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My one and only true love

Short story By: twilight23

This is a story about how Jasmine met her one true love.

This is a story I had to write for a challenge. Enjoy!

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I guess you can say I am a normal 17 year old blonde emo girl. I don't like life. For starters my life has sucked ever since my mother got pregnant with her second child. His name is Kyle, or what I like to call him the devil's child. He does stuff to me all the time. Like read my diary with my bra on and get crap all over them. But when I tell my mother she always says 'oh honey, stop. He would never do that. Are you sure you just didn't accidently do it yourself?' I hated it when she did that. I felt like she was trying to make me feel sorry for myself when I told on my brother. If I could I would talk to my dad about it. Oh but wait I don't have a dad. He left us when my mom got pregnant with dumb dumb because he only wanted one kid. But I'm glad he left. We are better off. Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you, My name is Jasmine Rae Reese. I know strange name. But hey I love strange.
As I was walking into my gay retarded school I noticed something different. I didn't know what it was but I knew something was different. Oh well, I would find out sometime today. Most likely by best friend Alice. She was a big mouth brown head. But I still loved her like a sister. I told her everything. We happened to meet in the hospital when her mom had her little brother, Jarrod. He is the second devil's child. I went to my locker not even caring what was different. Let's see I had science first then math and then art. I grabbed all my brooks to get ready for my first three classes when some guy bumped into me and made me drop my books. "Watch where you're going! Oh..." Standing right in front of me was a really hot guy. He was tall with black hair and a really hot face. Words couldn't even explain it. "I am so sorry. I didn't mean to I was trying to read this map of the school trying to find my locker. I'm new. Umm...Hi, I'm Derek." "Hi, I'm Jasmine." We shook and he helped me up. In my mind I was so freaking out. "So...Do you need any help getting around school?" I said hoping that he would say yes. I wanted to talk to him more. You know just to get to know him better. It's not like I like him. "Umm..no. But if you want maybe we could have lunch together?" "yeah..totally" " ok..see you at lunch." He waved goodbye as did I and he walked away. I was so freaking out it wasn't even funny. Ok ok..So I did like him. So what.
I could barley sit still in my last class till lunch. I have been wanting to talk to him so bad. I could explode! When the bell finally rang I shot up out of my seat and was almost running to the lunch room. " Hey girl, Why are you in such a rush?" I was so glad to see Alice. She could help me deal with this. I know she could. "OMG!! I met this really hot guy and I am going to go have lunch with him and I don't know what to do. Please help me best friend in the whole wide world!" " Ok ok. Take a chill pill. For right now all you two need to do is talk and get to know each other. After lunch I want dets. Bye..Good luck!" Alice was a dating expert so I knew her advice would work. I turned around and walked towards the caf thinking about what I would say. I was so nerves it wasn't funny. I had never dated or talked to a guy. What was I going to do?
When I got into the caf I saw him sitting at a table with a bunch of food on a tray. I walked over and sat down. "I hope you like some of this. I didn't know what to get so I just picked stuff." " Yeah, It's fine." I founded something I liked and started eating it. "So you seem like a girl who would keep a lot of secrets. Who do you work for?" He asked leaning in to the table. He was right I did keep a lot of secrets. " I'm in the misery business." "Really, I here that's fun." "It is. Should try it sometime." He started to laugh and shook his head yes. The whole time we were talking about ourselves like what we wanted to do when we grew up and who we are and who we want to be. When we were done eating all the food he had brought us he went to go dump the tray and I turned around to see Alice staring at me. She had a happy face. It was her face saying oh yeah I just made another couple. I rolled my eyes at her and turned back around just in time to see Derek coming back. Before I could say anything the bell rang. Stupid gay bell! "We are going to be late! I had fun. Bye." I said trying to hurry because if I was late to math one more time I would get detention. "Wait! Can we maybe go out tomorrow night?" I was shocked. I didn't think we would be going out this soon. But of course my answer was " yes, I would love to." He smiled and then we walked away in different directions. I was so happy.
I walked in to my math class and sat in my normal seat in the back by Alice. " ok, spill what happened! I mean I saw you to stare at each other like it was just you two in the whole world!" " ok, we talked about everything. And we are going out this Saturday, I can't wait!" " Stop talking class had began. Now today we will be talking about.." That's the only thing I caught. The whole day I was thinking about Derek and about the date. I was so excited. This would be my first date. Maybe even boyfriend. What would I wear? Me and Alice so had some shopping to do. Even though I had no money. I bet I could get some out of my mother. It seemed like time flied because before I knew it school was over. I got into my car and went home to talk to my mom.
When I got home my mother was in the kitchen working on her fashions. Oh yeah, did I mention I lived in New York? Well, now you know. My mom is a fashion designer. Anyways back to the story. " umm..mom, can I borrow some money to go to the mall. See I'm going on a date tomorrow and I kind of need a new outfit." My mother looked up from her work with a shocked face. "Oh, I knew my baby girl would find herself a boy. Yes, of course you can borrow money. Here, here is $100. Go get something sexy." I rolled my eyes and took the money from here and headed for the mall.
Alice and I had a really good time. I picked out some really cute clothes and shoes. With jewelry and nail polish. I was ready to go. I spent the whole day getting ready. I had my hair in a really cute bun and put on a new outfit. When I went downstairs my brother was running with his stupid new toy he got for Christmas. "Eww! Jasmine is all girly! Mommy!!" My mother came in from the kitchen with tears in her eyes like she was happy for me. " You look good honey." I heard a knock on the door and I told my mother and my brother goodbye and opened the door. And there he stood. " Hi, Ready to go?" " Yeah" He took us to a wonderful and good restaurant. It was under the moonlight. When we were done eating he took my hand and started dancing. Good thing other people were dancing. " You so beautiful. I'm glad I asked you out. I really like you." I like you too. And I am also glad you asked me out." I didn't know what happened next. He leaned in and kissed me! OMG! This was my first kiss, first date, and first boyfriend. This was the best night of my life. I have found my prince charming. My one true love.
~~~~5 years later~~~~
If you are wondering yes, we did get married. Derek and I are a wonderful couple. It just so happens that I am 5 months pregnant with our two twin girls Peyton Lee and Paisley Rae. I may want to catch you up on what has happened the last 5 years. Well, this is going to be the saddest part to say. When we were 18 my poor friend Alice was diagnosed with cancer and died 1 year later. I still miss her to this day. I wish she was still her. To see my beautiful twin girls. I cry myself to sleep every night. Her parents and I still talk. But it is hard knowing that those are the people that gave her to me. But I am also glad that she is not suffering anymore from that terrible pain anymore. But I know somewhere in this world she is watching over me.
My mother is now so famous it's not even funny. Her clothes are everywhere you go. And now she is opening a baby line so she can give me free baby clothes. My brother well... he got himself a girlfriend and now is no longer the devil's child. He is super happy that he is going to be a uncle. And he told me that when he has a baby girl of himself he will name it Alice for me and Alice. He also misses her. He told me he had a little crush on her but never told anyone.
Derek and I are really good. Derek is a doctor and I am a stay at home mom. Getting ready for the big day. I can't wait! But as I am sitting here telling my story on how I met my price charming I think to myself. We will be together.... Forever and Always.


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