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After Two Years: Reminiscence

Short story By: Vikrant

Tags: Memories

A road block forced Kumar to come back to Rajnagar, the city which he love to hate. He came back but all the bad memories followed him, he was about to lost in them but.......!?!


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He Should Be Dead By Sunset

'So Moosa sent you here to kill me?' Said the man sitting in front of Kumar, pointing at the gun which was lied on the table placed between them.

The man sitting in front of him was Vijay, the last remaining heir of the notorious Jeeva gang. He was in his mid twenties, tall, strong, attractive personality but a ruthless killer. His expertise with long blade knives was legendary for his age. His diseased father lunatic Billa would have been very proud of him 'cause he was as savage as he himself was. Infect his savagery was surpassing all his dead family.

'I just wanted to meet you' Said Kumar wiping the blood with his hand which was still dripping from his nostrils as a result of severe punches in his stomach and on his face by the man sitting opposite him and his men who were still standing behind him mocking at his condition.

'With a gun fully loaded.' Grimaced Vijay and said further, 'What do you want?'

'Please free Rita, let her go.' Pleaded Kumar,

'How do you know we have her? Okay we have her and I have no intention to free her, what will you do now, 'kill us all?'

'Please sir, let her go, I do not know why did you abduct her but please let her go, I am ready to do anything for her release.' Pleaded Kumar.

'There is nothing left to be done for her, she will be dead and disposed of within two hours, in fact she would have dead by now but luckily I got interested in her and brought her here.'

'DEAD' the word hammered in Kumar's brain.

'Why, why do you want to kill her?' Said Kumar, Pain was apparent on his face.

'Are you a fool or something else? 'This is part of our business, someone wants her dead and he paid us to do it, but don't worry you are going to meet her soon above there.' He said pointing at the ceiling of the room.

Vijay paused for a second and said to one of his men, 'Ranga, take this man to crock point, blast his head off and throw his body into the water, predators will take care of him, but don't forget to take his clothes off before killing him.'

Kumar was looking at him mesmerized, what was that stranger talking about, Rita's death, his death?!? Why? Is everything over? What did go wrong? Where was the world of beauty which brought Rita and him together?

'Take him.' Barked Vijay. And looked at the ashen face of Kumar, a young man in his late twenties as tall as he himself was, wheatish complexion, lanky body, formal clothes.

'You are a fool to rush into my regime, Moosa must have told you to shoot me and my men at the very moment you saw us, perhaps he was right if you'd have followed his advice you must have found the girl, but now you'll pay with your life for this mistake.' Said Vijay,

Two men dragged Kumar from the chair and forced him to stand before Vijay.

Kumar pushed them a little and said to Vijay, 'Look mister whoever you are, I don't know why do you want to kill Rita and I am still unaware of these things happening in my life, but I am offering my life for her, let her go and do whatever you want to do with me.'

'Ha....Ha....Ho, love birds, you both are going to die,' Laughed Vijay. 'Don't worry you'll be with her in a few hours somewhere up there he said in a bitter tone. 'Take him, the meeting is over.'

Two men caught him up by their arms and started dragging him outside the room. Another two men have drawn their guns and started following them. All of a sudden Kumar pushed two of his captors and rushed towards Vijay and grabbed him by his shirt collar. Before he could do anything he felt a sharp cold steel knife stuck into his stomach.

'Behave yourself, or else you want me to slit open your tummy? Said Vijay, pushing him away with his knife.

Astonished men came into action and grabbed him again but Kumar forcefully turned towards Vijay and shouted, 'You want to kill me?, kill me right now......kill me!'

Vijay pulled out his gun and pointed at Kumar and said, 'I'd very much like to kill you right now, but this is my dream house and I don't want to dirty it with your blood stains.' He moved ahead and hit a powerful punch in Kumar's stomach. Kumar twisted a little but raised his head and he spoke in a hoarse voice which he could not identify himself.

'Look at me, if you somehow got Rita killed, there will be no meaning for me to live, tell your men to ensure that I was dead if I somehow left alive, I'll wipe you out along with your crime empire.'

'Heed him idiots, make sure he should be dead by sunset, tell Sanga to bury the girl in the west jungle, now out.' Said Vijay and saw at Kumar menacingly, the man has gone mad and might be a threat if left alive.

Shoot Them All

Kumar crossed river Kali which was wrapped around Rajnagar like a huge python. The eighth mile bridge over the river Kali was longest and highest of all the five bridges over the river in this area. The river has coiled the city in three sides in a diameter of 15 km. All the three sides were engulfed by two main highways which were crossing each other. Fourth side was just a vast rugged wilderness, which was the habitat of the several wild animals including foxes, jackals, nylghau, snakes and many more. The river was also inhabited by alligators, crocodiles, dolphins and by other aqua life. Though the color of water seemed black but it was still drinkable. Being situated on two highways this city was well developed. Besides this city was a main trade center for several small towns and villages spreadin the circle of 50 km. Several new buildings were being built for offices and other purpose on the both the sides of the highways. To meet the growing demand of residences for the growing population, several big builders were developing new colonies. One of the biggest group by the name Wills Builders, was developing three big residential colonies, one shopping mall and five commercial buildings in Rajnagar. Kumar joined the group as an architect three years ago and was immediately transferred to Rajnagar as chief architect.

The heavy rain made everything invisible, he could hardly see anything through his car's windscreen.

It was just like that fateful day two years ago when Rita called him up to tell that some shadowy people were stalking her. He remembered telling her that beautiful girls were always stalked. She scolded him mildly and said, 'be serious, I'm sensing some trouble, please come to me.'

He assured her that he will be with her in an hour. Unfortunately he could get rid of his office only after two hours at two o'clock. He immediately called her up but to his surprise her mobile was out of range. It sounded strange because she seldom goes out of the town. Something was wrong his inner soul warned him. He rushed to her hostel but her roommate told him that she hadn't come back from the college and she was also surprised that her mobile was strangely out of range. His mind was running wild and imagining all the bad things which could be possible. Finally he called up his assistant Javed and told him everything. Javed was a local inhabitant may be he could help him anyhow. Javed told him to come to old city clock tower where one of his remote uncles Moosa lives who might be helpful in this matter.

Soon they were both sitting in front of Moosa. Moosa was a burly man in his late fifties. Javed told him everything. He looked strangely at Kumar and dialed a number and started talking to someone on the phone. Then he dialed another number, it all went on for a while. All he talked was so gibberish that Kumar could hardly understand anything. Finally he hung up and stared directly into the eyes of Kumar.

'How do you know that girl?' Said, Moosa.

Kumar was confused at the question, but said, 'We are going to marry soon.'

Moosa shook his head in disapproval and said, 'Do you know anything about her past?'

'Not much, she belongs to a middle class family from Belapur, only child, parents dead, his uncle looked after her.' Said Kumar hesitantly.

'Well my contacts say that Jeeva's people abducted a girl this noon, I'm little confused because they aren't into kidnapping, besides you say that she is from a middle class family, what is the gain?' Said Moosa looking at him.

'How can I get her back?' Said Kumar anxiously .

'No way, you can not snatch anything from Jeeva gang, just wait maybe they'll let her go.' Moosa said in a hopeless tone.

'Should I go to the police?' Said Kumar looking at Moosa.

Moosa thought for a moment and blurted, 'Rajnagar police have no guts to ask Jeeva people about the girl, it will not help.'

'I'm very afraid, I cannot afford to lose her, please help me get her back.'

'There is only way left, just go and shoot whoever you see around including that rascal Vijay, once you kill him no one will come in your way and you can find your girl after that.' Moosa said reluctantly.

Kumar paused for a while and said, 'I've never killed anything in my life.'

'Then just wait for your girl to return.' Said Moosa looking straight into the eyes of Kumar.

'Can't you help him get his girl back?' Blurted Javed who was sitting quite.'

I'm helping him, I'm giving him a gun but I cannot do the killings for him.' Moosa said with a little anger.

Moosa looked again at Kumar face and said, 'Look mister, life always brings new challenges every day and only brave people face them. Life always kicks you down but it's up to you if you want to stand up again or not, brave people rise again and fight but coward just execrate their luck.'

Moosa waited for any reaction from Kumar but there were none. 'Fool,' He muttered.

Kumar heaved and said, 'I'm going to meet that Vijay or whatever his name, just tell me where can I find him?'

'It is very hard to find Vijay and his people but try at his civil lines house where he lives nowadays.' Informed Moosa and called one of his men, 'Kaloo go with him, show him Vijay house.'

A strong looking man come out of the adjoining room and looked at Kumar. Moosa stood up from his chair and pulled out a revolver from his belt and handed it to Kumar and said, 'Do whatever you like but I advise you just shoot them all as soon as you get there.'

Kumar took the revolver reluctantly and left with Kaloo, Javed also followed them.

Enroute civil lines Kumar told Javed and Kaloo to stay out of this and left them just over one kilometer. Soon he was in front of 'Moksha Villa,' the home of Vijay, his Rita's kidnapper.

There was a little traffic on the roads due to the heavy rain but the light signals were working as usual on every square of Rajnagar . Soon Kumar was at the Regency Square the main square connecting civil lines to the rest of the city. Water out on the road was at least knee high and it was increasing with every passing moment.

Soon a SUV, Tata Sumo stopped on the other side of the road at the crossing. The big SUV looked familiar and the light signal got green. Kumar drove ahead but could not resist himself from looking at the big SUV.

The big vehicle was moving slowly and he saw himself sitting in the SUV between two goons, in the passenger seat, who were going to slay him on that fateful day. Kumar shuddered and came out of his reveries and saw outside, there was no vehicle, the road was empty.

To be continued.......


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