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One Boy who was in love with a Girl since they were young but the girl did not notice it. A years passed the boy decided to try to become friends with the girl and let's see what will happen....

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There was a boy named Marlon. Since he was 7 years old, he really likes Gina a girl who lived next to their house. He always watch her everyday. Gina never known him because she never talk to anyone else. Years passed, Marlon Felt that he was in love with Gina. In high school He went to the same school of Gina.
One day, he decided to talk to her and become her friend but Gina always ignore him. Marlon always tried to talk to Gina and always follow her wherever she goes. He is like a stalker. Gina always wanted to be alone but Marlon is always there to tease her. After 2 days Gina lost her temper and got angry to Marlon. And she said "Why are you always Following and talking to me! I don't wanna talk to you or be your friend so just go away!! I don't need you!!". Marlon was shock and go away.
Weeks passed, Marlon did talk to Gina. Gina realized that she might become so selfish to Marlon. Marlon didn't follow Gina anymore.
Gina realized something but she ignored it.
It's already February!
5 days before Valentines...
One day, Gina got love letters when she open her locker.
On the other day, she saw a flowers and chocolates at her desk.
On the other other day she saw a big teddy bear at her chair.
And the other day she saw their board reading "I love you Gina!".
She really don't know whose making all of it.
on the day before valentines she receives nothing so she thought that her admirer might give up.
Valentines day, everybody wake up early to go to school. every one was very excited because of their prom. Everybody was very busy preparing for the prom night. when the night comes. Everybody was enjoying with their friends or dates but Gina was sitting while watching alone.
Few minutes passed, someone call her and told her that someone was looking for her at the ground outside the hall.
while she was walking, she saw many flower petals on the floor and many roses in her surroundings. At the end of the passage she notice a man standing. When the boy face her, she saw Marlon smiling at her. She don't know what she feels. Marlon Gave her a bucket of flowers. Marlon admitted that he was the one he did it on the passed few days. He did it because Gina doesn't want to see his face so he did it secretly."SO" Marlon said, "CAN YOU BE MY PROM DATE?" Gina smile to him for the first time and said " You know i really don't want to say it but "YES AND I REALLY MISSED YOU". :D
They danced and enjoyed the night.
After that night they become friends, close friends and never live each other again.


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