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Destiny Does Exist

Short story By: taiyou

Tags: Love, Romamce, Lost

A story about two couple who had everything going for them, then they lost each other and through destiny.......

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Lisa is a very unique young lady of Spanish nationality but like a nomad, she has spent most of her life away from her home country, living in a foreign country, Berlin, Germany. She moved from the small town of Brandenburg after high school to the big city of Berlin. Here she made her first Spanish female friend who is of the same age Naomi, she considered this one of the happiest day of her life because growing up in Brandenburg was sometimes lonely as she had no one of her age to associate herself with at times. Lisa and Naomi quickly connected and started being roommates. She was enjoying her freedom a started partying a lot and after one year in Berlin, she was out with Naomi at one of their favorite club, Club Vixen and that's where she met Oscar, who will be a part of her life for a long time.
Oscar was visiting Berlin from Florida, America for one year as an exchange student, completing his doctorate in International Relations. They met one night at Club Vixen where they connected and Lisa later invited Oscar to ride back with them, to spend some time together. Oscar was such a gentleman because although she was drunk, he did not try to take advantage of her and they did not have sex before he left Berlin. When Oscar was leaving, they agreed that she would come and visit him in Florida as soon as she can and he will try and keep in touch as much as possible.
She then found a job working at a dating service which paid her very high hourly wages for going on dates and escorting businessmen around the city while they are there visiting or on business. She then dragged her friend Naomi into the business as well because she did not want to work there alone and she felt if both Naomi and herself were working, she would then feel a sense of ease. Lisa realized with this job she could save a lot of money really quickly to visit Oscar and decided this is will be her main job and she quit university and started working everyday.
Lisa made enough money to visit Oscar after six months and from there, she was able to visit him once or twice a year and there relationship took off and was going great. At some point the relationship started being off-and-on due to Lisa's childishness or not wanting to commit or wanting to play the field. Sometimes Lisa would call Oscar and tell him she had found a new boyfriend so he should stop contacting her, he would obey her wishes. A few months few months later, she would then call him again wanting to get back with him because the relationship with the new guy had fail, despite all the odds their relationship kept going for almost five years. However, things were about to change between Oscar and Lisa.
Lisa just had her twenty-fifth birthday and she has been dating him for over six years now, they are now at the point in their relationship where they have to decide what will be the next step, or at least Oscar is at the age where he would like to decide what would be the next step. Oscar has always communicated to Lisa that he would like to get married and start a family, however due to Lisa's commitment issue, she has always brushed his wishes aside. As Lisa matured she seemed to have calmed down a lot but she still was not sure is she wanted to make a lifetime commitment with Oscar. Oscar on the other hand, just had is thirty-third birthday and is ready to settle down and start a family and he is also open to consider the option of relocating to Europe. Lisa however has not fully grasp the weight of this topic and is holding off and being indecisive for as long as possible.
It has been three months now since she last saw him in the US and everything is going well and there is no need for her to make a decision today, or that is what she thought…..until one day she could not get a hold of Oscar. She rang his mobile which went straight to voicemail, his work e-mails came back, and his home number is no longer in use. She is taken aback by this and started to panic, because he has never done this before. She keeps trying to find him and after months of trying, Lisa finally found his details on the internet friendship site, Friendster and his profile listed as "in a relationship with one child". This broke her heart but at the same time she knew that she was partly to blame and could understand why he made that decision. She came to the conclusion that he has met someone else who is ready to start a family or he has gotten someone pregnant and doing the right thing. Whichever the case she was happy for him and sad at the same time because she finally grasps the weight of the situation, she has lost him and she has lost him forever. She got rid of all their photos together, and cut the big map of Florida she had over her bed into pieces and that was the last time she looked at a map of America.
Lisa moved on with her life, she quit her job went back to university and then started working as a teacher for the 3rd grade at an International Elementary School in Berlin.
Five years later one of Lisa's friends is getting married with her fianc� from Florida and the wedding is to take place in Florida, and this is the first time she has thought about Florida in over five years. At first Lisa told her friend she is not sure if she can make it, but her friend begged her to come and Lisa decided to go and celebrate her friend's happiest day of her life her. Lisa was set to go with her boyfriend from Berlin but they just happened to break up two weeks before the wedding and so Lisa decided to go with her cousin in Florida. Lisa rang her cousin in Florida to plan for her trip and her cousin asked, "Do you remember Oscar, I wonder what happened to him". This put Oscar back in Lisa's mind and got her curiosity, so out of pure curiosity; she did a search for Oscar on the internet friendship site, Friendster. She found him and this time he was listed as "Single without child".
"Wow, I wonder what the story is there" said Lisa to herself. She rings her cousin back to tell her about her findings and her cousin encouraged her to send him an e-mail through the site. She debated about it for a while and finally she decided to send him an e-mail and to her surprise he replied. In his reply, he was genuinely very happy to hear from her and he even told her that he had searched for her a number of times on the site but no avail.
After five years of no communication, it was very difficult to act as if nothing happened and so Lisa felt this was her moment and asked him what had happed. He sent her his e-mail explaining that he had met someone who wanted to settle down and that was part of the reason he fell off the radar. He also told her that he had changed his job and left all his contact at work and on top of that his phone broke and he was not able to keep to same number and he couldn't not retrieve any of the numbers in his phone. He then sent her his e-mail address and mobile number, although, this all sounded like a number of excuses, Lisa still couldn't resist the urge to call him. She called and got scared and hang up, he then called right back and they talked for a long time. There was just so much to talk about in so little time and they fill in the gaps as much as possible. Lisa was still a little skeptical of Oscar especially since he just disappeared without a word; however she was still happy and relieved to know that he was happy to hear from here. He told her that he really wants to see her when she goes to Florida even if it is for a cup of coffee when she gets there in two weeks.
She knows, this time she will need to make a decision about what they will do if they started talking again and she needs to be ready for that. So now has to debate if she is going to risk it all and see him or just walk away, she thought about this for two weeks before going to Florida and finally decided to see him because you only live once and to her, the fours saddest words ever are "it might have been".
When he came to pick her up from her cousin's apartment, she was peaking through to window to see what he looked like. When he came out of his car, she was speechless; he's gorgeous creature of God's creation and has aged very nicely. She went out to the car to meet him and he had a pink rose in his hand, he had still remembered her favorite color. He leaned over to kiss her on her cheeks and naturally they just both reached for each other's lips and started kissing as if to make up for the past five years. She got weak in her knees, it is if their lips were glued to each other and neither of them wanted to break that connection.
To be continued.


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