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Tags: Romance, Love

It's all about LOVE...so SMILE :)

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Finally I met her. She is Eril Dones, she isn't smart nor an annoying type of girl. We've been friends for quite a long time. I was just attracted by her inner beauty which me, as her friend, notice it. She bears a huge scar on her left leg a result of the past 3 years car accident. I'm glad the heavens didn't get her yet. She never wears skirts or any revealing dresses what makes her perfect is her bright and colorful smile that light's my whole world. The way she looks at me resembles a wonderful field of blooming flowers. Henceforth, I'll treasure every moments with her. February 14 is coming and so I've had the courage to ask her for a date, and a sheer pleasure just entered when she accepted the invitation.

I stared on her face in the midst of the Pavilion's crowded place. We sat in the chair not too far from each other in the corner. Strangers passing by couldn't interrupt my eye that had stuck on her. Though, we enjoyed the Valentine's night together.

My heart just broke into pieces when I saw her crying alone in her classroom but before I make a move to enter, I knocked the door twice and she quickly wiped her tears draws a smile that revives my dying heart again. Without asking the reason why her sunny season became stormy, I hugged her tight and…she just collapsed. My knees where shaking but I carried her to my car hurriedly and bring her to the hospital. While waiting for the result, I closed my eyes and think of the last smile she flashed, I'm afraid that it might be the last time to see her that way. 'She's awake now and Doctor Van wants to see you…" the nurse said and so I ran immediately to her room and am really happy knowing that she's ok. 'She hasn't got any brain damages, not at all except of the bruises…" I couldn't focus nor lend my ear to what the Doctor was trying to say. I slowly touched her shoulder… 'From the moment she wakes up she didn't talk…Well, she's experiencing an extreme trauma, seems like she's been maltreated?' the Doctor's continuation.

I couldn't hardly believe that in just a glimpse of time I've already lost her precious smile. The Doctor dismissed and so I tried to talk to her but no response at all. I sit beside her and took her hand and hold it tight… 'Eril, can you hear me?' I whispered and my foolish tears just fell, we're not apart from each other but now she seems so far away. I kissed her in her forehead… 'I want you to know that you're safe now…please come back…' I cried. A moment later, her friend Riz just entered the room. According to her Eril is battered by her aunt and after doing such thing it migrated to nowhere. Thing is, Eril doesn't done anything to deserve this.

Three had past and there where still no sudden changes, no words from her, no movements, not at all. Since she hasn't got family or relatives, I didn't hesitate to lend my time on taking care of her. Honestly, it's hard, really-really hard but I take this as a test that measures my love for her but I know I will pass this soon.

The Doctor suggested giving her things that might help remind her, and without thinking twice, I did. I gave her her bag, her mirror, spray her favorite perfume in the room, I her favorite shirt, her tumblers, notebooks, pen, hair clips but still…no reactions. But before I forgot, I took the booklet out of my pocket which Riz gave me, its Eril's favorite book. I show it off to Eril but it didn't work.

I deep breathe at the corner, trying to accept the fact that I failed today but as long as she is here, I know, there is tomorrow. So while I'm doing nothing, I flipped the booklet back and forth and I just noticed that the pages lost one leaf… 'I think something's missing here? A page' I confusedly say. I told Eril about it, and a bliss of joy quickly endured when her thumb made an abrupt movement but other than that nothing followed. I called out the Doctor and told him everything and he say they're trying to do their best to bring Eril back and so I've had this huge hope.

It's merely 10:00 o'clock in the evening but my curiosity couldn't let me sleep. I lay down beside Eril and I gladly say 'No matter what'll happen I Love you so much and I'll always will!' and kissed her forehead.

First time I've witnessed the sunshine that brought by Eril's face, I wouldn't get tired of always waking up next to an angel. I prepared her food in a swift manner so when she wakes up everything was perfectly done. After I settle down in the chair beside her bed I noticed a small purse in the floor under her bed, while she's innocently asleep I awkwardly opened it and saw a small piece of crumpled paper. I quickly flipped the book and I now know that it's the missing page. No graphics at all except of the printed text "SMILE" which then weakened my heart.

Before I speak the words I have to ask, the nurse entered and give me some medical prescription those medicine isn't available in the hospital's pharmacy and so I have to buy it outside. And I kissed Eril's forehead goodbye and put the piece of the paper in her hands and off I go.

I've had strong feelings that she'll be back to normal when I come back. I didn't pay attention in the road; all I know is that I'm excited to see her smiling again. Truth is, the word "Smile" hide a secret behind its deep shadow and it's the words sadness. I looked at my car's side mirror and a quick flash of light gave me a shock.

When I open my eyes in slow motion the nurses are putting on the oxygen, Its Eril's voice that opened my eyes the past memories just flashed back so fast and I saw Eril's last smile. I feel her hands holding in my hand I bet she's crying and she kissed me in the forehead.

It wasn't my intention to leave her but my soul just left my body. I've done my part, it's all over, I guess this is my mission and for this…I heard a loud applause somewhere and I'm happy that I know I'll go with peace. I see Eril not too far in my vision…and she's happy now.

I've just accomplished my wonderful mission.



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