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Little love story about my favorite animal.

Submitted:Jul 18, 2013    Reads: 205    Comments: 11    Likes: 5   

Deep in a dense forest, among the tall oaks a small bush rustled as a red fox jumped out from the shrub. In his mouth he carried a small grape vine. He looked both ways to make sure no one saw what he had taken. He ran to his hole and dove in, his white tipped tail following him closely. He placed the fruit down gently, coveting the lush berries. As the sly fox took a bite of the crimson morsel, he winced, realizing they have not ripened. Kicking dirt the fox left his den, and wandered through the woods.

A fiery light shined in the corner of the foxes eye, he dropped down and turned toward the light. He looked around in that direction, it had seemed to vanish. Then the same glow shined once more, springing up the fox lunged at the light. He swiped his paws down attempting to grasp the light. Lifting his claws the animal found nothing. Confused the quick fox looked around, there it was again. The light faded, he ran in the direction where it was last. Again it glowed this time in a different spot, the keen eyes of the fox caught it and he changed directions to chase the light. He lunged again but to no avail. He followed the little light all around the forest, but the fox became tired. He panted and came to a slow. He sat in place and curled his plush tail around him, he looked up as the passionate light floated up into the sky.

The fox sneered before looking back down. Before his golden eyes a white vixen emerged from the brush. The silver fox looked at him and tilted her head. The red fox stood and attempted to approach her, she seemed to smile and walked toward him. He stopped as she studied him, sniffing the air around him. She looked at him with enticing eyes, then quickly moved away flicking her tail in the red foxes face as she darted off. Without thinking the young fox chased after her. Her scent thick in the air, he pursued it with diligence. Following her through the dense wood, until he found her again. The light shined off her silvery tail. She stopped, beckoning her suitor. He grinned and followed her, seemingly forever. She led the eager pup on a winding chase through tall trees, every so often stopping, encouraging his pursuit. Until she quickly disappeared into her own den, the red fox slowed to a stop before the hole. He tilted his head and waited, but she did not emerge. He lay down and waited, but she still did not show. Time passed and the sun began to set, the sky turned red but the noble fox still lay before her den.

The vixen emerged, she strut toward the red fox and tilted her head. He lifted himself up as his mind took wings, he approached her as she approached him. She lowered her head as he lowered his, and they gently rubbed against each other. She touched her nose to his, they closed their eyes. She backed away calmly, inviting him to her den. He followed her closely, side by side they walked. His soul a fire, as he lay down beside her. They curled around one another and she rested her head on his. They closed their eyes as their souls burned together.


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