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This Will Be Us

By: Tasha Knight

Page 1, Just a love scene

A guy and a girl are walking in a park, and they suddenly they see an old couple, holding hands, staring at each other.
"That's so cute" says the girl.
The boy grbas her by the side and she puts her arms around him and hugs him tightly.
"When we grow old, we will be like that. You're the first thing I want to see when I wake up in the mornings and the last thing I see when I fall asleep. I want to spend every chance I have with you, don't want to miss one single minute that could make a memory I cherish forever. We will have kids, and we will raise them, and there will never lack love in our home, for we will love them as much as we love each other. Our kids will have kids, and as we get old we will see as how they slowly grow up. I want to always be in your arms, because this is were I belong, with you." he said, kissing the top of her forehead

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