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I Forgive You, I Love You

Short story By: WerewolfGirl

A story for a challenge I entered :) Song it's based on is Forgiven by Within Temptation

Submitted:Feb 9, 2010    Reads: 176    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

The couple sat in the back of the classroom, talking and giggling while the teacher gave a lecture on biology and the way the world worked.
"Guess what, baby" the girl giggled.
The boy smiled at her and said, "What's that, sweetie?"
"I love you." She grinned and snatched up his hand in hers.
The boy laughed and looked at her with love, "I love you too, baby girl."
"AHEM," The teacher threw an eraser at the boy and hit him in the back of the head, "Russel! Heidi! Pay attention!"
Without thinking Heidi picked up the eraser and shot it back at the teacher, hitting him in the forehead. He looked at her with anger, "Get out of my classroom! GET OUT!"
She glared at him with hateful eyes, "Fuck you. Come on, Russel."
Russel grabbed his binder and stood beside Heidi, his hand in hers, "Come on, sweetie... Let's go, okay?" He took his hand from hers and wrapped it around her waist; she looked up at him and smiled happily, then wrapped her arm around his waist.
"Excuse me, Russel. You're not going anywhere." The teacher said sternly and ordered him to sit back down.
Russel stared at the teacher, and he stared back. "If she goes, I go." He said calmly as they walked out of the classroom.
They walked out of the cafeteria doors and sat on one of the picnic tables.
"Are you okay, baby?" Heidi frowned and rubbed the back of Russel's head, feeling a bump she gasped and pulled his head down to where she could see it. "Russel! You have a welt from where he hit you" She frowned and kissed it for him.
He pulled up his head and kissed her lips happily, "Thank you, baby," he smiled as he rested his head on her shoulder.
"Hey... Are you tired, love?" She looked down at him and smiled when she realized he was already asleep. She laid her head on his and closed her eyes.
Heidi awoke to the irritating buzz of the lunch bell, and screams of her friends filling the air. Russel was still asleep on her shoulder; she kissed his cheek.
Jake, Matt, Nina and Kristen came running out of the cafeteria; Jake was running straight for Russel, aiming to jump right onto him, he was midair when Heidi kicked him off course and he landed in a bush.
"What was that for?!" Jake yelled as he got up and brushed himself off.
"SHH! He's asleep," Heidi looked down at Russel with love, then glared at Jake, "Don't wake him up!"
"Oy, you're so protective of him, Hyde." Kris rolled her eyes and smacked Russel's back. His eyes shot open and he tensed up.
"KRIS!! Ugh, what was the point of that!" She wrapped her arms around Russel, "Are you okay, sweetie?" She looked down at him and smiled.
"Oh..." He stared into her eyes with love, "Oh... Yeah, baby. I'm perfect now."
Nina sat down beside Heidi; she was the shyest one of the group. "Heh... He's a sweetheart, huh?" She whispered quietly to Hyde.
"Yeah... He's my sweetheart..." She grinned happily and kissed Russel's forehead.
"Huh... WELL! Let us leave you two lovey doveys alone, I'll catchya later you two!" Matt grabbed Nina and Kris to pull them along, since Jake naturally follows him.
"Heidi... I don't feel well," Russel whispered quietly.
She looked down worriedly, "I know, honey... I'll take you home, okay? What hurts, baby?"
"Ugh... Everything..." He groaned in pain as he tried to stand.
"Hey... Don't move okay? I'll carry you." Russel stared at her with pained eyes, she felt his pain.
"Baby... Ugh..." Russel dropped to the ground, he had fainted.
"Russel!" Heidi picked him up and carried him to her truck, she sat him in the front seat and buckled the seatbelt around him. She leaned up and kissed his lips tenderly, then she shut the door and hopped in.
She had arrived at his mom's house, she carried him in and put him on his bed and went looking for his mom; she was outside, tending to her garden.
"Mary! Help, please!" Russel's mothers eyes opened wide as she heard Heidi say something was wrong with Russel, she knew what it was.
"Hyde... You have to go..." Mary looked at Heidi with sorrowful eyes, "I'm sorry."
Heidi stared at her with worry, "Is... Is he going to be okay?" Tears streamed down her face.
"I need you to go, Hyde..." Mary guided her out of the house and told her to go home.
Heidi drove home crying... No radio... No Russel. She turned on the radio in the middle of a sad, sad song.
"Watched the clouds drifting away....
Still the sun can't warm my face..."
"UGH! Why! What's happening to him...?" She sobbed as she kicked the radio, silencing the audible sorrow... But not the sorrow in her heart.
Two weeks had passed... Still no word on Russel.
Heidi sat in the back corner of the classroom, where they used to sit and talk all class... Everyone stared at her, wondering what had happened. She looked to her left... His seat was empty... She was incomplete... Tears ran down her face as she grabbed her stuff and ran out of the classroom.
She drove to Russel's house and sat on the steps, sobbing. Mary opened the door and Heidi crumbled into her arms, sobbing into her shoulder. "Please... Please, what's wrong with him?" Heidi sobbed harder.
"He's in the hospital, Hyde... He..." She was cut off.
"He what?! Is he okay?" Heidi's eyes grew wide.
"He... He has cancer, Hyde..." Mary looked away in sorrow.
Heidi's heart sunk, "C-Cancer?" Tears streamed down her face as she asked Mary to take her to him.
As Mary drove her to the hospital where Russel was, Heidi noticed the same sad song was playing on the radio again; she jammed the volume button in, silencing the haunting song.
Once we were at the hospital she asked what floor he was on, and what room he was in. 3B room 401... She took off, taking the stairs. If she stopped she would crumble and she would never get to him, she burst into the room. Seeing him there... Helpless; he looked so... Pale.
Heidi walked up to him... Putting a hand to his cheek she stroked his face. She leaned down and kissed his forehead.
Mary walked in as Heidi pulled up a chair and sat with him, holding his hand tightly. "I'm here, baby... I'm with you..." She felt him squeeze her hand, but he did not wake up. "You can win this, baby... I know you can..."
"He... Heidi, he's not going to make it..." Mary whispered quietly.
Heidi stared at her, "Yes he is... He can fight it... I know he can..." She brought his hand to her face and rubbed her cheek against it, then kissed his hand, "Baby, I'll be back, I promise."
Heidi sped home, packing clothes and anything else she would need to stay by his side twenty-four hours a day.
She had stayed with him for three months, never leaving the hospital. People had lost hope, but she believed he would pull through for her.
"Baby, I'll be back. I need to go pick up homework from the school again. I'll hurry, I promise." She kissed his lips and ran out of the room. Once at the school she asked for her work, she was asked to wait. She did.
"Bzzzt. Bzzzzt." Her phone was vibrating, she picked it up instinctively.
"Hello?" Heidi listened to what the person on the other line was saying. "No..." The phone dropped and smashed to the floor. Heidi jumped up and ran out of the room, she sped back to the hospital. "Russel..." She whispered quietly, "Hold on..."
She burst into the room, no one. The air felt cold... Like death. A nurse came from behind the door and looked at Heidi with sorrow. Heidi looked at her with hope, the nurse answered with a shake of the head and eyes filled with sorrow; she walked out of the room, leaving Heidi and Russel alone.
"You gave up... I told you I would be back, Russel!" She sobbed as she held his face with her hands. The eerie silence of the room mocked her. She kissed his lips one last time, then walked slowly out of the room, head down; tears falling to the floor.
"Heidi..." Mary started, but trailed off. Heidi walked by her, not noticing her at all.
Heidi walked home slowly, it had started to rain. She walked into her house and walked into the bathroom, grabbing the bottle of blue pills, she took all of them and lay on her bed, tears still streaming down her face.
"I forgive you, Russel. I love you." The creeping darkness overcame her.
"Couldn't save you from the start...
Love you so it hurts my soul..."


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