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The Road To Getting Over;

Short story By: TwoStepz

I wanted to write something about getting over my past and getting a new beginning!
I am very happy to say that someone new has come into my life, and he makes me smile and all that lovey dovey things that happened with a new exciting relationship. But I hope it lasts... oh; and did I tell you? I'm 13 now :D

Submitted:Mar 10, 2012    Reads: 31    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

I hesitated.

The road was long, the 'I'm-going-to-rip-off-my-head-if-I-walk-that-far' type of road, but I took a step over the line and started my journey of 'getting over'.

My steps were slow at first, the pace of one who had inherited the exact motions of a snail. My eyes swept to and fro the road as I watched tall weeds in front of the houses sway in the dirty wind.

The street was cracked and dirty, dry grains of mud flew with the wind, and houses of empty memories stood old and drained, no longer could I fill them with happiness.

My steps quickened as I gained some courage and my insecurities lightened from my mending heart.

I watched as the grey skies let a little rain drizzle, a sign I hoped to show that I was getting over my pains as before there had been pelting showers.

A few days after my journey and I passed a foul stench of lies that made my nose scrunch in utter desperation to remove the bad odour, and flies full of meaningless feelings hovered around me, buzzing at me, trying to make me remember the past and him. But I swatted them away and ran, trying not to look back as it all flooded into my mind.

Seconds later I was on the floor, I had tripped over a bump of useless words and heartbreak and a ball got stuck in my throat and I let rip one cry as I nearly gave up.

The wind picked up a soft breeze that made my hair tickle my face as a tear trickled down my cheek and my cries became louder as my body slumped in near defeat, but something made me look up, a soft voice.

It called to me, like a soft siren repeating the words that I wanted to here, giving me the will power to pick myself up and start walking.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw what was looking at me and I ran, oh did I run, my thoughts left me as I let the wind whip my hair behind me.

Suddenly the road didn't look so long, the clouds parted and the sun streamed through in and wrapped itself around me like a ribbon. My mind felt at ease with itself and everything in life was suddenly clear, my heart hammered in my chest as I stopped in front of what got me.

I stuttered, my mouth creating no words that could express how dearly I felt at this moment.

The golden figure that stood in front of me gave off a radiant smile that made me warm inside, I took a gentle step over the finish line of getting over onto fresh green grass and was instantly painted a whole new world with beautiful bright houses, new roads, a new smell that made me breath in deep and something, something new.

A kiss from my new lover told me that my journey of getting over had just ended and I was now onto a new road in life.


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