acting odd all, odder than usual. You see, we had been best friends since elementary school when I had moved to Maryland from Pennsylvania. We had met in lunch, when I had still been new. My natural black hair and tiny was uncommon in the country side we were in, and thus I was not much liked in the school. Nonetheless he sat with me and we talked. Years later, as sophomores in high school, we had still been friends. Sure there'd been fights along the way, but I like to think it only made our relationship stronger.

five years after I'd moved to Maryland, I was still not very liked. Though he was one of the most popular kids, as well as very intelligent and good looking, he would defend me, a lowly student just trying to pass life by, and come to my aid whenever needed.

It had been a very sad week in school for me; I'd been picked on even worse than usual. A large group of girls had cornered me in the middle of the hall and were prodding me with pencils saying, "there she is, the ugly one. Damn, she's lived here for years and still has yet to have her first kiss!" needless to say, I ran out of the school and home crying.

I had been locked in my room for hours, ignoring all knocks on my door by anyone, friends or family.

I finally calmed down around six or seven and started drawing a picture of a heart in-between two lovers. As I drew, I noticed that the woman was me, at second glance the man looked oddly familiar. As I was contemplating why I had drawn the picture, there was a knock on my window. I hid the drawing under my pillow and went to the window and opened it for Jason.

"I saw you run off," he said as he stepped through the sill, "why do you let them get to you like that?" "It's just that they don't have a right to say what they say to me. Just because I haven't ever been kissed before in my life doesn't mean they can make fun of me."

I was on the verge of tears again, but as the first droplet dragged itself out of my eyes, Jason was upon me. His lips met mine with a smack, and I quickly realized he was kissing me.

As our lips parted, I realized both of us were blushing. He simply turned and climbed back out of my window, leaving me standing there astonished. I finally found my bearings and ran out the door to follow him. I could see him, but he couldn't see me following. I stalked him to an old meadow he usually went to in order to think and followed him to the middle. It was getting dark and I tripped on a root, causing him to turn around in surprise and run in order to catch me.

Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough and tripped himself, our heads landing with a soft thud right next to each other. We looked at each other and realized, at last, that we were, and had been for some time, in love.

We inched forward slowly like in one of those cheesy and closed our eyes as our lips touched once more. "Trinity," he asked, "I know this is weird, but when we first met back in elementary school, I always thought you'd been cute. As we grew older you grew even more beautiful, and I knew. Knew that I was falling for you. Trinity, I love you."

I was speechless, had no clue what to say. Next thing I knew we were both back at my house, talking about our feelings. I knew by then that I loved him too. He asked me out the next morning and we dated for two years.

Our senior year was the greatest year of my life. It was the year my Jason got down on one knee and asked my hand in marriage. It was then that I knew, no matter how small or meaningless you may seem or feel, everyone has a chance in love.

And it all started with my first kiss.


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