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Magic Confetti of Love

Short story By: Vincey Delaney

Certain things happen in one day.

Submitted:Jul 6, 2009    Reads: 315    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Magic Confetti of Love

Before the alarm clock sound, Amy Redford instantly wakes up from a strange dream. She happened to be chosen, Queen of the Summer Festivities and she has to ring the town's special bell. Dressed in a flower hat and gown, Amy pulls the cord attached to the bell. Now, confetti sparkles softly falls like rain. Amy loved it. Surprisingly, the bell doesn't ring but a blue jay lands on Amy's shoulder. The lovely bird actually giggled. This dream surely was odd; Amy thinks it could have been the spicy chicken she ate last night. She and her boyfriend Greg Dawson enjoyed a snack while watching a mystery movie. Amy now looks at the curtain swaying by an open window, she thinks of her secretarial school reunion Friday. She and Greg danced, it was a romantic evening, especially later when they had fun at Surprise Photo. They were showered with streamers, confetti. Now, the alarm clock rings, Amy turns to the lamp table. Near Greg's artwork, she sees the heart invitation card. Her cousin Leona is getting married July eighteenth and Amy will happily sing for Leona and Paul. This will be precious.

Today, a warm eleventh of July, Amy is going to be busy at the clinic, two girls are training for office work. Amy wears the new outfit from Greg; they will have lunch together at the wharf side café. Greg, an architect loves this charming town. He and Amy met last spring at the charity buffet, dance. It's clearly true love. Now, before leaving for work, Amy hears the phone. She thinks it's her folks who are at a golf resort. It's friend Janice.

I'm not sure about bowling, Janice. Aunt Thelma wants me to visit at the hospital, Greg mentioned tennis. My neighbour across the hall is having a party, her son arrives from camp. Ah, I'll call you later, I had a crazy dream!"

Afterwards, while driving by Queen St. Park, Amy notices an elderly woman near a ladder. In a daisy hat, pink outfit, the woman is about to hang a potted mums on a high post. Amy will help, she stops the car. The woman is so grateful, she mentions giving Amy a few cupcakes. Amy enjoys doing good deeds, it's something learned at Girl Guides. On the ladder, Amy now can see the other side of the park. There is a young boy who is holding a light cord at the fountain. Worried Amy shouts.

"Hey you, drop that cord, it can be dangerous!" The boy understands. Suddenly, a crow zooms so close that it startles Amy. She sadly loses her balance, she falls off the ladder. Now, the woman screams out to some nearby students picking up litter. This is dreadful, Amy lies face down. She groans with intense pain. The student now calls for an ambulance. A curious girl of seven approaches. She sprinkles confetti on Amy's back. "Magic confetti, you'll be fine."The girl places a bag of confetti in Amy's hand. Moments after, the ambulance is here.

At the hospital, Amy hears she has a broken arm, sprained leg and bruised side. She'll stay overnight for tests. Greg shows up, he delightfully lifts her spirits. Now, Janice enters and Amy is beaming, Greg leaves to get a coffee. Janice is puzzled.

"Amy, you look so happy for a patient. What's up!"

"Oh, it's this gorgeous ring, Greg proposed!! Dreams come true, even crazy dreams! I believe in magic confetti, a sweet gift!" Excited Janice blissfully cheers, it's perfect.


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